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A combination of Rainbow Dash -styled awesomeness and experimentation has brought into being something quite unexpected: a windigo foal, unassuming and apparently attached to its mama.

How will Rainbow Dash fare with new responsibilities that come with taking care of a fairly unknown creature of nightmares?

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Tracking in the hopes it becomes a complete story instead of an aborted tragedy like the last one.:eeyup:

The last part was to funny. Great story:twilightsmile:

This has potential.

You better not abandon or cancel this or God help me i will find you, and i will kill you :pinkiecrazy:

Not the first fic I've read where Dash's Sonic Rainboom inadvertantly created life. Still a neat plot device, though.

Tracking because I like struggling parent stories.


Twilight makes first contact

This last story you put out? An aborted story, it started to become a story but didn't. A tragedy because of how much promise it held.:ajsleepy:

3744481 No, no, that one was one-shot from the get-go, and it will only get any continuation (once I have decided which way to go) only because of the huge demand. :pinkiesmile:

This one, however, is more like a soap opera in my mind, continuing sporadically until I die of gangrene.

Don't worry, there will be more to this soon enough. I'll just finish a chapter of AJtVS and get going. :twilightsmile:

i didn't read this story but your avatar wat

Please don't be a tragic story abortion.
Please don't be a tragic story abortion.

Very cute so far! The ending made me laugh.

I wonder how Scootaloo will take the competition for Dash's attention.
Windy's cute so far.:rainbowkiss: I'll be eagerly watching.

Comment posted by Waffle Iron deleted Jan 7th, 2014
Comment posted by Waffle Iron deleted Jan 7th, 2014

3747803 I never mentioned Twilight makes first Contact :ajbemused:, I'm just saying that I'm hoping this doesn't get canceled, the amount of fics I've read that so much potential for being awesome, only to get canceled within a couple chapters.

Um I hate to tell you this but it was a one shot

3747803 3748192 A oneshot is a complete story containing only a single chapter. The complaints in the comments have been that it is not a complete story. If someone were to post the first chapter of a novel it is not a complete story no matter how many times it is called a oneshot by the poster.:facehoof: That being said you are both attacking that guy for things he didn't say and are thus being irrelevant.

3748192 riiight, course it is, its not like the author told me he was writing the second chapter or anything, nope
Damn troll

3748286 Sorry, it was around 3 in the morning when I made that comment and I was angry for no real reason. :twilightsheepish:

3748041 Oh sorry about that. I was not in the best frame of mind when I made those comments. :twilightsheepish:

can i be the first dislike
its not that i dont like the story
i just want to be the first dislike
ya know

3749425 Wouldn't you rather be the last dislike? :moustache:

3749473 Well, you do what you must, I guess. Though I was rather curious to see how far this would go with a clean record :derpytongue2:

3749387 its ok, it happens to me sometimes

oh I am SO liking this so far:raritystarry:

Dash is SO one of those that stuff like this can only happen to:facehoof: and it is SO worth the laugh when it get out:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

How could they tell it's a girl?
Do elemental storm-spirits even have those?:rainbowhuh:







10IS IS A 10ST

101S IS A 10ST

1011 IS A 10ST

1011 0S A 10ST

1011 01 A 10ST

1011 01 0 10ST

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Well, its time to do some more story camping... *reloads .308 Story Scout Rifle and lays down on the ridge overlooking the story to wait for the next update* :rainbowdetermined2:

It was in her eyes. They're very expressive. Haven't you watched Shrek? Remember the dragon?

*takes potshot hoping to have read chapter first* Did I hit it? Either way good chapter and good story. I'll go back to story camping *chambers next round*

Edit: Bullseye

Cloud clothes, but what if it rains?

That scene was Windy and the Cake twins was too cute.:pinkiehappy:
And Pinky also proved herself to the Equestria's greatest babysitter once more

I caught my fifth case of diabetes this week from this story.
Great job, love where you're going with this!

Are you going to make all the chapter names Lovecraft references?

3754067 As long as I can find fitting ones :raritywink: I'll probably have to dip into Poe for a bit as well.

3754029 3753747 3749531 Thank you so much! :raritystarry:

3753698 Then we get wet-mane Windy. :twilightsmile:

3753555 Oh, you! Be glad I'm too nice to mess with your sleep-cycle :trollestia:

3754084 my sleep cycle is perpetually skewed and I can run for several days on little to none of it, though by the end of a prolonged sleepless cycle my accuracy is greatly reduced, except for during the night oddly enough. Anyway keep it up hehehehe :pinkiecrazy:

”-and it would be pointless, or indeed rather counterproductive to feed the windigo with strife, as she would only grow in size to compensate for the intake of hate, thus increasing her hunger for such emotions in the process,-”

So that's what happened in the tale of Hearth's Warming Eve! I hope Rainbow turning into her mother doesn't count as strife, because there's probably going to be quite a bit of that.:rainbowhuh:

He made a half-assed guess and you know it.
Intentional donkey puns aside (and no, I'm not sorry), of course you would you a female dragon to guard a princess. Otherwise you end of with a bunch of half-dragon progeny running around and causing all sorts of problems, and if any of them ended up half-ogre as well, well, you may as well have not even bothered with the tower in the first place!

:yay: update!!!:pinkiehappy: still liking this, nice bit with the cloud clothing. nice Dash maternal development:pinkiecrazy:

I really like this story so far. Just one question to the author about the adorable demon's name.

You an The Association fan? Personally I think they only had one song worth listening to, but...

Just a coincidence, or...?

And not a single dislike was given to this story.
I salute you, sir.

3755111 :rainbowderp: Huh, that's oddly appropriate... No, it really was a complete coincidence! :rainbowlaugh: I don't think i had ever heard that before! Guess this fic has a theme song now. :twilightsmile:

3755131 Yeah, and it's nice. :twilightsmile: But, as a writer, seeing that, well, I just worry that I am being ...inoffensive. Like, boring. :fluttercry:

You don't need to be offensive to be entertaining...! For example, the "d'aww" factor! This is the kind of story I love because it makes me snuggle up with my big poofy blanket of happy. Mission Accomplished!

You're doing great; keep it up!


Yeah, must admit I didn't think so. The Association is one of those weird bands. Not quite one-hit wonders or unknowns, but not household-names either.

They made one song I was quite surprised to learn of though. They apparently made the original version of Along Comes Mary.

Must admit The Bloodhound Gang's version is still my favored version though. It just got more swung to it.

Still, glad you found Windy interesting. It just popped into my mind again when I saw a windigoo with the same name.

LOVE the idea. And the first two chapters are definitely entertaining. I am going to enjoy this one, I bet.

Very good so far. I like the development of Rainbow's bonding of Windy.

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