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FAN FICTION- Photon Prime


Birthday: 15th of August 1995

Gender: Male

Personality: ISTJ

MLP Brony since 2012, went public on 11 Sept 2014 (Actually the 10th but it was barely after midnight...)

I spend all my time around airplanes, playing video games, writing/reading, or painting.

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TToaSt · 2:12am October 21st

Like the acronym? Anyways many of you have been wondering what is going on with the story, rest assured I have not abandoned it, but gone and gotten an editor as I felt my writing was not a high enough standard for the praise that the lot of you had given it. :rainbowderp: That said I am aiming for a Halloween release of Chapter 3. The Prologue and Chapter 1 have been updated, a few minor changes have been made (Mostly grammar and simple stuff, spiced up the fight and swapped out a name.)

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Report Tempestus · 50 views · Story: The Tale of a Storm · #Update #Not dead

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Has an interesting premise. I can help on occasion if ever you need it.

That being said, boop

Boop him at your own risk, he breaths fire and has a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Thank you for the compliment! You can read about him in The Tale of a Storm if you would like. (Need to finish up chapter 3/waiting on art)

I love your profile pic. The wings almost make me think of a gargoyle.

But that's a grumpy pone. Needs a boop.

Anytime mate! Great story, you should try to write a continuation!

Thanks for the fav!

  • Viewing 84 - 88 of 88
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