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Um.... I like writing stuff?


Hello, and welcome to my userpage! I'm BlueHeartPegasus, but it's way easier to call me BHP or Blue. I love writing fanfiction, though I really don't think I'm good at it. I still do, though, because you do what you like, no matter how bad you are at it :)

I'm not that good at art, but, if you hit your head and decide you want to look at my art, here is a pic of my OC:

Random facts about me:
I'm female
My fave pony is Pinkie Pie
I the only I'm obsessed with more than MLP is Pokemon. And Warriors Cats.
My favorite Pokemon is Vulpix
I'm against Cupcakes and most things of that nature.
I will most likely get along with anyone that isn't a total jerk.
I strictly follow the Love and Tolerate rule.

So, check out some of my fanfics (And my weekly favorite on the <left<) and enjoy my userpage!


Sup? · 12:11am Feb 19th, 2013

I wanted to say some things about three of my fanfics:

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Blueheartpegasus' Weekly Favorite

The Nightmare Before Nightmare Night by Silent Bob

On a dark day, one may wonder: just what horrors lie beyond the veil of the heavens? What ghastly demons exist that could only spawn in a pony's dreams? What terror!? What blight in the face of all that is good!? What- wait, it's the Mane Six?
What sort of twisted reality contains a lycan Applejack, a vampiric Fluttershy, a ghostly Rarity, and a lich queen Twilight Sparkle, you may ask? Why, it's
just the Nightmare Realm, existing one and a half dimensions below and above the normal Equestria, and they are sick and tired of Nightmare Night not living up to its name in the 'real' world.
However, are these nightmares truly nightmares, or do they just like a good scare? Why, it depends on who you're talking to! So sit tight, give way to fright, for coming soon is Nightmare Night!

My comments: This dude is a bucking genius. This is just the most awesometastic thing ever! Seriously, it's hilarious and based on a movie by Tim Burton. What more do you need? Maybe references to scary movies and funny songs? This story has that too :)


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you were good, son. real good.
maybe even the best.

looks like it's time to remove your changeling story from my read later list.....:fluttershysad:

Wait, only 12 weeks and a bit, that means you were back! Now you're gone again! :rainbowlaugh:

Come back please.

Hey there. Hope you're doing good.
Just wanted to know if you're still on A Changeling to Remember? :applecry:
And I miss you. :applecry: :applecry:


Don't suppose you're coming back huh? Guess I won't get to finish reading A Changeling to Remember

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