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Everyday it was the same old thing. Fly here, move clouds over there, make sure the town gets the right amount of rain, etc...
Ever since Twilight's coronation nothing exciting has happened to Rainbow Dash. The glory days of saving Equestria are behind her and the title of hero is beginning to fade. All her other friends seem content to put their hero days behind them but not her. Perhaps it's time to once again seek out adventure and perhaps even renew her title as the most radical hero there ever was, the coolest hero there is, and the most awesome hero there ever will be.
[Story also contains Slice of Life.]
*Inspired by the song Friendship is Magic (Orchestral Arangement) by PonyEveningStar*
*Cover art by Ankard*

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Wow cool chapter can't wait till more

*slicks hair back then sticks hands out in front of him* aaayyyyyyeeeee

Sorry, For some reason I read Whiskeys lines in 'The Fonz'z voice....

Awesome story dude. Can't wait til update. :ajsmug: + :rainbowkiss: = :ajbemused: & :rainbowlaugh:

This is a start to a great story:rainbowkiss:

Loved this chapter

Yeah, Twi closes down the wonderbolts and RD would form her own ace flying team with former wonderbolts who now have little else to do. I am sure they could get enough bits for their performances even without an official sanction.

2761777 The Wonder Bolts are part of the Equestrian Military. Just because they would get shut down doesn't mean they would be relieved from service. Now after they exit the military I could imagine that as definitely something that could happen but who knows how long standard deployments are in Equestria :unsuresweetie:


Um -- Somehow I don't think the blue angels would be very happy with being shut down then put into a regular unit. Technically an officer can resign from their commission. It is not like it is a time of war or such.

2797348 Hmm I see what you mean with your Blue Angels example. But The Wonder Bolts would have to be agree to join RD's new team of elite flyers. It would be easier for RD to just recruit a brand new team but even that would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. For the sake of the story I am stating that Rainbow Dash did indeed fail to convince former Wonder Bolts to join her and that she also failed in creating a new team.

This is a great story and I have no clue on how it will end! It's a new type of suspense. Still awesome though. :rainbowdetermined2:

I'm fine with the wait as long as it means more story! :pinkiehappy: 10 bucks Rainbow has a crush on Top Notch! :rainbowderp: :scootangel:


If this is adventure, why not tag it as such as well?

~Skeeter The Lurker

2906883 Turns out that FimFic won't allow Adventure and Slice of Life tags on the same story :applejackunsure:.This story is Adventure and also Slice of Life.

Don't die Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiegasp: :raritycry: :ajsleepy: :fluttershbad:

mare-do-well and Changelings.dam

That's one fucked up dream

Goddamn. Talk about a row between friends.

Seems Twilight's going power mad.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That's a hell of a song that Top Notch likes.

~Skeeter The Lurker


so, they're being shipped then? or is this just a super close friendly relationship? cause i'm reading a couple of stories that are like that, so i just decided to be sure.

3022974 It'll definitely become clearer in the next chapter. Originally I was going to post two updates this week but stuff happened.

Another fantastic chapter! :yay:

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOP NOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :raritydespair::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttercry:

Are you trying to kill me with these cliffhangers!!!!! I. Want. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

Celestias SWAT team has arrived!

I bet this villain is the reason behind Twilight's change in personality too. Can't wait for the rest!

3204233 Maybe, just don't expect one for a while.

I'm fine with the wait. There is over 140 stories in my read later list. I haven't read half of it.

3205841 Same here :rainbowlaugh:, my poor read later list is so full. Time for some catching up :twilightsmile:

I know! And over 100 of them are incomplete. I'm most likely going to forget what happened in the chapter before the fastest update.

Its just Applejack not Apple Jack. Just sayin'

I've always just called her Apple Jack:applejackconfused:. Still, now that I think about it, Applejack does seem to make a lot more sense. :derpytongue2:

I can understand the point about dismantling the Wonderbolts as a military group because of budget cuts and ineffectiveness in dealing with threats to Equestria, but it seems like there could have been a better way to justify shutting them down. They were introduced as a stunt flyer group first in canon, before they later became established as a military unit as well. It seems like the Wonderbolts should have been justified by the income generated by their stunt shows alone.

Okay, so Twilight made a snap judgement call on the Wonderbolts and wants to justify it. Rainbow saw through it, but is overly aggressive in confronting Twilight about it because of how personal the issue is. Rainbow is hurt and upset that a friend would casually crush her dreams and Twilight is trying to be too professional with a close friend. Both are at fault.

4552735 Yes but that's the thing, when I wrote this I was basing the Wonderbolts being dismantled and shut down on real life events. At the time, airshows across the United States were being cancelled due to budget cuts. Several performance groups such as the Thunderbirds and Golden Knights completely cancelled their performances because there was simply no money.

