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Sub-Par author with a somewhat light-hearted and silly writing style.


"The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved"

Cover art by the very talented Jayesixx

Watch the fic trailer here. Just copy and paste this into your address bar:

Now with a prequel story!: "Ask Lovey Applebloom"

My name's Scootaloo.

At the moment, I've only got one purpose in life, and that's playing the part of a chicken. That's it.

My master keeps me in a chicken coop in the Everfree Forest. In other words, my personal tenth level of Tartarus. But, such is the life of a chicken I suppose.

Oh and to top it all off, I keep getting grilled by these weird-ass blocks of text that keep popping up everywhere.

So yeah, ask me whatever you feel like...or not. I don't give a buck.

Rated Teen for language.
Sex tag for a later story arc.

This is an "Ask Format" Story, where the readers send in questions meant for either Discorded Scootaloo, or Discord himself. Send questions in the comments please. Will have a few story arcs as well.

Due to site moderation rules, questions will be kept anonymous. But those of you that get your questions answered, you know who you are.

Disclaimer: If anything Scootaloo says sounds hateful toward whoever is asking, don't take it personally. It's SCOOTALOO talking, not me. I love all of you, and she hates all of you. Simple as that.

Also, this Discord is based off of the Season 2 Discord. As in, when he was still evil.

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Why you do this to Scootaloo!?:raritydespair:

For Discord

So, you Discord ponies in your spare time? Sounds fun!

For Scootaloo - Have you tried to escape the clutches of Discord yet?

to scootaloo you are worst chicken but best orange filly, babs a shit.


Discord and scootalloo- do you both want cake? *space orb enters* "cake is a lie!" Shut up! Well? Do you want any?

Dear Discord- IF in a life & death situation, would you go out with Celestia? :D

These kinds of stories are banned on FiMfiction. It's good, no doubt, but I'd suggest just moving it to another site before it gets taken down by the moderators.

4117537 Why would they ban this when they're the ones who approved it?

4117544 I'll tell you this: the people who read and approve the stories only skim them. They most likely didn't see what you were trying to do. Don't get me wrong, it's a great story so far, but I'm just trying to warn you.

4117548 If it does end up getting taken down where would you suggest I put it? I would do a tumblr of this, but I can't draw for crap. :derpytongue2:

Also, this thing kinda failed moderation once already due to mention of meta content or something, which is why I took the names of the askers out. I just kinda don't know what rules I'd still be breaking. :/

Still, thanks for liking it though. :D

4117550 If it gets taken down, try putting it on FanFiction. The rules there are less strict. Or, ya know, I could always draw for you on Tumblr. :P

4117558 Alright, plan is if this gets taken down, then I'll try and start a Tumblr for this, and yeah, maybe you could draw for me. :pinkiehappy:

4117561 Great! Oh, and for a question:

Scootaloo, if you had the choice of killing Discord flat out but also killing everyone you once knew, or leaving Discord alive but escaping but also leaving everyone else alive, which one would you choose?

For Scootaloo,

Have you thought about suicide?

For Scootaloo,

If you could kill everypony (not including Discord),who would you kill first,and who would you kill last?

For Discord:

Is it true that the CMC, including Scootaloo, are somehow your children?

Comment posted by The Nightmare has Come deleted Mar 22nd, 2014

For Scootaloo

Did Discord teach you how to dance like a chicken yet?

For Discord

What's the toughest thing about raising a pet chicken?

Isnt there a chance Discord made it so no one could find you, or made a duplicate of you and had it take your place?

For Scootaloo: If you could swap bodies with either of your former friends and let her be Discord's chicken, which would you choose and why?

For Discord: So, when are you going to breed an army of hybrid Pony-Chicken monsters and unleash them on an unsuspecting Equestria?

:scootangel:for scootaloo: don't give up! make a fire and show ponyville where you are!

:trollestia:for discord: who is best pony?

For scootaloo-
How do you live without anything to do everyday,isn't it boring?

That blue box in your nightmare, Scoots, may just be your ticket out of there.

For Discord - How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? :duck:

For the chicken: If you could ask your owner for anything (except getting out of here, of course), what would it be?

Discord: Why don't you put Scootaloo in a chicken costume, or turn her into a chicken? That would be A LOT funnier.

Scootaloo: Is there anypony you still don't hate?

