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Princess Twilight has just ascended to her throne of friendship and is prepared to tackle her new duties, but Princess Celestia has something of grave importance for her to do first.

She wants her to meet her family.

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Interested, I am. Track, I will... :twilightsmile:

I think I found 2 mistakes
Wait what.
Add a question mark at the end
“What the hell is this.”
And add another question mark

“Woona. Her name is Woona. L-U-N-A.”

The adorabeties... Help me...

I think this one is a keeper.

No, those were intentional. They were supposed to be head flat instead of with the upwards inflection a question mark would have.

7516600 ah oh, but it still sounds like a question

Gr8 b8 m8

Why isn't there a Discord and Chrysalis tag?

My heart is a-fluttering~
I don't see how I'm not stuttering, for you~

Great story.

This is a good little story to read can't wait to read more.

Gaaaaaaaah, my heart :raritydespair:

Feels! They burnn!

Great chapter in can't wait to see what happens next. :twilightsmile:

Oh hello mandroid, we meet again. Good story so far.

but you can’t help but feel comforted in the presence of this oddity in this little house at the edge of the world.

I don't see any endlessly storming waterfalls or mountains of red skystone.

So... Did the fillies make some magic wish that made anon immortal?
Or is this old equestria so pure and wholesome that living in it's ecosystem arrests telomere decay?

That's because I can't do fuckall involving Minecraft anymore forever.

Comes with the package. You'd have to me a dumbass to let the guy watching your kids not live as long as they do.


That's because I can't do fuckall involving Minecraft anymore forever.

How is that minecraft?

I was making an Austraeoh reference!

North and South edges are eternally exploding skystone firmaments, West and East edges are waterfall storms where the water goes over the edge then explosively flows in reverse after hitting the point where gravity stops working.

I don't know who or what that is.

Only thing I'm left wondering is why you didn't bother to give a name to Anonymous.

I know it's a trend used frequently in HiE fics, but this just feels like you should have given him an actual name. He's just enough removed from the general human thrown into Equestria tropes that it just doesn't really fit.

I suppose it's just that I've always considered the name "Anon" to be lazy as hell and an automatic detriment to whatever story I'm reading unless implemented very well (Not the Hero comes to mind),. You might as well just call him "Placeholder Name"-has the same impact as far as I'm concerned. Honestly, there's no real reason not to name the character, so it just comes across as half assed more than anything else.

"Yes, but they’re the PRINCESSES.”



Sometimes caps adds emphasis. Most of the time it's annoying, and that's the case here. In fact where is the second line coming from? Is Twilight thinking that or is it just part of the a narrative? Regardless, it feels out of place and breaks immersion.

The reason not to name the character is because of the purpose of the written work. I'm not doing this to become horse-famous or make a bold artistic story, this is second person fanfiction and when you read "Anonymous", you're supposed to put in your own name. This isn't an HiE trope, it's an AiE trope, as in ANONYMOUS in Equestria. Every AiE story features Anonymous and every story featuring Anonymous is an AiE story. That's one of the two implicit rules.

Anonymous isn't supposed to be "the character" who neatly fits into the setting and has deep lore around him, he's supposed to be the audience surrogate.
A modern example would be the movie Idiocracy. While that movie gave the main character a name, he was still just the most average joe in the world explicitly because he was meant to represent the viewer and allow them to more easily enter into the world of the setting.

If that doesn't do it for you, then the reason is because if I name him David or Jack or Dumbfuck McHitlerstalin, it's only connecting with people who have those names and pushing away everyone else, which isn't the point. Point is it's not laziness, it's a calculated and reasoned choice.

Anonymous is us and we are all Anonymous.

That's because 4chan doesn't have options to format with italics and I didn't catch it when I brought it over here, sometimes I do.

Woona is so cute :3 thx for the update!



I have to agree. The site provides italics and boldface for a reason and that quotation really does make it look like the narrator is correcting/elaborating on what Twilight said.

The cows in the field nearby hadn’t been cooperative. It’d be awkward if they ever cognized…

I had no clue what you meant here until I went and looked up "cognized" and, even after that, I still don't know what you mean because neither possible interpretation makes sense with the way you phrased it. (How could sapient cows be uncooperative while still being too un-perceptive to realizing what's going on? Alternatively, how could you justify cows gaining sapience in Equestria within Celestia and Luna's lifetimes?)

You should never confuse your reader that badly.


I really want to like this enough to put this on my list of good fics, but I just can't find it in me.

You claim that making it a second-person story justifies the use of "Anonymous", but Twilight is clearly the "you" being referred to, not Anonymous.

(Not even taking into account that second-person writing is probably the most difficult kind to get right.)

More damningly, though, the name Anonymous just kills the atmosphere too much every time I read it.

