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Final Draft

All the world is indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers; each anothers audience outside the gilded cage.


After the ever-popular Generic Series concluded with the death of its main character, Final Draft had found himself struggling to find a new outlet for his writings. The fans didn't want any of his dark literature, or anything intelligent for that matter; they wanted satire. They wanted more Generic. They wanted more of the over-powered red and black alicorn. When he did not deliver, the readers simply moved on.

But Generic never moved on.

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Comments ( 14 )

Well now, this is going to be interesting. I do love metafiction, and it doesn't get much more meta than a satirical composite of bad cliches having a conversation with his author. Looking forward to more.

Though let the record show that I, for one, enjoy your non-Generic stories.

I for one will see where this goes maybe.

Nice. Give me more!

Well. This is good. Very good. I cant wait for more :D

I honestly can't decide whether to feel good or bad for you, Draftie. I mean, this is effectively a story targeting the rather upsetting feeling of Magnum Opus Dissonance. I know exactly how it feels to have what you consider your better work be swept under, while your silliest stories net you popularity in a way you may not have wanted.
That said, it is good to see the Generic Saga continue—because it is fun—but of course you know that I (as with other followers of yours, I'm sure) have given some of your other horse words their fair chance too. :twilightsmile:

So... I'm confused. When is this supposed to update?

Comment posted by BackgroundPony73 deleted Aug 10th, 2014

4077370 Have you seen the Family Guy episode "Brian Writes a Bestseller"? Perhaps part of it might partially speak to you maybe.

4826333 Or maybe I'm completely wrong becase why would anything I say be anywhere near correct

...I can't help but need more of this.

My oc is an over powered red and black alicorn called Dark Ember

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