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Hug your nearest alicorn.


Princess Twilight Sparkle just made the awful mistake of accidentally giving you the ability to act consequence-free for a short span of time. You intend to make the most of it, but your friends aren't about to let you get away with it.

Uh, what is it you're trying to do, exactly?

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This story was quite fun to read. Silly Anon...

Wow, what a bunch of jerks. Anon was doing a huge favor by giving Blueblood his just desserts.

Twilight and her friends are the REAL "baddies" in this one, not Anon. :ajbemused:

Especially Rare, I MEAN SHE HELPED!!! Traitor.

"Been wanting to write something like this since season 1."

I should L+ratio you for sitting on this idea for a whole decade

Understandable. In my defense, a decade's difference in age and experience is a big deal, and the finished product here is probably infinitely better than something I would have written back then, haha. :twilightblush:

:duck: Precious Scales I'm back. Anything happen while I was away
:moustache: Bluey called want's to change his nickname to Bloody Bullocks and the kids burned down the Boutiques kitchen
:raritywink: Dracony ills?
:moustache: Your sister cooked lunch and Bloody ordered new clothes

Absolutely hilarious story, loved every line of it! πŸ˜‚ But I can't for the life of me figure out why they are mad at HIM for?? Bc he wants to prank a stuffy noble with his immunity that THEY signed and wrote for him? Idk, frankly I'm thinking too hard prob. Anyway, great shit loved it

With everything that you've been releasing, it really seems like you've been waiting until the story was done to just write a flood of fluff...

(Not that I'm complaining)

The Royal-Tea series was something that I had been drafting and planning for a very long time, years before I published Royal-Tea for Two. So, after I got started, I wanted to see it through to the end. That said, during this time (and for the many years I was a fan of this series prior to joining this site) I had a lot of ideas for other scenarios and short stories that I didn't want to just shoehorn into the narrative. Now, without the need to thoroughly comb over a larger series, check continuity, or ensure that things like theming are presented in the way I want them to be, I've been having a blast experimenting with these other types of settings and plots that I've never really worked with before. And I still have quite a few ideas to go through :raritywink:

This is a keeper.


Sorry Dash! Played college ball, ya know. Coulda gone pro if I hadn't


funny story, wouldve been funnier if he beat twilight up

Don't care πŸ—Ώ didn't ask πŸ—Ώ plus you're purple πŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—ΏπŸ—Ώ


I'm having trouble why they'd go to bat for Blueblood. He had it coming.

Besides, aside from punching, it was the most lame of pranks.

In all honesty I think Blueblood fully deserved that, if anything I'd make it a law to keep pranking him relentlessly

The traitors shall be disposed of.

Prepare the silly string, ready the ink jets, unleash the soap bombs!

The Prank War has begun.

She's guilty and a liar. Also, what was the point of the immunity in the first place?

Fun story, she do be purple tho.πŸ‘€

Not sure if they really needed diplomatic immunity for whatever they are planning. Suppose it depends on what the laws via action against unknown sapients and or laws of war are.

Taking the batteries out of what? Yeah... it's not evil at all.

Harming someone with diplomatic immunity is a serious crime, so they fought fire with fire.

"Sorry Dash! Played college ball, ya know. Coulda gone pro if I hadn't been isekai'd!"

Amazing, had a good laugh.

True but they could always wait until after his diplomatic immunity expires.

Blueblood hatefic. You gotta love the classics.

What kind of evil bans pineapple on pizza?

Right? Pineapple should just be outlawed all together, why only on pizza? Get rid of the whole thing while you're at it, I mean come on people.

Do you mean the ban on POP or pizza?
I wish to never meet you or read another one of your comments.

The Mane Six: "You tricked us!"
You: "It's a legitimate strategy!"

I kinda meant "Don't start that argument here" but I guess that cat's outta the bag. :twilightsmile:

Pizza can have anything on it people want. There's no wrong way to pizza. Except saucebottom pizza. That's just... way too dumb.

Budew #30 · April 28th · · 1 ·


Not sure what the random string of numbers is supposed to mean, so unsure how to respond.
My dislike of pineapple is genuine, but the comment was formatted in a joking manner. If our differing opinions of a fruit is enough to make you hate me in the same way, then I suppose that's your prerogative.

Budew #32 · May 1st · · 1 ·

IP address, random

ok? not sure what you're gonna do with that, especially considering I'm using a vpn, but aight. I do believe that's an attempt to dox tho, so pretty squarely illegal.


I don't know if that was actually an attempt to dox him or what exactly you were trying to achieve here, but don't.


That's still an unbelievably idiotic thing to do.

Comment posted by Stalin with Da Spoon deleted May 4th

Now here is a problem that can be solved with one simple action.

Casually throws the document onto a fire.

There, now nobody has diplomatic immunity.

But seeing as I set it on fire right as you ponies were about to do shit to me... Well...

You shall face the fury of the law.

He… had it coming. :trollestia:

"Sorry Dash! Played college ball, ya know. Coulda gone pro if I hadn't been isekai'd!"

At some cushy league Canterlot school!

Diplomatic immunity

And you choose only Blueblood to prank...

Such small minded idea Anon.

Over the course of the next hour, the two of you get to work in screwing over Blueblood in every way you can think of. causing a minor gas leak, taking the batteries out of his carbon monoxide detectors, the typical pranking sort of affairs.

dat don't sound too much like safe pranking affairs

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