Good second-person writing is very careful to never have that problem, carefully limiting itself to placeholders which need no replacement. (ie. Using "you" in dialogue or narration, earned titles or nicknames which are unique to the story, careful writing to minimize the number of cases where even those are required, etc.)

One of the keys to writing a good fic is managing atmosphere, and this story feels like it has an atmosphere that's trying to build, but seeing "Anonymous" keeps shattering it in much the same way as an in-line author's note would.

Anonymous simply isn't a name that makes sense for a human to be using (even as an alias) in Equestria and it yanks the reader's attention out of its immersion in the story to focus, instead, on the nature of the fandom.

It also doesn't help that it had quite a bit of context prior to MLP:FiM. Every time I see someone referred to as Anonymous, I can't help but be taken back to the glory days of 4chan and "classic" flash animations like 4chan City Craptastrophe.

(If you're not familiar with them, 4chan city and 4chan city Craptastrophe are highly referential retellings of certain bits of "drama" that took place on 4chan back in the day, implemented as crappy knock-offs of Nightmare City and Nightmare City Catastrophe, which were similarly referential animations created by users of 2chan, the board 4chan is an English knock-off of. The original Japanese ones make more sense if you see them as condensed knock off of The Matrix trilogy where Trinity is a program like The Oracle.)

It seems every story I get to have this talk with someone.

Naming the character Anonymous was, as you guessed, because the story came from 4chan. This story, along with every other story I write, is written for 4chan first and posted here after the fact so that people who don't frequent 4chan can enjoy it.
in fact, this story was written for the Anonymous in Equestria threads over there, of which naming your character Anonymous is a requirement. My opinion on the subject has and always will be "What's in a name? Not a damn thing." You and I will disagree on the fittingness of the name because I fail to see how Anonymous is any different from a name like Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash. If your suspension of disbelief can be maintained throughout a show featuring colorful pastel horses but is shattered irrevocably by reading a name (or un-name depending on how you look at it) then there's nothing I can personally do about that. The name will never change because changing the name goes against what the fic as a whole is attempting to accomplish.

Now i am really curious why Luna is the only one using the old language. Are there going to be a chapter about that or it is as it is just because?

7871715 It's not the old language yet

at least I don't see it as such. I believe that this is the beginning on Nightmare Moon and every time Luna is speaking as if for a group it's Nightmare Moon growing up within her.

7871955 My point is why is Luna using it and not Celestia?

Luna has a more serious disposition than Celestia and as such fall into more "proper" methods of speaking more often.

>this is bait

Also I love this bloody story.

Somebody seems keen on avoiding the topic of Nightmare Moon.

I can Imagine the reason for everyone burying the Nightmare Event being that to both Anon and Celestia, it's seen as a grievous personal failure. One as a Father, and one as a Sister.


7873038 Well...yeah I kinda figured that out. It is really hard to gather my thoughts now since i'm having som difficulties resetting my sleep schedule. But in a world where there is only 2 children and a father, and the kids is almost learning almost everything they know from their parents, how come that Luna developed such a strange quirk and not Celestia?

What im trying to say is Anon is Luna's biggest influence and he doesnt talk like that, and children will always behave like the person or thing that have influenced their life allot. For example Luna's usage of the old language ( compare to anon) comes from a book anon read her once, something like shakespear since that is the only book i can think of that uses ye old language. And she liked it so much that she start to talk like that

Like i said im really tired so all of this may not make any sense, but i hope you udnerstand what im asking. There is much more i want to say but i just cant think right now.

Nah that makes sense. That's probably the explanation I intended on top of the girl's mother dropping off texts for them to learn from.

ooooh~! i likey!:pinkiehappy:

“Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a cupcake in my eye.”
Celestia giggles. “That’s silly, Anon.”
You shrug. “Go wash your hooves and come help me.”
”Okay!” she says and runs off to the bathroom.
Luna continues to play as you get things for dinner out.
It wasn’t that silly…maybe it’d catch on with the girls.

or pinkie pie. somehow.

I can't stop thinking about this story. I can't wait to see what's next. Luna best pony!

Hope we get more soon. This is a very lovely story. :scootangel:

Story description mentions Twilight Sparkle,and the four deities in the pic. Half aren't even tagged,and I see anon. :ajbemused: i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/170/301/Twitableflip.png

Pretty cute chapter :twilightsmile:

7974485 Most stories are smart, and to get rid of spoilers that don't tag important people until they actually show up in the story itself first.

This was extremely cute. I can barely wait to see how Chrissy will fit in all this. Most likely crashing at her father's place because his grandchildren took her crib.

"What the :yay: is a samophlange?" :trollestia:

Discord has entered the building/fic. It just got seriously less serious. Can't wait to see him interacting with the gang now. Awaiting further updates!

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