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This story is a sequel to Bed Bug

It was two months ago that you and Chrysalis struck a deal. Now, the two of you live together in your Ponyville home, under the condition that you share your love with the ex-queen while she... doesn't do villain stuff. You've grown quite close in that time, but despite getting her to slowly come out of her shell around you, she still refuses to leave the house.

So when you wake up one day to discover that she has contracted some sort of illness, it comes as a bit of a shock. She has apparently never been sick before, and you don't know enough about changelings to help her yourself. It seems like the only solution is to find somecreature who does.

However, the past is not so easily forgotten. How can you get help when the Changeling Kingdom wants nothing to do with her? When the wounds that she caused run so deep that even children bear their scars? When Chrysalis herself is so stubborn, so prideful, that she is unwilling to admit her fault in any of it?

When is a crime too terrible to forgive?

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Holy Hay, mate!
I loved the prequel to this story and was looking forward to the sequel, and I have to say Im blown away! :pinkiehappy:

Quite a cute story, and... oof, poor Ocellus, braving it to confront her abuser... From what I read on the matter, It's always hard to do so, so to do it willingly and from the goodness of her heart, she's such a sweetheart :heart:

Cheers! :twilightsmile:

A sad, but beautiful story. Ocellus getting to express all of her built-up emotions, Chrysalis hinting at her past experiences, and Anon being torn between his love for her and her past actions. It is all piecing together perfectly for the next story.

mhmm, yes emotions are present

Ralanost #4 · June 27th · · 10 ·

I like the idea, but I really resent reformed changelings. And to have Chrysalis become one as well just doesn't sit well with me. I won't dislike the story, but I really can't like it either.

hmp she better not change into one of them cause i like the old her better !


This story was amazing! I'd say it even surpassed the prequel. Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Whoa, there was much more to this part of the story than I expected. Personally, I don't like reformed changelings, but considering this isn't something they can just control, it does make sense for her to get "reformed" after a while living in peace.

Also, it seems that Chrysalis had already been hiding her new form for a while, right?

Zephy #8 · June 27th · · ·

Agreed. Not really a fan of the premise at all but the writing is good at least. To neutral it goes.

I say that this is a fine story.

Loved it! Hope to see the sequel soon :pinkiehappy:

I was really hoping to see a sequel, and I’m glad we got one! Seeing Chrysalis reformed, but not redeemed honestly feels right. She spent who knows how long keeping her subjects alive by doing what she knew: invade and steal. It’ll be hard to convince her she was wrong morally, even if her intentions were debatably honorable. And the best part is this only leads us to another one! Great job writing this one, and I can’t wait for the next installment!

Looking forward to the next sequel. I think Chrysalis is slowly understanding the consequences of what happened under her rule. The way Anon yelled at her for traumatizing a child and many more seemed to hit hard.

What I think most seem to misunderstand is that Chrysalis seems to have been raised with the mindset of victory at all costs and survival of the fittest. It's how she's lived her whole life and can't grasp such a new idea. It's like a person who's been abused their whole life suddenly finding someone who loves them. They don't know how to react and instinctly respond with violence or lashing out.

Absolutely loved this! I like how there are actual consequences for Chrysalis's actions. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Absolutely phenomenal sequel. I'm looking forward to the continuation

Their better be a wedding. I won't accept anything less than that.

I do love me some evil bug queen and much like you it pains me to see her transformed into just another Technicolor hippie bug moose, but i belive she deserves to love and be loved. But in order to express her love she has to change. Who are we to deny her that? If greedily clinging to the way things were denies her the happiness she deserves, can we truly claim to have ever loved her in the first place?
To think that so many of us could be upset to see a changling transform is kind of ridiculous if you realy think about it.

Tough crowd, huh? :twilightsmile:
These stories are the definitions of wish fulfillment


To think that so many of us could be upset to see a changling transform is kind of ridiculous if you realy think about it.

Honestly, Canon!Chrysalis' active refusal to change is even funnier in this context. The irony of Queen Cheeselegs.

Eh, I hate the nuChangelings. They're boring and dull (and in the case of Thorax an outright eyesore). The original changelings are so much more interesting.

