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Weekly Watch

As you may know, I am currently the leader of a group/feature called Weekly Watch. The idea behind Weekly Watch is that every week I will go to a somewhat popular group and read as many of the stories posted to the group in that week as I can, leaving a meaningful comment on each. At the end of the week I list every story I read along with its rating in a results thread and add them to their respective folders in the Weekly Watch group. Sound interesting? Then feel free to click here for more info!


Let's Talk About Season 4: Maud Pie (Episode 18) · 2:50am Mar 17th, 2014

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Holy horsefeathers, I'm alive.

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Goals and Achievements Checklist, Because I Feel Left Out!

Get 100 views on a single story: [ :yay: ]

Get 500 views on a single story: [ ]

Get 1000 views on a single story: [ ]


Write a 10,000 word fanfic: [ :yay: ]

Write a 50,000 word fanfic: [ ]

Write a 100,000 word fanfic: [ ]


Get 25 followers [ ]

Get 50 followers [ ]

Get 100 followers [ ]


Get 25 thumbs up on a single story: [ ]

Get 50 thumbs up on a single story: [ ]

Get 100 thumbs up on a single story: [ ]


Get 1 dislike on a story: [:fluttercry:]

Get 10 dislikes on a story: [ ]

Get 50 dislikes on a story: [ ]


Get a story featured: [ ]

Get a story featured on Equestria Daily: [ ]


Complete my first feature-length fanfic: [ ]

Get a comment from one of my favourite authors: [ ]

Write a clopfic (cuz why the hay not?): [ ]

Have someone write a story based on one of mine: [ ]

Credits Where Credits are Due

My beautiful, amazing profile pic was drawn single-hoofedly by amy30535 on DeviantArt. If you like this pic half as much as I do, then go give it some love!

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888550 I never realized we were particularly hot at any point in time, so yes.

888527 All of it? I'm afraid not. I'd be happy to try to find time to proof-read a chapter of one of your stories, but I simply don't have the time to become a permanent proof-reader for any of the people I happen to lend my criticism to. Also, I do understand your being defensive of your writing. I always have a momentary pang of defensiveness when someone has something negative to say about my work.

I apologize for taking your criticism on my a little too far. I get really defensive with my writing. And for that, I feel I owe you at least a follow.

Also, since you are obviously some pony who knows how to proofread and offer tips to help, may I have you as a proofreader for all of my fanfiction? I don't produce a whole lot at once. I am both a slow reader and writer. If you decline, I do understand.

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