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Final Draft

All the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers; each anothers audience outside the gilded cage.


Four survivors find themselves playing a dangerous game after Canterlot falls to the zombie outbreak. Their only chance for survival is to play by the rules. They must earn points and spend them wisely if they hope to uncover the truth behind the outbreak and bring an end to the madness now surrounding them. Surely some-pony is pulling the strings and if any-pony is going to have answers, it's Princess Celestia.

(Formerly known as Vorhaben der Untoten)
Canceled. Want to know how it would have ended?
What would have been.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 59 )

You got some fancy language. What is its meaning pardner? Anyway, I think I will give this a readin'


Forgot to add that in the description, sorry.

Vorhaben der Untoten literally translates from German to English; Game of the Undead

3153628 No worries. I am a patient one stranger

Tank Demsey perhapas? Anyway i love it! Moar!!!!!!!!!!! Plz.

Interesting concept, nice setting and mysterious Tank. :trixieshiftright:

All good components for a wonderful story! :twilightsmile:

3153628 you forgot to replace the

pony name for Italy

in the story


Until I have a name for Italy that people will easily recognize as Italy I must keep that phrase there

I just realized how expected this story was. Zombie/MLP:FiM crossover was all but assured.

Its an observation. I can't read it right now, but I am interested in your execution (especially with weapons and the like.)

3153628 Wouldn't "game" be "Spiel" in German?


I suppose it should. The translation I got for game gave me Spiel and Vorhaben, the latter meaning more along the lines of "scheme"--a "game of wits"

Tank has anger management issues.

3156617 Well, that's seems kind of like a rare translation. Usually you'd translate it just with "scheme" or "plan", I think.

Tsk tsk Tank.

It amuses me to see you as a pony.


He's just upset he's CYUT little pony who I can cuddle vuddle all day. Teehee.



I do enjoy the schoolyard style dialogue and naiveté that the characters have. It makes the entire story seem all the more appealing.


Indeed it is. Time for a Timberwolves Round! :pinkiecrazy:

3173849 Medic and Richtofen. Of course.

I am german and it's mean rather "have planned" (my english isn't the best sry)

You ain't making me look good.


...Did you really name your account after one of my characters?:rainbowderp:

hm haha tank stop scaring the noobs:pinkiecrazy:
good chapter keep going


I shall go forth! Thank you for continuing to read and comment! :twilightsmile:

When's Ruble gonna catch a break? He better get the Wonder Weapon from the box. There is a Wonder Weapon, right?


I'm debating if it should fire wubs or party streamers.

3353880 I'd go wub a dub dub, motherf***ers! :D
By the way, I love how you put ponies and zombies together. It's done very well and I also love how original this is. Especially with the characters(besides Tank, who I gotta say, going down on round 2 is not pro, but I do like how he's there to lead dem noobs). Pretty much, this looks like a good example of a good crossover of zombies and ponies. Well done.


Thank you for the finest feedback I have EVER gotten

wow! thought i'd never see another cod zombies fic on here :P

This comment brought to you by the wonderful people at TCCWA.

Well, actually its just me right now, but I just wanted to tell you that I will the one to read and review your story for the Academy. When I am done reading, my review will be posted on a new comment and the story will be moved to the appropriate folder in the group.

I am enjoying this story very much so far, given I'm no writing expert, I do not see errors, but the story is very accurate to the game, and I am liking the character development so far, but I also hope you continue to slowly develop them, and especially see if we might see a bit more of a back story on Tank and Gemini. Also, I hope that maybe you could go into the other 3 characters' cutie mark's as well later. I can't wait to read more of this. Good luck on your story :twilightsmile:


Thank you, I know I've been neglecting updating the story, but I promise I have it all figured out and will eventually get more chapters out.

Comment posted by ShadowCM deleted Dec 10th, 2013


Take your time, after all, taking your time can especially help the story's quality, plus as we can all relate to, "life happens" it's best to handle things in moderation rather than rush everything just to get it done. I know my last comment said "I can't wait" but it's just one of those things I saw to express how much I enjoy this. To re-word it, I'd have to say "I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of this well written story" Sorry if I came off as a rushy person there.


I'll have the next chapter next week!

I demand moar!

Hmm, so this guy appears to be a gamer, but how did he appear? And what will the other elements do? You have my mild curiosity's under your grasp author.


I will attempt to keep your interest!

hot damn this is nice. Keep it up.

Zombie-mode. Good times. And times where my idiot-'allies' ran off without letting me know and I only escaped death by the skin of my teeth.

I've noticed other players have attitude issues like that; not everyone has owned the game from Day One and knows the Zombie maps inside and out. This makes them game-rage.

So is this based (loosely speaking, of course) on COD Black Ops one, or two? I'm told the second game's Zombie-mode sucked.

What is the strange necklace?

Who is this new announcer?

Why are the zombie's eyes blue?

You all know the answers!

No idea.
Luna, right?
Beats me. In most Zombie-games, Zombie eyes turn blood-red at night.

I've done the 'grenade-at-your-feet' prank to others before. When they don't know what to expect, it's always a riot. :trollestia:

And now I feel stupid for it not clicking earlier that it was the Element necklaces that you were using. Not having played through the zombie maps to their completion, I thought it was just something you might collect.

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