"For WHAT?!" You've never heard Ocellus shout, but her voice is louder than any you could probably muster. "For being a dictator! For forcing my parents to fight in your stupid army! For trying to make me a solider my whole childhood! For attacking innocent ponies over and over again! For... for being a MONSTER!"


Because it's easy to feel sorry for someone who's (literally) starved for affection, vulnerable, and alone. But when we get a glimpse of what kinda person Chrysalis actually is (and that she apparently feels no remorse), that's when rooting for her gets a lot harder, which why I think some people are having a bit of trepidation.
Of course, I know this author is a good writer, and that a sequel is currently in the works, so I'm with holding my judgement for now.

You see, that's why it's necessary to change.

Ah hell, when you put it like that...

I'll get the shotgun, just make sure she comes out back with me.

Wounds heal, and scars fade. But... it's never easy.

I love me a good redemption arc :twilightsmile:
Your characterization is a treat as well. Anon and Chrysalis feel like they have some real substance here, and it was easy to read the conflict in Ocellus. Looking forward to seeing where you take this next.

Ok, lovin this already!

you know... I was always fan of Chrysalis

...and it is weird. On one hand I always wanted her to have a redemption arc...but on the other hand she is such a perfect villain that I love her the way she is.
I've read multiple redemption stories overh the years and I'm still undecided
...but I like this one :-)

Nu, get better, Chryssie!

Wow, did the nulings manage to gaslight themselves to ignore that she's kept them alive for millenia and that they weren't enjoying raiding pony lands? 'Cause in the show they were clearly enjoying it even when Chryssie wasn't around, but then it's suddenly all her fault and they were all innocent and forced to act like that? B*ll.

I wonder if she'll reveal what it was like before and how many she had to see for before she turned to her final ruling style.

Ah, yeah, he must truly love her to turn to torture.

Aside of that note at the end, lots of Ocellus showing the nuLings' true colours.

Nooo, not white, that's horrible for camouflage outside of Winter.

Wow this was great. You nailed her being too prideful for her own good. Chryssi in the show always struck me as a narcisstic abuser and it's good to see you handling that with the weight it deserves while leaving room for her growth.

I like the sequel to bed bug. You really have a talent when it comes to fanfics and I hope to see these fanfics on a narrator's youtube channel one day like StraightToThePointStudio or Scribbler productions because I really enjoy these fanfics

On the one hand, i want to like because Chryssie reality checked those dumb skittle bugs. On the other i want to dislike cause the author wants us to believe dumb skittle bugs are right. Yeah, no. I will never like Thorax.

in response to eveyone's dislike of her transformation you do realize she had cancer before right? those holes dark changelings have those are directly from Celestia attacking them and burning them in with solar plasma she used to look like this4.bp.blogspot.com/-rNb6aLIZAPs/XNIPQaTMUsI/AAAAAAAAh-k/wiXZSM33YQkvTMpbi0Da1dnHrrZliab4QCEwYBhgL/s1600/chrysalis_attack.png

and Tia Did this!!!!


the book even mentions permeant damage!

if the cost of healing cancer is a color change I'm fine with it!!!!!!

Cool your jets bro-ski!

1Your source material says permanent damage cancer and solar plasma is never mentioned by anyone but you.

2 did Tia realy do it? That illustration looks more like Day Breaker, whom is essentially Celestia but her EVIL alter ego.

3 if you read my comment you would know that even though I would still love my evil bug queen holes and all (even if she had cancer) but I was still an advocate for change if that was what she needed to be happy and healthy.

Wow, no matter how I word this it sounds like I'm angry. I'm not angry I'm just disappointed. Disappointed that you never read my comment.

I know a few people who beat cancer, you seem strong, I hope you beat it too.

Sadly I'm not the one who had cancer in my family my mother did and she couldn't beat it and yes I have fully read your comment, the thing is I just like the point out the stuff that is technically Canon there is actually a panel showing Celestia attacking chrysalis but I haven't been able to find it since I haven't actually read the scans in a long time

Also while I did reply to you it was more because you were the latest one that had a similar comment to everyone else if you had read my comment I said in response to everyone's general dislike I was generalizing not you specifically.

Sorry to hear that about your mom, cancer is an awful way to go.

Thanks for reading my comment.
I don't want to fight with you, so please dont be mad, I don't take canon very seriously.

Niether do i, i just like pointing it out

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