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Habits and their Consequences · 7:15am Mar 2nd, 2016

I have a problem. I'm a very imaginative, artistic person, however everything that catches my attention can completely throw me off what I was working on. I must have eight stories that never grew past the first two pages, all of which could have been good works of fiction if I could just have focused better. Even now, I've considered writing a story simply by playing a card game and hearing a good song, yet probably won't due to my record of abandoning projects that barely even start.

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Thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav!

Thank you so much for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:
Edit: Thank you again! I'm glad to see my stories have piqued your interest! :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for faving "Your Human and You: A Man of Iron"! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :raritywink:

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