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Hi! I'm friendly, even if I don't speak. I just like to hide behind my stories, which I hope will be many. They're more interesting than me, anyway. Give 'em a try!


Dear Princess Celestia · 11:49am May 13th, 2014

Today I learned that letting your fingertip slide under the knife while chopping up habaneros can be painful, and you shouldn't let that happen.

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I suppose with Trump president instead of Clinton this story really is Alternate Universe!
Are you sure you won't continue the story?

(The humans should politely request the aliens depart. They can't contain their influence.)

Would love to hear about what is going on with "First Contact".... and if you want, perhaps someone else can take it up to continue it based on any notes you might give them if you don't want to write more yourself.

What is happening?

Are you dead?

Do you need help?

I really want to read more of first contact...

Can you please make some sort of official statement that you have given up writing and mark your stories as cancelled? I see you were on just the other day, it won't take that long to do and it would be much appreciated by me and surely many others. This whole going dead silent thing is kind of a mean thing to do to your fans.


So, I'm guessing that you've given up writing entirely? That's a shame, I'd love to see your stories finished.

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