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I'm just a simple, southern man that loves ponies, Star Wars, ridiculousness, and adorable things. I'm also an ex-Navy nuclear machinists mate, and life long martial artist.



So, you think you know Equestria just because you watch My Little Pony? Well, I can tell you, the show barely scratched the surface. The name's Shirotora, and I'm one of many humans that call Equestria home.

Of course, where most humans find themselves in the form of a pony, griffin, minotaur or some other regular race, I happen to have the form of the servants of an ancient tyrant god that were sealed away along with their master thousands of years ago.

Yeah, that didn't go over very well with Celestia.

This is the story of my adventures in this crazy world of not-so-cartoonish ponies, along side a colorful cast of friends, including a crystal pegasus that can control fire, a dragon-pony that was locked in stone for eight hundred years, a demon blacksmith looking to get contracts with mortals, and the worlds luckiest/unluckiest mare... Oh, and the Mane 6 are in there, too.

Together, we'll figure out why the hell predators are getting more violent, and why more and more monsters are suddenly popping up everywhere.

I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with some ancient, long-banished evil coming back...

It does, doesn't it...


This is a complete reimagining of my first successful story, Chaotic Harmony. While it will share some characters and events with the original, this is going to be an entirely different experience.

To those of you who loved the original, I hope you love this just as much. To those who didn't, I hope you find this an improvement.

Also, to those who have been following Children of Chaos, that story will also be reworked a little as a sequel to this, not the original.

Note: While this is not a true AU, there will be some pretty major deviations from canon. There is no AU tag because all major plot points in canon still happened in this fic, though the details of how they played out may have changed, and most changes could be wedged into the show's canon. There's also a little bit of 'dark', but not too much.

Basically, this was made as if the show was the kid friendly version of what happened.

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I had tried to read the first story and finish but this path... it feels better somehow.

Yeah, I've gotten a lot of practice in writing since the original.

Pre-read statement of expectations. Contains Implied spoilers to the original story.

I loved the original up until about 3/4 of the way through, when it began it's decent into what I came to call (after seeing it again in later works) the Patented Signature Shirotora Shitpocolypse.

Here's to starting over knowing we're going in a different direction, and that's probably a good thing.

Edit: this seems too-familiar. Did you post this as a teaser a couple years ago?

Yeah, this has been in the works for a while.

Like what I see so far. Didn’t read the original so I am coming into this fresh

“Oh, man,” Scootaloo piped up. “He's going to try to adopt me, isn't he?”

I laughed my a as off at this! Good job on the reboot so far. A few grammar errors but it flows well, can't wait for the next chapter!

Umm..... ok.... He had to apologize for scaring the CMC.
But what about Rainbow Dash? Where is the apology from her?
Instant contempt and no remorse for assaulting someone to the point of unconsciousness.

She saw a large predator rushing a group of foals. I think her response was justified.

But even then... when it's revealed afterwards that he wasn't attacking them and was sapient being, an apology is still just proper.
To just flat out refusing or ignoring it is just rude at best, and pure asshole-ry at worst.

As far as I see it, for RD, apologizing is an ego-thing and in her eyes might indicate right and wrong.
If she apologizes, she is wrong. And heros never is in the wrong, probably in her eyes, and thus for her proving she's not a hero.... Can't have that, can she?
Can't just accept that it was just a misunderstanding and an accident, and apologize for that?

If you hit a jaywalker with a car and end up hurting them enough to knock them unconscious, do you just go ''Well, that's what you get and you deserve this!'', or do you apologize for the situation just in general.

But this personality do fit her character from canon, from my POV.
I see RD as a strong, goal-oriented and stubborn character, BUT brittle (not fragile!).
She don't break easily, but when she break, she break hard and either goes into some form of denial or full on ''My life is ruined!'' kind'a deal.

and so...the White Tiger comes to the Land of Equestria...where his path leads from here, none can say,

Pinkie! get back to where u belong right now or so help me...!

I’m fully on board with this now.
Only took a two chapter introduction.

I’ll be nice to have a regularly updating favorite again.

When I read the bit where Rarity used to be a human, my jaw pretty much dropped right there.

This starts to make me wonder, could some of the others in the mane 6 also have been human and just don't remember...?

No, none of the other Mane 6 were ever human. They all know their family and know they are native.

