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bronies and pegassisters of all types can join even if you dont have xbox live
add your favorites if u want
add your own stories too if u want

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Looking to build an xbox community group for active bronies to try keep the fandom alive in the world of Xbox, if you wanna help me and be part of this. dm me or add my GT

Prince Owenx
Don Falcone

Can't wait for the X-box series x and Halo Infinite.

I have an Xbox one and my Gamertag is ObsoleteChip888

I'm surprised i have not found this sooner. Anyways, xbox one, i have 2 gamertags.
A Raw Potato - Halo 1-5, GTA 5
SpartanChrimson - Halo Reach, both halo wars, COD, The Division.
Those are the games i play most, but i have played quite a bit more. Only really an average player. Feel free to add either of those, just shoot me a message when you do letting me know how you found me.

I have an Xbox 360 and my profile name is EachCarcass25.

I have a Xbox one and my 360 is on my shelf and I like Skyrim, dead space, just cause, fallout, halo, and some of the call of duty's such as modern warfare series, black ops 1&2 only 3 was heart breaking for me and cod world at war and cod ww2. Oh and I also like battlefield and assassin's creed series but due to issues with my Xbox live profile I have to make a new one and I haven't yet.

My xbox name is Taismo and I only have xbox one.

I like the first one, and the second one as well other than that BS final difficulty, but not the third one. Story was fine, but gameplay was not.
Truth be told other than Masterchief Collection with a friend of mine I haven't really done much gaming on my Xboxes lately. Been playing XCOM 2 and Oxygen Not Included on my computer mostly.

changed gamertag to RainbowBlitz199

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Hello, my gamertag is Titan0151, I play Halo, some COD (limited on that because I didn't buy that many of them), World of Tanks, I have downloaded many free with gold games, Castle Miner Z, Transformers War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, Mass Effect, Tom Clancy HAWX 2, and a few others. I have been gaming a long time, lol. If you want to add me feel free, if it says my list is full let me now via message, a lot of my friends moved to xbox one and I am staying on 360 for a year or so more. Pretty much whenever they cut online service to it, :rainbowdetermined2:

.....x box
I love halo :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by atomic nom deleted Jun 29th, 2015

sup gamer tag cjt98 games played civ rev, any halo, dead island, kingdom under fire circles of doom,red dead,and avp. HALO IS BEST GAME

Arcana Heart, Army of Two, Soul Calibur,Sonic, Halo, Battlefield 4(All DLC), and ocasionally Tekken and Gears.

SHADOWFRENZY92 (CMC Dragoon now)
CMC_Valkyrie on PS3.
Fuck Parace L'sia. Seriously on Steam.

Gamer-tag RS27

Don't be surprised if I change my name when I finally get a job. oWo I hate it now... but
DeCobra69 :facehoof:
There's a story, I was like 8 years old, an upside down back to front 6 is a 9, yaddeyah... >~> You get the idea. I play everything and nothing. This and that.

My gamertag is BradderstheEpic and I mostly play Halo 4 and Minecraft. Send me a friend request If you're intrested. :pinkiehappy:

gamertag jrsweeper1

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