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My name is Cameron. I am a musician, a writer, a singer, and a member of the band Bless Our Demise. My stories are mainly sad because I believe in expressing my emotions through stories...and songs.


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What's up guys? I have returned. A lot has happened since I went AWOL, no details are necessary, I'm back, and more bloodthirsty than ever.

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Latest Stories

Favorite Pony

A little more about me. My favorite pony? First, I put down my opinions and other things.

Twilight- Incredibly smart, brilliantly talented, makes unnecessary remarks to other ponies, beautiful mare, has the best common sense, good leadership, and an excellent learner.

Applejack- Hard worker, absolutely honest, great sister, reliable mare, athletic, looking out for everypony else, and always has your back.

Pinkiepie- A fucking party animal, awesome parties, always filled with smiles, makes everypony else welcome and happy, and a good heart.

Rarity- Over reacts to little things, very generous, night worker, great dress designer, has an attitude with her sister sometimes, can take care of herself, and is lovely looking mare.

Rainbow Dash- Outstanding athlete, needs more patience, can be a showoff, self admired, achieves goals, gave herself a title since she was a filly, and has a look that completes her personality.

Fluttershy- Very shy, low self-esteem, great with animals, adorable voice, good heart, and a cut looking mare.

Now my favorite ponies.

Princesses- Luna

Mane six- Fluttershy

Background ponies- Derpy Hooves

Cutiemark Crusader- Scootaloo

All time favorite- Derpy Hooves

Reasons: She was a simple mistake turned into a real character, needs help with common sense, needs a little more intelligence, she is a mother who has a wonderful daughter, crazy obsession with muffins, and has a look from a person opinion; that says she is beautiful. If I even look at her while she is smiling, I smile too.


Music is something everybody needs. I've never met a person who doesn't listen to music. Music has given us inspiration for many ideas. It has allowed many people to put out their feelings and it has allowed people to be themselves. My kind of music is rock and metal.

The bands I listen to and opinions of the bands are listed as so.

Disturbed- Awesome band. #1 song is "Down With The Sickness."

Limp Bizkit- I'm actually surprised with myself that I like them. They do speak some truth about life. They have real foul language. All in all they are good.

System of a down- Good band. Can't understand some of the lyrics because they speak fast. Have some funny songs. Have some real good songs. They can be crazy when it comes to singing. They sound the exact same when they're live.

Five finger death punch- Good band. They express anger very well. When it comes to sad songs. They succeed the emotion. My favorite song by far is "The Pride".

Hollywood Undead- Good band. They speak the mind of a teenager and tell stories of their lives. They grew up in Los Angeles and they speak its dirty secrets. They can be funny at live concerts. They sound the same when they're live. Crazy partying like Pinkie Pie. All in all they're really good.

Linkin Park- Good band. They have good songs. They don't cuss that much. Which is rare. Never talked about getting drunk or doing drugs. Even more rare. Seem to have sad hearts but I could be wrong. Some of the lyrics are wise.

Skillet- Good band. They are listed under Christian rock which means they never cuss. They sound really good. Sound exactly the same when they are live. All in all, they are good.

Anti-Flag- Good band. I like some of their songs. They are probably one of the only punk rock bands I listen to. Me and my dad bicker back and forth on which genre of rock is better. He's punk rock and I'm metal.

Deuce Nine Lives- I'm a bit confused on the name. The band is called "nine lives" but the lead singer is also titled. The band is good and the lead singer writes his own lyrics and produces his own albums and songs. They need to tone down on the cussing. Seriously, their first album has a cuss word in every song. They don't have much now. But it'll change in a couple years. Maybe. Deuce was originally in the band Hollywood Undead until he was kicked out and he started his own band. All in all good band. And good singer.

Avenged Sevenfold- They are a good band. I don't know much about them. But they do sound good.

Eminem- The only rapper I will ever listen to for some reason. I don't know why but he seems different. I don't know much about him but he is good.

Prince Whateverer- I like his singing voice a lot. He's really good at making songs, in my opinion. And he's one of my favorite.

Asking Alexandria- A screaming band, but I like screaming. This band is perfect for me. It has a mixture of screaming and clean vocals. Which is good for me.

Metalcore Pony- Mostly screaming. But I love those screams! I enjoy this musician and love to listen to his songs.

AcousticBrony- A really good musician. I wish he'd sing more instead making a bunch of instrumentals, but it's just my opinion.

MandoPony- A really good singer. He has a really good singing voice. He's also one of my favorites.

Breaking Benjamin- Me and my mom love this band. We own their greatest hits and we love it! Every time me and her are in a car listening to it, we sing every song, every lyric. We didn't care if others looked at us, just as long as we sang some Breaking Benjamin.

Korn- I just own their greatest hits album and I like majority of them. I think they're a really good metal band.

Slipknot- My dad really likes them. I really like them. They've never been played on the radio which makes them non-mainstream. A lot of bands that are not mainstream are really good.

I See Stars- Really good band. Great clean vocals and the screamer is a killer. They do a good performance live and my favorite song from them is "Murder Mitten." It's their most popular.

Forever In Combat- They're a really good band. All of the band members are from different countries, except two. They're not really famous because they're known in the thousands instead of the millions. The screamer and guitarists do a lot of cover songs.

Staind- A really good band. I like the clean vocals and they have this kind of growl that sounds kind of distorted, but it still sounds pretty good.

Favorite- Hands down "Hollywood Undead."

Reasons- They speak the truth and listen to their fans. Had some set backs but pulls themselves back up. They speak my mind fully and express my feelings somehow. Or that's how I feel. They have four albums. Swan Songs, Desperate Measures, American Tragedy, and Notes From The Underground. My favorite album is Notes From The Underground. My favorite songs are the sad ones because they're so good. Even though they do talk about suicide. But those are the real good ones. They express themselves very clearly. My favorite singer out of the six is Johnny 3 Tears. He has a daughter and he sings about her sometimes. His voice proves points very clearly. Doesn't do a lot of party songs. Does all the suicide songs. In almost all angry songs. Puts words together in wisdom. He is one of a kind.

This is my Music.

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