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I'm just a simple, southern man that loves ponies, Star Wars, ridiculousness, and adorable things. I'm also an ex-Navy nuclear machinists mate, and life long martial artist.


I need some help · 9:43am Mar 30th, 2022

So, I'm in a rough place. I've been struggling to get enough money for my rent, but my hours have been butchered. I need at least $200, so I'm opening commissions. $15/1k words. DM me for details.

If you'd like to help but don't want a commision, you can donate to my Patreon, here: https://www.patreon.com/Shirotora

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Yeah. I'm still waiting for EE to catch up. It should after the next arc.

hope your doing all right in this day and age. miss seeing updates to steel and fire

Thanks for adding my story The power of Three to your favorites
I hope you continue to enjoy :twilightsmile:

Thank you for favoriting my Griffon clopfic, expect more chapters to come :pinkiehappy:

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