Okay, Scootaloo. I've got a question for you. You can't fly. You know that, I know that, Discord knows that, everyone, everypony, everything knows that. BUT, if you could fly up, and only up, would you? Think carefully before you answer, now. I'm talking about only flying up. Not down, not left, not right, just up, not even gliding side to side. Just flying straight up, as high as you could go, then letting gravity take over. Would you fly? Would you live your dream, Scootaloo, knowing it would be that last thing you ever did?

Discord, first of all, a congratulations. When you went after Rainbow and Fluttershy, you took away their wings. Yet you left Scootaloo hers. An excellent way to add insult to injury. Now a question. What do you plan on doing if anypony, say Twilight and her friends, manage to find Scootaloo? Might I suggest implementing some sort of cloaking spell to keep away unwanted guests, provided you don't already have some in place.

For Scootaloo: Is there a possibility you could trick Discord into freeing you? A game perhaps?

For discord :
•why are you doing this to scootaloo? Why her why not anypony else?
•What are you plan to do with her instead of being her pet?

For scootaloo :
•why do you always push yourself that you say" you cant do it you cant fly " if you try and try you could fly and get away from discord and get help.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me little Scoots…huh. Has a nice ring to it. I’ll definitely be holding onto you.” She said to it, starting to sniff some of the tears back into her eyes and wiping some of the blood off her face.
Isn’t there a chance Discord made it so no one could find you, or made a duplicate of you and had it take your place?
Before Scootaloo even noticed the question, a lion’s paw reached through the window of the tiny structure and pulled it out, letting out a slight ZZZIIP.
Scootaloo perked up after hearing the sound.
“Hm? What was that?” she asked.

Discord stuck the text into his gaping maw, chewed it up and swallowed it, letting out a loud burp, which released a gas cloud that reached a nearby bird, and ended up knocking it out from the smell.
“Tsk tsk tsk. You dirty cheaters should really keep your little mouths shut about that. Don’t want to make things too easy do we?” Discord scolded.
Discord put a finger to his chin.
But…maybe I WILL tell you. I know you won’t rat me out...right?...Whatever. The truth is that I may or may not have erased everypony in Ponyville’s memories of the chicken, therefore not giving them anypony to look for. Genius isn’t it?” Discord chuckled to himself.

so close....

Dear discorded hooves

YAY YOUR HERE, also be careful discord roams

Comment posted by Eternal Aviator deleted Mar 26th, 2014

For Discorded Whooves,
Are you gonna take Scootaloo on an adventure?

for whooves,
did you know scootaloo was here, and if so how?

Dear Discorded Whooves,
I'm on a distant hilltop approximately 600 meters away, looking through the high-power scope of an M-200 Intervention at you.

What do you have to say about that?

For Scootaloo: Have you considered that you might be a figment of Discord's imagination?
For Scootaloo again: Have you realized that you could summon help simply by making and breaking a Pinkie Promise? Or possibly end up as delicious cupcakes.
For Little Scootaloo: You're going to drink Scootaloo's blood while she sleeps, aren't you?

For Dr. Whooves: Scarf or GTFO

for scootaloo
is this box actually here or are you going insane?

for discord
did you hear that really loud noise coming from the chicken? you should check to see if she's up to something!

Comment posted by rainbowscoot677 deleted Mar 26th, 2014
Comment posted by rainbowscoot677 deleted Mar 26th, 2014

For scootaloo: theres a trapdoor under you, its filled with all sorts if food for you, i used black magic to put it there so discord cant find it. Also he wont be able to read this message to him this message will look like im asking your opinion on rubber ducks, enjoy.

For Discorded Whooves:

I think Little Scootaloo might be a cybermat...

Discorded Whooves: Hey, I think I heard something coming from the coop. It said something along the lines of- "EXTERMINATE!"


4139544 And yes, I know the Discord questions are closed. Just having a little fun.

To Discorded Whooves: Hi. I don't watch your show.

To Scootaloo: Before you inevitably knock on( and or open) the door to that box, keep in mind that there is likely an entity inside that has also been tortured( only psychologically, but still to an extreme degree) by Discord. If this is the pers-I mean pony is who I think it is, than be careful he may be your savior, or he more likely will just tell you to leave but, there is still a very slim chance at him helping you( also, keep in mind you might not like what you're escaping to).

To Discodred Whooves: Welcome to the party... ya piece of dog sh-*gets cut off by something interesting*

Not part of question-I am unsure if or if not you allow cursing.

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