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hi everyone im writing my first uh well CLOP FIC and really could use some adivce and help

If it's ok, I just added my first story Twilight's Magic:twilightblush:

So I just stumbled across this group and joined because... reasons...

Anyway I also decided to shamelessly promote add my story among the rest of the first-time writers here. So my story is The Thief, the Wizard, and the Element of Kindness if anyone is interested. It is currently incomplete but future chapters are in the works, so stay tuned if you love adventure and mystery.

Feeling sad? :fluttercry: Blue? :ajsleepy: Angsty? :raritycry: Need some lighter fare to brighten your day?

Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!

Might I recommend this comedy one-shot:
If It's Tuesday, They Must Be Mutations!

Mysterious malignant magical maladies mutate many mares and more!

You'll laugh, you'll cry...with laughter, you'll behold the power of inductive reasoning! :twilightsmile:

Featuring an all-new cover of Winter Wrap Up sung by the Muffin Queen :derpyderp1: which is guaranteed to win no awards whatsoever!

hello everybody,
i just added Spike the Knight. It is an action adventure story.
Hope you enjoy it

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