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You've been waiting all month for this. A day off. A trip to your secret spot in the Everfree Forest. Nothing but you, the fish, and your cider. Truly, there is nothing more you could ask for.

So why do Twilight and friends have to bother you so much?!

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So are we gonna get a quick chapter about Twilight's penance for breaking her Pinkie Promise? That thing was obviously magical. Anon may not care but Pinks probably does.

Ladon #2 · May 6th, 2023 · · ·

Twilight being forced to fish with him and being bored out of her mind

So why do Twilight and friends have to bother you so much?!

Seriously. This seems to be a recurring thing in a lot of these stories. Human doesn't mean superior and actually useful for literally anything related to saving the world.

RunicTreeTops king of wholesome stories

I'm getting heavy Sonic Adventure Chaos vibes from this.

Chaos 6 was the inspiration!

I feel like you can make a proper story out of this plot. Cool

Wow, so the monster got disemboweled with a fishing hook . That's actually pretty violent...

There's a reason "I'll gut you like a fish" is a stock threat. :twilightoops:

I mean, asking the local Weird Thing™ about the Weird Thing of the Week™ is a decent idea.

Bothering them all the time about it isn't, though.

AWWW!!! Fluttershy is adorable, she's always been my favorite- (Mainly because of her love of animals,)

Loved the story, friend. Keep up the good work!

Idk if its what you were going for. But I'm 90% sure the water creature you describe was the one in Ocarina of Time in the Water Temple itself

"No, no it isn't. The Elements did nothing to it, it doesn't listen to Fluttershy, and it's kind of hard to hurt a creature made of water."

Not when you have magic, it isn't. Conjure up a source of intense heat and dry it out. Or get Pinkie to pelt it with a massive amount of sponges. Or summon a thirsty plant-monster, then un-summon it afterwards. Have Rainbow Dash and maybe some other pegasai create a tornado and scatter its body mass about until its main body is small enough to deal with by the first or second method, or a combination.
Come on Bookhorse, I thought YOU were the smart one.

I love that the site advertising actually tried to sell me fishing gear while reading this story.

“With trees on all sides, the small pond, perhaps forty feet in diameter”

Forty feet, in diameter? That’s not a pond, that’s a puddle. Unless these are guppy-sized fish, that thing shouldn’t have much in it at all. Four hundred feet would have been a decent size…

It could be possible that Twilight wanted to find a way to make Anon feel more useful in the world, though.

Like, he's made it clear that they've been doing all the hero work, so it's possible that she may have merely conjured up the creature for Anon to face off against. It did "evaporate into nothing" afterwards... not sure why, but that just sounds like "Conjuration Magic", if you ask me. 🤔

Fun read.

Maybe its cause I wasn't in the right mindset when I read it, but there was just something that was bugging me about the story but I don't know what it was.

Considering you're the third mare today to find it

She's the fourth, I think (Pinkie, Rainbow, Twilight then Fluttershy).

I think Pinkie asked him before he went to the fishing spot.

Shoot, you're right.

Flutters probably doesn't even need a fishing pole.
Just ask the fish to get caught

Maybe it's a deep puddle

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Aw, I love this little heartfelt moment with Fluttershy and Anon! It’s just way too cute!!:twilightsmile::fluttercry:


You can't use the fishing rod against Morpha.

The longshot is for Morpha. The butterfly net is for Agahnim. The fishing rod is for pulling ghasts and blazes close.

I suppose he could have taught the ponies to make paper airplanes to distract it so they can smash it's sandstar gem.

I really enjoyed reading that fanfic and the last part was adorable

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