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Final Draft

All the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers; each anothers audience outside the gilded cage.


Twilight is perplexed by an earth pony capable of summoning and manipulating invisible objects. In the name of science, she decides to uncover the mime's source of power. The mime is not happy about this, and sets out to stop Twilight with walls, ropes, and every other manner of mime related weaponry.

Cover Art thanks to Time Turner (A.K.A. Pilkie)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 14 )

This was actually kind of funny. Apparently there well be more chaps so into the read later pile it goes.

Dang it, I was hoping that there was an image for this story. I love the idea though. I will read later and I am sure it will be wonderfully hilarious.

Mimes. Every l clown? Or Eviler clown?

If you ask me, Lord Vetinari had the right idea about mimes...

She never told me she was a mime! :pinkiegasp:

In all honesty though, this was actually a strong start. My only complaints is that the writing could use a little polish (It could use a little bit of the metaphor or other whimsical tools to color each scene), and the ending to this chapter was a tad abrupt.

There should be a second chapter to Twilight's research on the Mimes Strange Sorcery!

3915000 It's almost done! I'll publish it tonight or tomorrow.

I have to say, watching Twilight get frustrated at things she can't figure out is hilarious. Keep up the good work.

I imagine this will be Twilight's reaction to mimes in the future...

I love this story, more please!

Being a seeker of knowledge is frustrating when it's hidden behind a vow of silence.:trollestia:

MIMES!! :pinkiegasp: Pinkie Pie's natural enemy!

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