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I write stuff sometimes, mostly involving best princesses, Luna and Celestia.



When a human and his home land in Equestria, his love of speed quickly draws a few ponies to him, most notably Princess Luna. But her own desires and secrets soon begin to create, starting with a failed spell that leaves her and Anonymous in each other's bodies for a time. Anonymous narrowly escapes the mental torture Nightmare Moon has in store, lying in wait in the back of Princess Luna's mind, her absence setting the fiend free. But things do not go back to normal when the spell is reversed....

Why suddenly can he and Luna speak to each other telepathically? How is it possible for him to walk alongside Luna in the dream realm? Perhaps worse, someone comes calling not long after....


Originally posted as an Anon in Equestria short based on my own love of cars (and Luna), I started this story as a little thing to pass the time of a hot summer and being stuck in the only air conditioned room of the house. Three years later, this story has gone way beyond an automotive tale, and I'm still going at it, for better or for worse.

For anyone that has followed me and my pastebin, this story is the same, but I have combined some chapters and (obviously) rewritten it and given it a little polish from its original greentext style.

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This is a really good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

"You may have made a mistake?" you ask, standing up on all fours. "That would be an understatement considering I'm YOU right now!"

On the plus side, she kept her word: he did retain his consciousness. It's just kind of topographically displaced at moment.

The next part is the tricky part, as using a manual transmission takes some finesse.

This is one of those funny cultural differences that always amuse me a little. I've never driven an automatic in my entire life. They just never really took off here. Everyone just kinda drives stick shift by default.

"No, Anonymous. It *is* our fault," she snaps. "I understand you are trying to make me feel better, but I had a choice to side with my sister, or with Nightmare Moon. I chose the wrong path long ago, and I will not brush such a mistake aside." With that, Luna pushes forward, heading up the stairs to the main door.

For what it's worth, she does have a point there. It was a choice, and even if she had no control after, she's still responsible for handing it off to begin with.

...Not a massive fan of this latest development. I was hoping this was just an OC X Luna fic. Not like I'm going to stop reading just a an unfavorable turn of events in my opinion


Without divulging too much, I just want to say don't fret about it too much. I got that a lot when I originally worked on this in my pastebin.

Everything happens for a reason, and some things don't lead where you think they will....

Well, that was sudden, to put it mildly.

Exellent work on this chapter, and story in general. I have a question, since protagonist has been pranked by Celly more than once now, and can manipulate dreams and such, is it possible that he could make her dream of something so horrible that she will know it the next morning.

If he can, I suggest that celestia experiences this:

8-9 hourh of constant aerobic workout, the horror of such things should overcome even most enduring immortals.

Til' next time.

"Alright, as long as I don't explode. Or risk blowing up the world. Or anything of that nature," you say, shrugging your shoulders.

And then Anon blew up the world. The end.

Is this chapter rewritten from the pastebin one? I feel like things are happening differently with twilight


It is, some of it will be different. There were several things that I regret writing long afterward, so I'm taking the time to change them now. Overall the main plot is the same. But yeah, some differences.

7369348 I guess the twilight herd thing was one of them? xD If it is Thumbs up


I plead the fifth.

"So, has this Gala been that bad?" she asks in a sultry voice.


Does this story have sex in it?

Oh Luna! You have some explaining to do!


But little white lies never hurt anyone! Right.... ?

7474127 Not when said little white lie turns out to be Nightmare Moon hiding inside your head.

"So..... are you a galactic wizard or something?" you ask, genuinely unsure of what or who she is dressed as. Shaking her head, Twilight giggles, the bells letting off a light jingle with her movements.

Just once, I'd like for a story to give "So why are you dressed up as Gandalf?" as the reaction to that. Dunno. Something about how I imagine Twilight react to someone not only considering Starswirl second best to someone else, but actually just kind of a lazy knockoff.

when is an update comming???

Does Discord know what humans really are? If so, no wonder he is so wary of anon.


San Flankciso

Thats like naming a human city Assville.


When the next chapter is done. :)

But jokes aside, I can't say for sure. Some things have happened in my personal life that have distracted me, and I haven't had much motivation to write as a result.

All I can say is it's on my mind, and I feel guilty for making you all wait. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things in October.

ok, take your time and clear things up in your life then you can write after. I'll wait for you.

So far I like what I'm reading. Good job:twilightsmile:

It's getting really interesting :derpytongue2:

awwww, no new chapters :ajsleepy:

BTW I loved the story, I'm really excited for next chapter:twilightsmile:

I hope this swap thing/staying in charachter thing is permanent.:twilightblush:

between your magic development and natural maturation, you grew.

For some reason I read that as masturbation at first.

Dang what a cliffhanger!

"Yes, Luna, and I'm not saying you're wrong. I just don't understand why you're suddenly so angry about all of this again. You said yourself, this was a choice you made, and why would she want to talk about issues that I'm facing if she didn't really care?"

"To fool you into believing her lies, Anonymous. You are already beginning to be blinded by her facade, and there is no telling what she could do if you continue to follow this path," Luna warns in a grim voice.

I wonder. Nightmare Moon might just be the kind of friend who tells you to do what you really want... but what you really want isn't necessarily a good idea. Unconditionally supportive and honest with you to the end, but no less self-destructive for that. It would be an interesting twist on the concept.

..."I am a shadow; the true self."


Nightmare is sort of an enigma in all of this, she has her own agenda.

That's not to say her intentions are malevolent. Considering Nightmare Moon in this universe has been cooped up for most of her existence, she lacks any sort of social grace, and had a lot of time to dwell on her issues.

That's about all I can say without spoiling the upcoming chapters, which I'm hoping to have the next one done fairly soon. Been busy with a lot of real life projects.

there's a lager that's from that town called "Fucking Hell". Hell is a german word for a type of pale lager.



Nooooooooooooo! Cliff Hanger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're alive

Small but very welcome update. I await the next. Good show!

“I could hear the screaming all the way to Canterlot.”


This is honestly a really unexpected surprise. I picked up the story just 2 weeks ago, and when i saw the previous chapters release date, i assumed it was cancelled or forgotten. So glad to see it continue out of the blue, its a really intriguing story. Welcome back!

ribbing her chon with a hoof -> rubbing her horn with...
head upward as he gives you -> she gives you...

Another update, awesome!


This is why drinking and writing is bad. Yet somehow, I missed that stuff proofreading it.

Fixed it, thanks.


Yeah, I have too many hobbies, and I tend to binge on them one at a time. Combine that with day to day life and some low points in the past year, and there's roughly eight months without any writing done, lol.

I know that feel fam. I write for like a month before moving onto drawing or music or something for a few months. 6-8 month breaks. It sucks, but I like my hobbies.

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