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“They’ve gone too far this time,” Sweetie Belle finally said, quietly, looking up at her friends. They nodded in agreement but didn’t meet her gaze. Apple Bloom was slowly dragging a ragged toothbrush back and forth inside her mouth. Scootaloo was gazing at her wings, wondering inwardly if the words painted there were correct. Sweetie Belle slowly rubbed one of the faded black marks on her coat. “I feel violated.”

“We all feel violated, Sweetie,” Scootaloo spat, slamming her hoof onto the floorboards. The old treehouse shook slightly and dust fell from the rafters. The orange pegasus looked up at her friend to see she had recoiled back slightly. “S-sorry… it’s just… they snuck into our homes. And who knows, did they drug us at the party?”

"Well, what do you suggest we do to get back at them?"

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Hmm I'll be watching....

>fifteen years old

Not on your life. Probation, likely. At maximum, three years in a juvenile facility. It's all moot anyway since you have three princesses who I'm sure would be more than happy to grant a pardon given how big of cunts Diamond and Silver are.

That's assuming the Defense won't absolutely wreck the prosecution with showing the jury how big of cunts the two are. Juries aren't very sympathetic with people who mock the possibly disabled, regardless as to how "unbias" they're supposed to be.

Bah, it's Equestria. Their legal system is what the author says it is.

Looking forward to how they handle being arrested.
Scoots is currently my favorite in this fic; that attitude!

:twilightoops:Though, you have me worried. That map is laaaaarge, and covers much more than just Equestria. I have this horrible feeling that this is the story of what's going to happen to these three after they're banished because of this incident.
Please prove me wrong? :fluttershysad:

Potential this has hrmmmmmmmmmmmm


Don't worry, they won't be banished. Stick around and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Check out the main characters list. :D

A fun adventure story?

Maybe for us, but I doubt there's fun to be had for the CMC


Eyyyy I see you

Why are they being arrested? And are you going to have them show the pictures of them being assaulted to the royal guard? I don't see why they'd be arrested by Canterlot Royal Court, when it was done in Ponyville and vandalism, is a lot less of a crime than drugging, foalnapping (which the second they were taken out of their homes without their permission it was technically by law foalnapping), and assault and battery is a greater crime.

Even though its spoilers. Please tell me that DT and SS aren't getting off the hook? And Celestia (Troll Goddess, and Princess of Pranks) is going to help the CMC? please.


All your issues with it will be resolved. You'll just have to wait for the rest.


I have no problem waiting. Thanks for letting me know there'll be a resolution.

So...ah is there gonna be a happy ending? I know there's a dark tag but I like it if there's light at the end of the tunnel.:applejackunsure:

What original prank could we do?”

Alright, this is beyond "pranks." Drugging three teens, kidnapping them, and leaving them in dangerous situations (Scoots could have broken her neck) is the kind of thing they should be getting the Guard involved in. Or ask Spike to pass along a letter to Celestia, or Luna.

“On behalf of the High Solar Court of Equestria, I have been issued an arrest warrant for Sweetie Belle.”

:facehoof: I rest my case.

holy fuck. they are getting arrested? well that sucks........ and how could the situation lead to them getting arrested and the investigation not displaying that what diamond and silver did was FAR worse?


Goddammit you'll all see god just wait ugh such high maintenance readers

3676629 i can imagine it has to do with bribing, then again here is the problem with that.

"Rarity, applejack, rainbow dash. What is it that you wanted to speak with me about?" Celestia inquired of her little ponies. The mares hand her an newspaper, showing three fillies closing in on mahrehood, and another showing two fillies in a humiliating situation. "You have reasons to suspect that these three are being unfairly charged." Celestia states simply, almost knowingly, "Well considering two of these fillies are family to you, then i do say this warrants investigation."

and then the three crusaders gain a slightly less terrible punishment, where their tormentors are not so lucky.
srsly, two of them are the siblings of the fucking Element Bearers. connections to the god damn princesses.


Ehrmagurd it's not just wait yer lil butt

3677436 jsut saying. the crusaders are connected to three heroes of equstria. it would only take them wanting to have celestia have the matter further ivnestigated.

Celestia being a troll is really just fanon, which may not be used in this story. Honestly I see more "benevolent chessmaster" Celestias than anything else, nowadays.


Actually there is some Canon reference for Tia being a Troll.

The Tea trolling joke. Was playful and harmless but I think kickstarted the fanon Trollestia.

Then you have the Grand Galloping Galla. Giving Twilight only one ticket plus one. In a small town that has no real excitement pre-EoH. Just to get a rise. Even though Twilight had 5 friends (plus Spike). That's trolling.

