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FAN FICTION- Photon Prime - Discord: Titan0151#0717


Birthday: 15th of August

Gender: Male

Personality: ISTJ

MLP Brony since 2012, went public on 11 Sept 2014 (Actually the 10th but it was barely after midnight...)

I spend all my time around airplanes, playing video games, writing/reading, or painting.

The Best Ponies!


Update · 3:04pm Apr 6th, 2023

So... I am fortunate enough to have a bed in the form of my fianc├ęs place. But I have no access to my PC, or anything else for that matter as I have had a falling out with my parents. Do not expect any updates to anything till probably the end of the year.

And before anyone thinks poorly of me, just know they were threatening to cancel my wedding in October and I got kicked out defending the honor of my bride.

Temp out

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Comment posted by Phetiamwantip deleted Apr 5th, 2023

Keep up the good story friend!

Thank you for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

You have horse words I will be reading soon! (Anytime!)

  • Viewing 104 - 108 of 108
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