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Scootaloo: the orange filly that everypony knows, either for her heartfelt devotion to her idol, or for the slightly disastrous happenings that occur around her and her fellow Crusaders.

But what if the filly is hiding something? A secret that might, maybe, explain all the bizarre events that occur in Ponyville? Only one knows, and he is intent upon recruiting her.

In the darkest pits of his being, Discord laughs at his fortunes.

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I love this story; such a great read. XD

ok. I like the awesome Scootaloo. I guess I am going to have to look up Cthulhu. Great story by the way.

That was rather awesome. Good show, sir.

You are my favorite.

Did you really have to put 'Of' in the title? Just curious, Raven.

Your Antagonist

My god, that cover is awesome. Now to actually read the story.


Why not? I like it, it's my thing, it does no-one harm (that I can tell)... So I'll keep doing it until I don't feel like doing it anymore.

So cruel!
So ruthless!
So merciless!
So cute!
Scoothu is awesome! I really wish there was more of this.
Just one thing, is she Cathulu or does she represent it or does she control it?
I am just a little unsure on that. I know who/what Cathulu is but while this concept is confusing it is intriguing at the same time.
But whether I understand it or not this is a great story none the less!

Yeah, I am wondering what just happen. It is pretty good, if she unleashed her true power then say good by to Equestria.

Planes of existence might make up parts of a universe.:twilightoops:
Maybe Scoots is a multiple of planes that make up a being that simple defies reasoning of existence?:scootangel:
Concept makes something out of "what" but not enough to make sense of anything, existence might just make shenanigans out of my though process.:rainbowderp::pinkiecrazy:
Anyway.... Intresting read...:pinkiehappy:
The image would make H. P. Lovecraft roll over laughing I bet. :rainbowlaugh:

She is basically the pony embodiment of it. After a while, she was more able to control NOT going into her actual form. But in the fight, she does end up doing so, but, as Raven did, and I still don't understand it (I need to ask him next editing session), it ended right after that and we don't get to see her in her ponified Cthulhu form.

I honestly hope that he thinks more on this and creates something more, but it probably wont happen. This was a simple little fun project for the purpose of practice and fun; it ended up going really well.

The entire editing staff along with the Overlord of Prose, RavensDagger are happy that you enjoyed this story.

2134580 If this was just a quick practice I can't wait to see what the next full project will be like!
This was a very well done piece of work. For 5,000 words he was able to develop Scoothu as a character and save the world after that.
Which is very impressive for practice. Look forward to see what comes next!

I am not sure about anything else for a project anytime soon, but so far, we are working on the massive amount of updates needed for all of his stories. So, look forward to everything being updated.

2134655 Aww Yeah! I love updates!
Oh and thanks for the explanation you gave earlier. It really helped me out!

No problem. I am always here to make sure people are informed. And once again, Raven thanks you for your view.

sequel:flutterrage::flutterrage:!! please?:fluttershysad::fluttercry:

A good read!

Thank you for your hard work :twilightsmile:

Scootaloo as a God-Mode Equine Abomination? :scootangel: I like! It was a fun 'shut off your critical thinking and just bask in the awesome' one-shot. :pinkiehappy:

Huh. That certainly was an entertaining little read.
Scootaloo as one of the Great Old ones? I am OK with this :scootangel:
That last scene with Discord and Scootaloo's final, true form reminds me of this picture

I did find a few typos though:

Al lright Mom! Thanks,” she called down

With an earth_shattering thump

making the whole structure creek.

Comment posted by I didnt change my name deleted Feb 17th, 2013

lol, I'm the random one of this website who posts pictures/animations/youtube videos at random

Awesome story!

Because, why not...

I know it's probably highly unlikely but will there be a sequel of this or perhaps little mini spin offs?

Needs more Pargon, even though Mantorok is only good for heals.


It's highly unlikely.

I'm knee deep in pony stories already... Sorry!

Remember, Scoothu eats 1d6 adventurers each round.

Exquisite, epic fight. Reality warper vs. eldritch abomination. Whoever loses, we win. Thanks for this. :scootangel:



Ahh! I read the title as Of Sonichu!!! :raritydespair:

mmm, I can't believe no one said this, so...

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Scoothulhu Ponyville wgah'nagl fhtagn

What a fun read! Heh, though I admit I could totally see Discord as an avatar of Nyarlathotep. XD

Shouldn't it be Scoothulu?

This is a great story but I felt like it ended to suddenly with not enough explanation. Perhaps you can write another. Please:pinkiehappy:

Random tag. Nuff said.

This is wonderful! :twilightsmile:
Will extrapolate later! :duck:

Random can be pretty awesome from time to time. ^w^:scootangel:

Looking forward to it!

Also, just what were you on when you can up with this?

Lux Aeterna.
And TVTropes.

So, um, what happened to Discord? Did he die? If he did then how did Discord give Scootaloo her friends back?

How did I even miss this. This title is enough to make anyone click. Oh what will be in store?

He didnt die, goodness no. He simply became a polite, orderly gentleman. None can gaze upon the true visage of Scootaloo and expect to maintain so much as a shred of their sanity, not even the Spirit of Disharmony himself.

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be.

Scootaloo fhtagn


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