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“H-hello, you’ve reached Fluttershy. I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you could leave a message I will get back as soon as possible. Thank you…”


“H-hello, you’ve reached Fluttershy. I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you could leave a message I will get back as soon as possible. Thank you…”


Translated into Russian by Athlete.
Translated into French by BlackRockSparkle.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 75 )

This seemed awfully familiar, similar to that one fic that was published a few minutes ago.

So sad but good. Really good.


Shit, really? I've been working on this for a couple days now XD Great minds think alike.

3644594 I know right. That one sentence already makes me wanna cry.


Yea it also has some difference such as the other fic is human and Flutters is alive but the concept is generally the same.


Can you send me a link? I kinda wanna read it. :D


Well... shit... that is... woah.

I usually never read a story with under 50 likes, and have definitely never read one with under 10. this surprised me in its quality. you have earned a follower. 3644625

Damn, this is sad. :fluttercry:

*Sniffles* poor Dash...and poor Fluttershy :fluttercry:

:fluttercry:...:fluttershbad:don't look at me.

Ouch. Good little story. Hard to read, but good.

Very well paced and emotional story. Excellent one-shot.


- Infinite


Oh my god it's you! I love your stories!
Oh my god I'm hyperventilating this is so awesome. :D:D
Thank you!

3647176 You've made me blush now.

Think nothing of it, I'm just an admirer of good work. :twilightblush:

Oh my gods the feels...
You almost made me leak liquid pride....


wait so let me get this straight.

Fluttershy died at the factory and Rainbow is calling her to listen to her voice for the final time?

Better then any one shot I could ever make.

I think I'm wearing the wrong face right now. It's smiling and damn if I can't figure out why.

eeyup, now my eyes are watery. even before reading Element of kindness a casualty. I already knew. this makes me want a Fluttershy and Dashie plushie to snuggle with

was thinking it would say if RD somehow was the cause of the explosion


Currently making a prequel. We'll see.


Freakin' legendary 10/10

I've read a few of your stories and their freakin' great 10/10 would bang.

Thank you... really, all I can think of is to thank you for writing this. You've managed to remind me why I don't hate fanfiction.

Argh, I honestly can't think of anything better to say! I have no suggestions on how to make it better, no qualms of any kind... this is just beautiful in so many ways. It is a bit repetitive, but that works for it, so that's not even a flaw--if anything it becomes a strength! Your tone is perfect, your pacing is perfect, your imagery is beautiful, and... I'm rambling.

I suppose I can scrape up one suggestion on where to go from here; despite its beauty, your writing is very literal. That's not much of a flaw, but try your hoof at some metaphorical writing. Example: I was originally going to commend you for calling the kitchen an "island" before I realized a little later that I was stupid and you were talking about a kitchen island... Yet that unintentional metaphor painted a perfect picture in my mind of the setting, and gave me insight as to how poor little Dashie views it. Trust me, metaphor is a wonderful writing tool worthy of exploration.

Your Rating: :pinkiehappy: (It is my honor to bestow upon you the very first pinkiehappy I have ever given. You should be very, very proud of this work of art.)

Hey, I hope you appreciated my feedback! I can tell I'll have my hooves full this week, so it'd be really, really awesome if you could support me by joining Weekly Watch! Your rating, and many others, will appear in a results thread later this week, and you may even get featured! Hope to see you there!


A very feelzy story, thank you for writing this :fluttercry: so sad...


Feelsy, but...






It's a phone message, it may or may not have taken about 20 tries. XD

I...I think I'm going to cry. :fluttercry:

omg, by the end of this I was in absolute tears.... Well played good sir.. well played.. :applecry::fluttercry::raritycry:

Bozhe Moi...This is so sad, even if the reason behind the explosion wasn't looked into.

It breaks my heart to see Dash going through this particular phase :ajsleepy:


Writing a prequel. Don't you worry your lil butt

3654432 Alrighty then. Looking forward to it :raritywink:

Nice story, but it's practically a copy of another story. This story is recent, too, so I suspect that you stole the idea from this person. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/153383/hhey-its-me It could use be a coincidence, though. This one just has a different outcome.


Yeah, I covered it earlier in the comments. It's a total coincidence, I started working on this one a couple days ago after I re-read Cyanide and Happinesses' depressing comic week.

Well, fuck. That was bleak.

I loved it, don't get me wrong, but I've seen a close relative go through that kind of crushing grief upon losing a loved one, so it hit close to home.

:fluttershbad: I read until the newspaper and saw element of kindness and I froze in place. I was shocked.... :fluttercry:

I liked this, a lot. Now I feel like a jerk for putting off reading this. This story is frighteningly close to a dream I once had. Good job.


Thank ye fellow writer. Great minds think alike.

3664400 I have no great mind. My sub-conscious does all the work, and yells at me to write down what she says.

Very powerful. Nice work.

Your fic has been featured on This Week's Weekly Watch Results. Congratulations! :pinkiehappy:


So many pain in this. So many feelings.

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