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This group is here to bring Xbox gamers together. We'll host weekly get-togethers with major game titles, including but not limited to the Halo Master Chief Collection, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter, and Titanfall.

We are here to foster lasting relationships and good times for all. Anyone can join, and everyone is welcome. When you join, please make sure to go to the INTRODUCTIONS thread so that we may add you to the list. If you want to have a fun night of gaming with fellow bronies, then join our ranks!

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Can somebody hit me up with an Xbox live trail code?

Comment posted by Brony117 deleted Jul 8th, 2016

Is it okay if I stay here even though I play PC now?

409253 No join away. the group is just a bit dead at the moment.

Uh, i got an Xbox one, is it too late to sign up for the group? i mean i already joined i'm just wondering if i am too late to get in the action.....

gamertag is Comrade Doge13

Woo! Got an X-Box One for Christmas! Anyone playing Star Wars Battlefront or Halo 5 and needs a brony fireteam member?

My gamertag is thegamerator10 (it's best if you tell me that you came from here beforehoof).

Always felt the Xbox (I have a 360) had a superior library and interface to the Playstation.

Neither can beat Nintendo, though.
Flame shield online.

I don't play Xbox (I am Nintendo filth).

I'm just here to say...
I'm that one person who doesn't care which platform you use.
As long as you can take an opinion, that's all that matters.

393683 you mean the Sony Pony's?

Gake and Fay

......does this mean we get to put shit on all the gaystation bronies? :rainbowlaugh:

I know there's some of you here who have both systems, so PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!! :raritycry:


Also, judging by the picture, I think that Luna just pulled off four simultaneous 1080-quadruple-noscopes.

388577 Okay. Expect a request to join from Autobot Airwave (that's my gamertag).

388568 Wasteland Legends

388015 Lemme know the name and I'll join it.

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