• Published 7th May 2016
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Changing Lanes - AutoPony

When a human and his home land in Equestria, his love of speed quickly draws a few ponies to him, most notably Princess Luna. But her own desires and secrets soon begin to create..... complications in their friendship.

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Chapter 12

"Nightmare Moon is inside you?!"

You can only groan as Twilight reacts the way you had expected with the news of last night's revelations.

Rainbow Dash can only stare in silent shock, as if unable to comprehend your words.

Both Luna and you had agreed to wait to discuss what happened until after arriving back in Ponyville. Unfortunately, that wait meant that when you got there, Rainbow was already waiting to hear about the stay at the castle. It wasn't anything against Rainbow, you just weren't keen on having to explain this to more than one pony at a time.

"No, Twilight," Luna says, speaking up to calm the air in the room. "Anonymous is not inhabited by Nightmare Moon herself, merely some of her power and abilities, such as dream-walking."

"So, you're not seeing or hearing that evil horse?" Rainbow asks. Her words catch Luna by surprise, as she raises an eyebrow at Dash.

"Sorry, no offense. Caught in the moment," Rainbow mumbles, her ears drooping.

"Understandable," Luna says with a smile, to the relief of Dash.

"So, what else can you do?" Twilight asks, much calmer than her previous question. Instinctively, you shrug.

"No idea, Twilight. Obviously, Luna and I can talk to each other mentally, and I can apparently view other's dreams. Beyond that, nothing."

Twilight seems disappointed, before perking up again as an idea forms within her head.

"This could be an amazing learning experience," she exclaims, startling everyone in the room with her exuberance. "Somepony with no experience with magic suddenly receiving such a gift is unprecedented. Just think of what we could learn if we can get Anon to develop a magical talent."

"Hold on, Twilight," you say, putting your hands up apprehensively. "I know you like learning, but I'm not keen on being a science experience."

"Might I add that I do not think it is feasible for him to use that magic in a physical sense, Twilight," Luna chips in. "Considering he has no horn with which to focus his energy."

"I hadn't thought of that," Twilight says in an apologetic tone. "So what do we do now?"

"I suppose it would be wise to inform my sister of what we have discovered," Luna replies. The idea makes you instantly break into a cold sweat. With everyone else on edge as soon as Nightmare Moon's name pops up, it terrifies you how Celestia might react.

Twilight raises from where she sits, sensing your thoughts as she looks up at you with sympathy.

"It will be alright, Anon. Rainbow Dash and I were a little.... excitable at the news before it was explained to us, but I am sure Princess Celestia will be more open-minded," she says, offering you a smile for comfort. It doesn't ease your mind much.

"So..... when should we go?" you ask, eyeing Luna.

"Now is a good time, is it not?"

"I guess," you mutter. With a flash, Twilight's home is replaced with the interior of Canterlot's castle, with your friends alongside you.

"Gee, Luna. I hardly even finished answering before we were here," you grumble, as she only grins sheepishly back at you.

"Well, I had already told my sister we would be along shortly. Sorry."

Twilight and Rainbow put their hooves in front of their faces, as you hear muffled laughter coming from them.

"Yeah, it will be really funny if Celestia launches my ass to the moon, right?" you bark, frustrated. Both of them stop giggling instantly, embarrassed by their actions.

Abruptly, Luna curls her wing around your form and pulls you next to her, quick enough that you nearly lose your balance.

"Now stop, Anonymous," Luna scolds. "I understand you may feel a little nervous, but believe me when I say my sister adores you almost as much as I do. She will listen, and I promise she will not jump to conclusions."

With that, Luna lets you go and strides forward, pushing open the oak doors that lead to the throne room. Still feeling uneasy, you reluctantly follow her, with Twilight and Rainbow Dash right behind you.

"Sister, I did not expect to see you so soon," Celestia calls from the top steps of the throne plateau. With seamless grace, she descends the stairs to meet Luna, before turning her eyes to you, then to your other friends. "I see you have brought a whole group with you."

Behind you, both Twilight and Rainbow bow. You do the same, albeit rather awkwardly.

"It's good to see you again, Princess Celestia," Twilight chirps with a burst of excitement. Celestia's smile grows, chuckling lightly.

"Likewise, my dear Twilight," she says, her eyes focusing back on you.

"Anonymous, I understand your..... link with my sister has had some developments that need to be discussed," Celestia says, her smile fading as her tone grows more serious. Your nerves flare up quickly.

"I - yes. There have been things that have... happened. That we found, I mean," you stammer.

"I would like to speak with Anonymous in private, if you do not mind, sister," Celestia says, turning to Luna. Luna is surprised but nods silently. Without a word, she ushers your other two friends out of the room, the doors closing behind her.

Turning back to face Celestia, her face remains stoic and emotionless, as your anxiety begins to warp into fear. This is not a side of Celestia you have ever seen before, nor one you had expected to see.

"Tell me, Anonymous, are you nervous?" she asks.


"Good," she interrupts, as your stomach drops.


Celestia's face suddenly bursts into a mischievous grin, as she giggles uncontrollably. You are speechless as you try to understand what is going on.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself," she says, gaining control of her composure.

Celestia beckons you to follow her, as the two of you make your way up the stairs to the throne. While she takes her seat on the bejeweled pedestal, you sit beside her on a large, cushy pillow normally reserved for her aides.

"Now, before you tell me about your newest discovery, I want to understand more of this link that you and Luna share. In your own words," she says.

"Well, it happened the same night that you stopped by Twilight's to keep that prank going that Luna was missing. By the way, that's at least three times now you've screwed with me, and I haven't gotten you back once," you say, as Celestia only grins wider.

