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I'm just a simple, southern man that loves ponies, Star Wars, ridiculousness, and adorable things. I'm also an ex-Navy nuclear machinists mate, and life long martial artist.


Emergency commissions · 11:24pm August 3rd

So, in order to get the money to pay my rent, I'm offering commissions. $10 per 1k words, pretty much and genre or rating. Obviously, I'm best with adventure, comedy, and mature, but I can do just about anything.

PM me if your interested to discuss details.



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ahh well cant wait for the story to hopefully come back up

2465104 It said that there's only one scene of gore and the gore tag wasn't really needed.

2465092 i cant see the comment you made because of the 404 error do you remember what it said

2465089 Yeah, I'm trying to get in touch with the gut that pulled it, but they aren't replying. If they don't get back to me by morning, I'm reporting it to Knighty

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