Only to not give anyof them a heads up to see the choas that would ensue. She's a troll. But I think she's more of a playful prankster that just want to liven things up after a thousand years of boredom.

The ticket thing could also be a test of character, which Twilight passes by not choosing one friend at the expense of the others. I've always assumed that she also would have passed either by giving her personal ticket away or by demonstrating a good reason for why she gave the spare ticket to whichever pony she would have chosen.

That said, I do like when Celestia is depicted as having a sense of humour. I just don't think one joke (two if you're certain the ticket thing was a prank) qualifies someone as a troll.


Well Troll might be too strong a word. More like a playful prankster, who likes to liven things up from time to time. But Trollestia is more smoothly to write / more known than Prankestia, or TricksterEstia.

But the point still stands. Have Tia troll / prank for Justice would be nice. Or at least have Tia stand up for the CMC seeing how they were mollested and the things done against them (seeing as how the CMC have photographic evidence) counts as one or more cases of:

Sexual Assault

Foalnapping (Kidnapping) [2 counts]

Assault and Battery

Torture [Tying one to a tree where she was bound and forced to a single place for prolonged period of time] [Forcing partially eaten apple cores down AB's throat.]

and 3 Counts of Breaking and Entering with Malicious intent.


The Author can't let them go unpunished. And I'd be peeved to see the CMC get punished with so much Evidence against DT and SS. And the fact that DT and SS have a habit in fanon of Black Mailing others. While they've been shown to do it only once in Canon (But that doesn't mean they don't still do it when they think they can get away with it.)

And even without the pictures. There's the fact that alot of them had physical evidence of what was done to them marking there bodies. In places that others would've seen even without the pics spread throughout the papers [Added illegal act of invasion of privacy]. So yeah. DT and SS are going to be F'd one way or the other.

It would be nice to see some legal sorcery on Celestia's part (or just an unrigged, unbiased court--which would find heavily in the CMCs favour). But this thing's tagged "Adventure," so I have a feeling we may be waiting a bit before Diamond and Silver get their comeuppance.


True. Or SS and DT could go on the run, and start a shadow campaign to attack the CMC and make their lives miserable. And with rich and wealthy parents they could be like Super Villains (like an evil Bat Man), and the adventure could be in trying to find them and over come the trials and tribulations set against them.

I just hope that nothing happens that destroys my faith in Tia. Especially since it makes no sense that the Royal Guard whose job it is to protect the Princesses. Would over rule the local Guards, and arrest the CMC on a simple local courts matter. Celestia at the very least has to be a hero on the sidelines. Even if a different judge (other than Luna who'd be able to investigate via Dream interrogation to know their innocence) is paid for by Rich and the Spoons to rig the court against the CMC.

I just assumed "Royal Guard" was their name for the police.


They do that too. But they are a military organization. Who in their own words in S4 E1 or was it 2, serve the Royal Family.

But even ignoring that. The town of Ponyville would have their own Guard and place to hold criminals. A Judge cutie marked pony in Ponyville [Canon], and their own legal system. Canterlot is several hours away by train. The Royal Guard would have to go in, tell the Guards in Ponyville that they have jurisdiction, arrest three fillies, carry them to Canterlot, and do the Paperwork for why it was necessary to do all of the following.

Which also doesn't make sense unless it's either. Tia going to help them. Or Rich and Spoons screwing over the legal system and undermining Tia by using her personal guard while abusing the legal system like a two cent prostitute.

No, I mean that I assume all Guards everywhere are "Royal Guards," whether they are assigned to guard Celestia herself, go on patrol in Ponyville, or simply march up and down the square. My headcanon says that Equestria doesn't really have a military, just a police force that can become a military if the need arises (and then fail miserably, as seen in the wedding two-parter). Thus, "Royal Guard" would be a term for any pony that works in law enforcement, at any rank (similar to how basically anyone that can legally arrest you is a "cop", whether they're some guy that does patrols or a member of the FBI).

Granted, this is all just headcanon. I don't know how the author is structuring the guard in this story or if he's really worried about it at all, so really you could be right and this may hint at larger things than I'm seeing. Reading it again I find it interesting that the arrests are done "on behalf of the High Solar Court," that seems rather grand. So I think you may be on to something with your suggestion that someone's interfering on behalf of either the CMC or the bullies.


They themselves say the Royal Guard serves the Royal Family.

Thus they wouldn't be part of a Civilian Gaurd facility. Since the Civy's aren't part of the Royal Family.

