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For Love and Justice.


Sheriff B. T. Book is a straight-laced, by-the-book kind of cop--for years he's protected Ponyville from litter, noise violations, and several of Pinkie's more insane theme parties. All he really wants is a little appreciation for his hard work, and maybe to save the town from certain doom, just once.

His grandfather, the famous sheriff Hard Country, is dead. But he got better. And now he's raring to get back to kicking criminals in the face and running away from things just before they explode.

Only problem is, there aren't any criminals or explosions in today's Ponyville. Or so one would think. But Hard isn't the only ghost who's up and walking, and when his old nemesis comes back to settle an extra-old score, grandfather and grandson will have to put aside their differences and work together, or else Ponyville might just be destroyed.

Well, to be honest, Ponyville is probably going to be destroyed anyway. Things do tend to explode when Hard's around. But when the good guys are blowing up your town, there's just one thing you have to remember:

It's exploding with love.

Written for the League of Equestrian Gentlecolts Ghost OC Prompt thing. Also in loving memory of the short-lived 2010 buddy cop show "The Good Guys."

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Heh, nice! I was afraid I was the only one that did one of these!

So Hard Country is some type of John Wayne character? That's cool!

Some very amusing bits here such as how seriously Book takes his job (for all the good it does him) in a town that doesn't exactly rank high on the criminal level. Monsters, 1,000 year old enemies to pony kind and Pinkie Pie on the other hoof...

Looking forward to seeing more of this!

I've never seen anyone write particles quite like you. This was honestly the highlight of the chapter for me. Great job of showing instead of telling the reader what's happening, and setting the tone of the character all in one stroke. Hard Country is so bad-ass he pulls his individual particles back together in defiance of all logic, because screw logic.

Nice cameo with Shaggy too.

I'll be watching for more of this. Keep going, you've got a solid idea and a great intro.

This has tickled my fancy

Whoops, I forgot to snag first post. Ah well. Thanks to everyone who's read so far. Despite its relative shortness this thing was the product of like, a solid month of dithering, whining, replanning, and false-starts, only for most of the replanning to get thrown out and most of the initial false-starts to be what actually made it into the fic. I guess the lesson is to trust your instincts. So my instincts tell me, anyway. I'm not convinced.

Also I would recommend (for later chapters more than this one, perhaps?) busting out the 80s-est soundtrack you've got. Alternatively, The Good Guys' Opening theme "Slink (A Hymn)" is fun. Also seriously, The Good Guys. Bradley Whitford as a perpetually-stuck-in-the-80s cop with a terribad mustache. It's hilarious.

1541747 Huzzah for actually bothering to do the League prompts! I'll be sure to check out yours shortly.

And it's funny, I never really thought "John Wayne" when coming up with Hard, probably because he's going to be rather more ridiculous. But I was thinking "cowboy," so John Wayne was probably in the back of my head somewhere, looking stern.

1543769 Ain't nobody write particles like I write particles. It's because I spent 2 years studying Japanese. [/linguistics joke oh god how nerdy am I anyway]

1543954 That's what I'm here for. Well, that and dithering. And, apparently, really obscure language humor.

I'm actually a little sad I didn't get to reply to the spam note that I had earlier. I'm not sure what I would have said, but I'm sure it would have been devastatingly witty.

This is really very funny. The particles were definitely the most badass particles I have ever read about.

Awesome job, and I can't wait to see what happens with Charon. Hope he's as big of a jerk as he is in RT's and my stories.:pinkiehappy:

I'll admit, I was chuckling throughout the entire chapter. I look forward to seeing more of this kind of humor!

That jaywalking joke, though... you should be ashamed of yourself. :ajbemused:

1646898 "...you should be ashamed of yourself."

Every day.

Or am I? :moustache:

Yes! I recognized The Good Guys' logo the instant I saw the header. Talk about a show too good to last...

Well, if this fic is inspired by that, I have to read this.

EDIT: Of course, when I read "ONE DAY EARLIER", I could hear the revolver cylinder spinning.

No idea what this is based on, don't care.


Will be watching for more.

Congrats on getting into EQD!

Oh, my sides, this is eye-wateringly funny! :moustache:

I definitely like this premise. Though, in all honestly I think it would have been better without the flash-forward opening.

Still, gonna be watching this one.

Somepony gonna call the Ghostbusters? :trollestia:


Though, in all honestly I think it would have been better without the flash-forward opening.

I guess you never watched The Good Guys, then.


Nope. Never did. I'm just giving my opinion as if this were another fic.

2368224 2367170 Wait, The Good Guys did that too?

I was just trying to start my fic with a bang.

The vase on the counter exploded . . .

Oh god I'm so sorry...

((In all seriousness I was just going for the style imitation and to give some context to where the fic was headed in terms of action/comedy. It did actually strike me as an arresting beginning, too. But maybe from a plotting standpoint it was a little bit forced. The problem is to really get into an epically ironic "dramatic open," which are the best ones that TGG did, you'd have to know the characters, whereas this segment had to vaguely introduce them. Anyway, it was an experiment.))

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