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Final Draft

All the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers; each anothers audience outside the gilded cage.


Against better judgement, David buys his daughter a pony for Christmas. Too bad it was Diamond Tiara. She, like many other fillies and colts in Ponyville, was taken by Discord for his cross-dimension pony trade. Now she must convince David and his family to help her and the others get back to Equestria. Fortunately for her, David is more than happy to get rid of her. His daughter Tiffany however, is not.

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I hope that they do the stereotypical "two people pulling on each ends of a human." It is always fun to see two people literally fight over him. And then I hope DT stretches till breaking point, and then in two.

EDIT: Wow, this is pretty dark, even for me. O_O What happened last night?

Here's to Diamond eventually kicking Discord in the gonads.

This looks interesting! I'll be keeping tabs on this one! :ajsmug:

"It doesn't matter what we try, it still WON'T read." screamed Discord as he threw the contract to the floor, startling the human Cent-iPad.

Well, this is interesting. Have a favourite :pinkiesmile:


Hm, nice, interesting, well pictured. I hope you know where you're going with this though, because this story seems to be capable of the best... and the worst. Yet I'm not worrying, I think you'll manage to write something good.

I'll keep an interested eye on this ... :rainbowwild:

This is actually the first pony fiction that I have really read (as I usually listen to audio recordings of the fics instead). Even though I usually don't like crossovers of humans and ponies (especially if some bipedal sucker gets into Equestria... I hope that will not happen here.), this story seems to have potential to be very... evil :D Especially for Diamond Tiara. Yay for Discord! :moustache: This is going to be a very wild ride.
So far like, looking forward to next chapters :twilightsmile:

Well, this has potential! And is certainly one of the more unique and interesting premises I've ever happened upon. Looking forward to more!

Oh my. This looks fun. :twilightsmile:

...what the hay?! :applejackunsure:

The man laughed a deep, hearty laugh. “I have many, but none will call me father.” He downed his gin and tonic, placing the empty glass on the counter.

:( I don't really feel bad for Discord because he's keeping ponies prisoner, but still, that's messed up. That's pretty sad right there.

Congrats on your featured!!!:rainbowwild:

Hoo boy, this could get messy (not the story the situation) an inter dimensional slave trade that has unwittingly dragged in the United States (and anywhere else Discord set up shop, I wouldn't put anything past him) this situation can and will get out of hand rapidly!

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Wait, really? Mobile doesnt have a featured box so I had no idea

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This has a ton of potential, and this Discord is most interesting. I'm gonna assume you have the story pretty much outlined for how you want it to go, because last AU Human fic sorta never got off the ground and I for one am very much hoping to see this great hook of a story to continue on more and more.

I really liked this chapter, that poor Scoots-like pony in the cage. I'm gonna look forward to more. This can only get better from here. :yay:

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I just knew at the very start it was Discord because he enjoyed the christmas chaos! :twilightsmile:

Let me get this straight: you're writing a PoE story that features a character hated by the majority and you have an emotional dichotomy between the human protagonists?

Up it goes!

This story has a lot of promise.

I will be looking forward to updates.


Grats on the feature!

This seems pretty interesting. I'll keep my eye on it :pinkiehappy:

You know I'm not a fan of Diamond Tiara, but so far this story looks pretty darn good. It's well formatted, so it's easy to read even on my phone, I didn't catch a single spelling or grammar error and honestly I can see Discord doing something like this.

Well, our protagonist had better hope the FBI get hold of him before Celestia does, that's all I can say. Same goes for Discord.


An intriguing premise that's been expertly written. And there's so many directions you can take this story. You better keep writing... :pinkiecrazy:

Well, this is going to be interesting, though I bet in the end, Discord is going to get kicked in the gonads as another poster said.

Also, poor Scootaloo, she was terrified, though you can't blame her.

3663548: Yeah, but I think Celestia would probably be a bit more understanding seeing how the mc was tricked, though Discord on the other hand, yeah, he'll be in big trouble in the end.

I have a feeling Diamond Tiara won't like Tiffany too much.
And that Tiffany isn't going to be throwing a party when Diamond goes home.

3662963 Thank you!:yay:

3663871 I My goal is to finish before Christmas, but that seems like an unrealistic goal:unsuresweetie:

Didn't read the contact before signing it? I have a feeling that'll come back to bite him in the ass :derpytongue2:

I think the little girl and tiara will become the best of friends :twilightsmile:
cant wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:



That's a noble goal, but don't burn yourself out. The important thing is to write consistently, not necessarily write a lot. If you stop writing but once every few months, you'll eventually want to stop altogether.

Looks good. Can't wait to see if Diamond gets shoved in a closet for a few days or if Tiffany gets a present a little early...

...also, hope Scoots is doing better; at least she should feel better after Diamond got carted away:scootangel:

Hahahahahahahahah! GENIUS! This story looks great! I bet it will be very funny! All I'm wondering is if in the end the little foalnapped ponies will be saved by princess Celestia or Twilight or something...:rainbowderp:

HEY! I JUST GOT AN IDEA! Now listen! LISTEN PEOPLE! Sorry, I'm just excited is all... What if... I SAY what if, we turned this into a series of stories. Each story writer writes his own story where they adopt a filly. Kinda like Ponyfall if you've heard of that fimfiction project. And of course all the adopted filly stories are interconnected.

3675860 That's actually a really good idea. Each should follow a set format though (a certain amount of time from being bought to how they were liberated) and each should end in the same way they got back to Equestria (we'll wait until Final Draft is finished, it's his baby after all).

What say you oh author?...:twilightsmile:

I love it, but yes, I must finish! Spoiler alert though...anyone want a filly Celestia?

3677476 Naw, too goody-goody for my tastes...what about a filly Luna? Can't I have one of those?...she'd be cool to have around...:derpytongue2:

"Fluffy" lmao Discord is really trying to piss off Diamond Tiara here! XD

3677476 We want both Celestia and Luna, and Princess Twilight! Give us all the princesses! WE WAN EM NAO!:flutterrage:

Heheh! Just kiddin! But still, adding the princesses to the roster is a good idea in my opinion.

When can we expect an update? Christmas is over & I want to keep my decorations up until the story is over, but that might be hard to do if it takes too long...:yay:

I'm touching up chapter 2 right now

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How much longer till sun butt?

Another intriguing chapter.

Ha! Love it.

Can't wait for chapter three...hope Tiffany likes Diamond Tiara better than the rest of us...:twilightsmile:

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