That and the Royal Guards are only shown when they are either A) In the Castle, or B) Near the Princesses.

Thus they wouldn't be called out to Ponyville for a Legal matter.

Especially in Canon there are pointers that Ponyville has it's own legal system, as well as Cops.

Night Watch [Cop]

Sheriff Silverstar [Law Enforcement]

Lady Justice [Judge]

William Wright [Assists Lady Justice and Mayor Mare].

So as you can see. There are legal people other than the Royal Guard. And the Royal Guard themselves say that they serve the Crown. Thus unless Tia or Lulu sent them to get arrested their'd be no reason for them to be there [Unless they were bribed for some reason]. And that's canon.

Good points, all. So I'll agree that Royal Guards being their own thing is canon (hard to argue with any of your points), though my only other thought is that the author may not be following canon. If he is then you're definitely correct about some manner of shenanigans being under way.

Go Rainbow Dash!:rainbowdetermined2:
It's time for some action! It seems those rich villains are untouchable for the time being. I hope Rainbow Dash has a decent plan for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I'm just glad she realizes that you have to fight fire with fire when corruption is so rampant.

kay you get a upvote just for having celestai SO in character. she may keep her cool most of the time and is wise, but she is NOT gonna tolerate any shit sent her way.......... think you ened to work on the characterization of the cmc a bit. make them all a bit more distinct at least. but still good.

hell even the factor that came up next was pretty convincing. i can easily see that celestai would limit her own power to a degree. ............... though as brash an rainbow dash tends to be why did she simply not go straight for celestia and tell her that the next jury was bought off? she may be impulsive but come on, its not like celestia could do NOTHING. hell she could even have arrested the parents of sivler and diamond for it.

I had thought this would be different from the standard revengefics involving the CMC and Tiaraspoon, but I guess not. Oh well.

... Why the hell, if Celestia knows Filthy has bribed the jury, doesn't she have him brought up on charges simultaneously? Or just issue the CMC a Royal Pardon? She's a a goddess, why is she putting up with this sham?

Oh man shit just got real.... like super real.....

I hope these three get their names cleared and the other two locked up

3718765 she is trying to stay in control, if she issues a pardon or tries to put filth up she will be called a tyrant and have to deal with THAT

Shenanigans confirmed, it seems. I choose to believe the author read our back-and-forth and wound up rewriting the chapter accordingly.

3719575 The point I'm trying to make here, is that Celestia has resources that far outstrip acting as judge over a sham of a trial. She can (and should) have Filthy arrested for bribery, and Tiara and Spoon arrested for kidnapping, assault, and anything else that can be made to stick thanks to photographic evidence helpfully provided. Given her millenia-long peaceful rule there should be a hell of a lot more ponies who trust her over a rich asshole like Filthy.


Money's a bitch, ain't it?

3720756 And with a millenia of compound interest and access to the royal treasury, she should have more than enough money to beat Filthy at his own game if it comes to that.


I could hug you right now.


Thanks for making Tia awesome. I can't wait to see what the CMC and their big sisters are going to do. You! Are! Awesome!


I like this but the whole jury thing is really straining my suspension of disbelief.

3718290 you know that if they all get caught they are all going to jail right maybe for life even.

iinteresting developmetn...............

those guys are so gonna get caught before they can interrogate fluttershy much though. it will not be long at all for them to notice fluttershy is missing. and unfortunately for them, luna exists. just a trip into the dreams and answers can be found and threats made.
and she could torture filthy rich in a way he would have no dfense for and his moeny would be worthless.

Glad in black hoods, save for one dressed as a royal guard, they all carried various kinds of weapons.


Ah! Conditioned I unfortunately get it once I saw the end of this chapter. I wonder if Tia and Luna are able to tell when a ponies been programmed? After all Luna was able to see events that happened durring her imprissionment and could make ponies relive true memories, and with the nightmares Flutters is going to be having, she should be able to sense something amiss. I hope.

Glad in black hoods,

They're happy to be such snazzy dressers?

“Make stick to the ground, no flying for you, Scoots.”

Do what now?
I look forward to Filthy's eventual exile to the moon (or wherever).

Isn't it illegal to buy off a jury? By all means, F Rich should be arrested, with RD testifying against him in court.

Please continue this story! I NEED to KNOW how it ENDS!

There would need to be a jury in that court, which Filthy Rich would buy off and get home free. Cause hes a jerk.

Why did you decide to stop writing this story?


Had ideas that never took off. Wasn't impressed with what I had written. I grew up.
I'm not really writing fanfiction anymore. I may finish up a couple other stories though for fun.

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