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I'm DM-ing a D&D campaign over roll20 and update on Sweet as Honeydew · 8:52pm December 3rd

and I have trouble finding players atm. I need 2 more people, so if anyone wants to join us, he'd be very welcome.

The campaign is made in a homebrew setting I don't want to spoil too much about, but it'll focus on a couple factions and intrigue over combat, though there'll be some of that as well. The first session (if I can find 2 more players) would be on Friday, 17:30 GMT+1

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So... is it okay if I sent the idea?
(Not trying to be pushy or anything)

Don't worry, if I was going to ask you to attempt to write a clopfic, I'd have asked that straight up.

it also sounds like you are asking me to write a clopfic. while I am not fundamentally opposed to the idea, I have not done something like it before, so you'd basically be paying for my first attempt at one, which I can't i good conscience accept

  • Viewing 1,090 - 1,094 of 1,094
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