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Hi, My name is Kanyen Sherwood and I live in Stanwood WA. I love to read fan-fics and maybe write some. My favorite thing to do is read new stories because feedback is encouraging to a new writer.

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About the wait · 2:14am Jan 10th, 2014

So it's been awhile since I added the first chapter of The adventures of Keystroke and Trixie. This is because a few reasons. 1. The first chapter didn't get a lot of people excited about it. :( 2. I havn't had the time to sit down and type. And 3. I haven't had the motivation to write. That's pretty much it. See ya later!


P.S. The next chapter should be out sometime next week :D

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Thanks for the favorite on Harmony Meets Disharmony! If you enjoy it, please upvote it, but I understand if you're waiting to see what happens. I hope you enjoy! :twilightsmile:

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