Remember, even though terrans are common enough that pretty much every pony knows at least one, they're still very much the minority. In the entirety of Ponyville, there are, maybe, two dozen of them. Of course, that doesn't mean they aren't related to terrans :raritywink:

Not bad re-imagining so far. I like it

Glad to see one of my favorite story tellers getting back into the swing of things. Between this and 'Fire and Steel' I am super excited.

This is so new compared to the old one. (And I loved the old one) Keep it up!

So...in a depression and insomnia fueled search for nostalgia I happen to come back to this site less than a week after this reboot begins? I may have to stick around...maybe even start writing again.

Shiro my old friend...I'm very happy to see you again...I have lots to speak with you about it you wish to catch up!

And this is wonderful...I am looking forward to reading this

Holy cow, you're alive. I'd love to catch up, old buddy.

I read the original of this story a few years ago. I'm not quite sure what to make of this yet, but it's still too early in the story to make a judgement call. I'll stick it out for a while and see where this goes.

So far, it's looking like you're going for the solid (not cartoon) version of Equestria, and maybe a bit higher up than the solid 1 on the TB Scale that the canon show is.

Yeah, I'm definitely going for a more realistic approach.

I mis read the introductions by profession.
Thought you said a Banker and a launderer and thought I'd found a nefarious plot hook.

Alas no, just a baker.

wouldn't his path lead to him changing his clothes after pissing himself.

would a Canadian like myself be considered French though.....I mean ive heard rumors we would break a guys nose then apologize afterward so im not sure if Canadian would be considered to have no manners.....but then I heard what devolved after Toronto finally won a frickin championship after so frickin long.....if this how we get after winning a basketball championship I fear to find out after the maple leafs finally end their championship losing streak.....

now that I think of it im wondering how many humans in this version of equestria has Canadians......and why do I think that some of them are griffions

oh god dear author plz tell me their arnt any equestrian humans that were from isis

Nah, you guys left France. Kinda how we left England. That makes us better.

Also, Isis is a very large organization. Who knows, maybe kne of them did cross into Equestria.

So, just how much of the show has Shiro seen? Has he seen all 9 seasons? Does he have foreknowledge of events?

This begins in 2012, a couple episodes into season 3.

Okay, but what I meant was; Is the show and Equestria synced up? Are events in Equestria happening at the same time that they happen in the show on Earth?

More or less, yes. Events happen a little before they happen in the show. Basically, the episode "The Crystal Empire" had just aired not long before Shiro showed up in Equestria, while the events actually happened about a month prior.

I'm loving this reboot.

Just hoping my two favorite characters from the old still exist in the 'verse.
Laalia & Jynx Charm

I will never not be madly in love with Lecture Twi :D

Another great chapter solidifying some of the base introduction to the reboot. Always enjoy reading things that are well setup and established. You can never write enough lore for a world, even if you are the only one who ever sees it.

Hmm... The description of the blade reminds me a bit of an Ulgo blade from the Belgariad book series, but without the hooked tip.

The idea is that it's a monster slaying sword. The serrated side is meant to strip scales from thick scaled monsters. There's no hand guard because it wouldn't be very useful against monsters that don't use swords themselves.

Ah, makes sense. Different blades for different jobs.

great dead pony already im guessing there'll be more

Good story thus far. Hope to see more soon when it is ready. :pinkiehappy:

I love the first and I already love the second.

Definitely following this one.

Can't wait to see how this plays out!
Thanks for the update!

If ponies get killed by predators as often as is implied here, and if Terrans have been coming for as long as is implied, then wouldn't at least one of them have given designs for guns to the ponies by now?

To many variables to say in my opinion, for once not everyone knows how a gun even works other than small explosion in a tube that pushes the bullet out, secondly the number of known humans that pop in is seems too be fairly low, plus they maybe poping in not just from one and the same earth or time period.
Lastly even if guns were introduced and somehow retrofitted for hoofs they maybe no good against magical mythical beings ergo the preference in use of magic and magical weapons.
Plus this maybe just a numbers game, similar like for us there's around 300 people shoot on a daily basis, we don't notice this cause there's like 400 million people.
Plus ponies may not prefer the American way of giving everyone weapons of mass murderer as a solution.

Of course the author can always try to explain this in a future chapter. :)

The American way? Apparently, you've never been to Switzerland. Those people have even more guns than we Americans do, and at the same time, they have close to 0 shootings per year, since they are just as obsessed with gun safety as they are with guns themselves.

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