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This group is specifically for those who are apart of the Delta Project.

I would like to write a story that releases weekly chapters, but the twist is, it’s the largest crossover ever!!! The story would be based around a broad casted radio channel in equestria, with a host that I would write for. However, every chapter of the story/episode of the podcast, three characters will join me! I’d like to ask if you would like one of your characters (from any of your stories) to make an appearance on the show! The host of the show will be Delta Vine, my OC, and he will ask your character questions, and play games and stuff. I understand that this is a big project, and that you may not have time for such things, but if you do please let me know! Also, if you do agree, then I would appreciate it if you’d be ready to select two different characters to show up on different episodes. This is because I highly doubt I can convince 30 different writers to help out, though of course I hope I won’t have to have two characters per author. The characters don’t have to be displaced  or anything, and obviously this doesn’t need to be canon to their stories. But I do hope for a wide range of participants, some that can destroy galaxies, and some that work part time at Sugarcube Corner. Also, these characters do not have to be OC’s! You may add the Rainbow Dash from your world, as long as they have something unique to bring to the table. Maybe she’s a pokemon master? Or she has cultivated the power of Ki? Stuff like that. 

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Sweetheart you know I'm joking

Emphasis on Homo
Chill will understand

Salutations my fellow Homo-Sapian.

I couldn't have worded that better!

What joy it is to be on this mighty crusade!

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