From what I had seen in the show at the time the Wonderbolts had always performed in arenas or stadiums. It would take money to run these events, which due to Twilight's budget cuts, were nonexistent at the moment.

Now true, the Wonderbolts could have paid for hosting these events from their stunt shows alone but they would most likely not be making ends meet. All revenue would go to paying for the event just so they could perform. No income would go to them and they would essentially become a non-profit organization.

Twilight? Calling other ponies out on their dancing? :trixieshiftright:

Im suprised this story isnt more popular, it's really good.

Thank you for the compliment. :twilightsmile:
I really don't mind that it isn't more popular. I wrote this in one Summer and updated it every week so it has errors here and there which I guess turn some people off of the story. If anything, I'm just grateful that people like this story.

I know im late as heck (very, very late actually, like 90 weeks), but im still gonna put my opinion here:

Holy shit this story was amazing! This is hands down the best fan fic, nay, best piece of written entertainment i have ever read. This fic made me realize how awesome reading still is, especially after the show itself, video games, etc. It gave me goosebumps at the end, all the enzymes were going off, i havent felt that im a LONG time.

The Pacing was great, never did i feel it was rushed, in most "romances" its always, "i love you", then two chapters later the story revolves around the romance. That didnt happen, the relationship was believable and the story wasnt taken over by the romance.

The characters were great. In most stories with, for lack of a better term, OCs, the OC ends up taking over the story. Not here, you managed to keep all the characters relatable and likable, but also kept the main focus on Rainbow Dash and her story.

The plot was great, an excellent mix betwen Adventure And Slice of Life, you could really feel the emotions in the SoL, and the adventure parts had good, active descriptions of the combat, and the dialogue portrayed both very well. At the end when twilight showed up i was like "oh, Deus ex Machina", but i was pleased once again that you made the bad guy retaliate, and there was an actual fight scene.

The setting was great. You got the scrubland PERFECT! Every description made a clear visual in my head, it felt believable. The town sounded exactly like an old western, and if thats what you were going for, you absolutely nailed it

My only, and i mean ONLY issue, being minor at that, with this story was the ending, why did Top Notch tell Rainbow to leave? If you ever read this [author thats you] , can you tell me? I can easily come up with many ideas, especially taking season 4 of the show into consideration, and i never judge a story based only on its ending, so it was acceptable

So although very few people will read this, i needed to put my feeling somewhere, so my verdict on "Her Frontier" is:


•Fantastic Pacing
•Likable Characters who didnt take over the story
•Could feel Emotion during Slice of life parts
•Could feel Action in Adventure parts
•Believable Dialogue
•Scene/Setting Description was pin-point

•Questionable Ending

/So if you made it this far, as a final result id give "Her frontier" a 10/10 hands down, the entire story was an amazing experience that couldnt be deducted for a its one con. Thank you for creating such a masterpiece.

P.S. That last line " It would be impossible to forget the place where she had found and conquered her frontier ", gave me goosebumps, way to use the title as the final line. Why arent you a proffesional author again?


This fic made me realize how awesome reading still is...

I think this is the best compliment I've ever received on this site.

id give "Her frontier" a 10/10 hands down,


I really am happy you enjoyed this story so much.

As for your con about the ending, the reason why Top Notch tells Rainbow to leave is because I tried to convey the idea that Rainbow Dash's healing was done. The reason why Rainbow Dash leaves PonyVille is because she feels like she needs to get away from Twilight (the object that is causing her pain). In the end she reconciles with Twilight so she no longer has a reason to stay away from her home and can begin to get her life back to normal. Staying in EverGlade would prevent Rainbow Dash from returning to the life she once had, which is what Top Notch was trying to help Rainbow get back. This is why he tells her to leave, because, in his opinion, it's what's best for her.

As for the ending, truth be told I actually had two sequels planned and was working on the first sequel for a few months. Unfortunately at around that time I started taking major specific courses at my University which quadrupled my work load. Had to put the sequel on hold but now that so much time has passed I don't really have a desire to go back to it.

Me, a professional author? I am light years away from that. I'm just a history major who loves to write a story from time to time. If you liked this story then I would highly recommend you read CRISIS: Equestria. It's one of the inspirations for this story and written by authors who are way better. If you like my work though I guess you could glance at my other two stories.

Thank you again for reading!:twilightsmile:


ill check the story out, and one final thanks for recommending Evening Star Music, the songs are very good, especially the one you got your inspiration from.

HOLY words Batman. I know what i'm doing when I retire.

Rainbow dash
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