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When you woke up one morning, you weren't expecting to be greeted by candy-colored ponies ruled by a tyrant named Nightmare Moon. You also weren't expecting her to take such a liking to you. She's a bit cruel to her subjects, but you admittedly don't mind the preferential treatment she gives you. So... maybe you like her back?

Perhaps love is the one thing she's been missing.

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Wow, one fanfic after another! You are a writing machine!

oh my god this is greater than great i really wish there was a story like this but longer

Cadence would be proud

SRY #4 · May 13th · · ·

Very well done.

It feels like somepony was forgotten....
Oh, well!

I like the way you portray Nightmare in this. She seems to act exactly how you'd expect from the show.

You’re on a roll with the Anon x Luna stories.

Quail #8 · May 13th · · ·

Nice story!

Not bad considering how many good stories you have behind you.

Honestly what a sweet little story, and by the sounds of things you've got more in store~

A nice balance of silly & serious. I do hope you write a sequel. :pinkiehappy:

For a short story it's really laid out well. I definitely could see a sequel being made. But that is totally up to the author

Loved it!


Very beautifully written!

It was an amazing story and it reminded of another story that I read years ago, but didn't like the ending of that one

That was awesome and the ending was nice too. I just hope anon and the royal sisters can make things right now that princess Luna has returned.

You gesture to the crowd that has gathered around you. She looks around, noticing the many faces now contorted in fear as you essentially drag them into your argument. No one has ever stood up to her like this before, not since she banished her sister to the moon.

Mommy, Daddy, please don't fight!

Thats was beautiful how anon brought luna back

What a lovely story.

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