"Sorry. My sister said you were fun to toy with, I suppose I've gotten carried away," Celestia replies, blushing just a bit. "But please, go on."

"Anyways, I don't really know what sparked it, but in an instant, I could hear Luna's thoughts, and she could hear mine. Just like the two of you can do. It's been a bit difficult to figure out how it works, but I think I'm getting the hang of turning it on and off."

"That is odd. While it may be similar to the telepathy Luna and I are gifted with, we do not have any issues of peering into each other's private thoughts. Your link sounds much more intertwined," she replies, deep in thought as she put a hoof to her chin.

"Last night Twilight, Luna and I went to your old castle in the Everfree, and at some point in the night, I managed to stumble into Luna's dream."

Celestia's expression switches from one of intrigue to outright shock.

"You can manipulate dreams as my sister can?" she blurts.

"I... guess so. I mean, that was the first time it's ever happened, and I could change some minor things in her dream as well. Luna said she had a theory it was possible because she thinks I somehow inherited some of her magic during our little... body swap adventure," you reply sheepishly.

"I have to say I'm surprised my sister was willing to trifle with such archaic spells she does not understand. Luna also told me you have experienced Nightmare Moon firsthand as well during your time as her."

"That's just it, Luna thinks that's where I managed to get the magic from. Nightmare Moon."

For a time, Celestia remains silent, pondering all the information you have given her. While you feel awkward and uneasy as you sit waiting in silence, you aren't terrified as you were earlier.

"I can certainly understand why you were so worried to tell me this news," Celestia says, devoid of emotion. "Yet, it only proves to me I made the right decision about you."

"What do you mean, Celestia?"

"When you first arrived here in Equestria, I took the time to use a spell you look through your memories, to see your world to decide whether you could be trusted. I apologize for doing that without permission," Celestia says.

Honestly, you can't blame her, considering the circumstances. But comparing your world to theirs was likely an eye-opener.

"I'm sure you didn't like what you saw, considering Equestria is much more peaceful."

"It caught me off-guard, yes. The number of wars your kind has seen, the greed, the hatred. It was... overwhelming," she replies in a forlorn tone.

"But you still let me stay. Why?" you ask, a bit reluctant to hear the answer.

"Honestly? I do not know. I just sensed.... there was something about you that drove me to take a chance," Celestia says, suddenly breaking into an ear-to-ear grin. "I am glad I took that chance because you have brought the Luna of old back to me, something I did not think possible."

"I uh... thanks? I don't know what to say," you mumble.

"No, thank you, Anonymous. Rest assured I have only minor concerns if any with what you have told me today," she says, beaming with pride. "Judging by how much she talks about you and the joy she gets from visiting you, I take it you and my sister are more than mere friends now."

You feel your face grow hot as all you can do is nod in response. Celestia lightly chuckles as her horn glows, the golden aura of her magic extending out to the double doors on the other side of the room. With a low groan, they open, as Luna, Twilight and Rainbow Dash all spill forward into the room, sprawled out on the floor.

"I see your friends were just as concerned as you were meeting with me," Celestia announces, loud enough for all to hear.

Luna rises to her hooves quickly, taking a stoic stance as she puffs her chest out.

"Apologies, dear sister. My attempts to keep Twilight and Rainbow Dash from listening to your private conversation were interrupted as you opened the door," Luna says, closing her eyes. Without a doubt, Luna can feel the glares the other two are giving her at this point.

Shaking your head and chuckling at the absurd scene, you turn your focus back to Celestia, while the other three make their way forward.

"So, now with all that explained and squared away, what do we do now?" you ask Celestia.


"This magic inside of me. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of it? Do I just ignore the idea of it? Where do I go from here?"

"I have an idea, if I may suggest it," Twilight says, as everyone turns to her.

"Go on, Twilight," Celestia goads.

"Thank you, Princess Celestia," she says, before turning and focusing on you. "This is a scenario that Equestria has never seen, a being with no prior knowledge or experience with magic suddenly imbued with the gift. Perhaps there is something that can be learned about our own magic by working with Anonymous and seeing if he can tap into the magic reserves now contained within him."

"It is an interesting concept, Twilight," Celestia replies, pondering the thought. Meanwhile, Luna silently beckons you to join her with a wave of her wing. Celestia nods in approval, and you rise to your feet and head down the steps, the sun princess right behind you.

"If Anonymous is willing to try this experiment, and you are willing to put in the time and effort to work with him, I see no reason to disagree with your idea," Celestia tells Twilight, much to her delight.

"Thank you, Celestia," she replies, clearly straining to keep from shouting with joy. "Anonymous, what do you think?"

"Is it really a good idea? What if I start messing with this stuff and I can't control it?" you ask, surprised no one seems to have considered the dangers.

Twilight steps forward in front of you, while Luna brushes her wing against your back in a comforting motion.

"You can do it, Anonymous. I would not have brought it up if I did not think you were capable," Twilight says, her eyes practically pleading with you to endorse the idea.

"I as well am more than willing to support you in any way I can," Luna adds.

"I can be the cheerleader, I guess. I don't know squat about magic," Rainbow pipes in.

Everyone's eyes remain focused on you as they wait for your answer. Seeing the excitement that Twilight has in teaching you, as well as your other friends' willingness to aid you makes the decision an easy one, despite any fears you have.

"Alright, as long as I don't explode. Or risk blowing up the world. Or anything of that nature," you say, shrugging your shoulders.

The rest of the day was a pleasant, much more relaxing visit with Princess Celestia, as well as your friends. There were a lot of questions about your world, but that was to be expected. Even after being here for several weeks, the princesses were eager to learn all they could about the culture back home.

With the day nearly over, Luna teleported you and your friends back to Ponyville after saying your goodbyes. Rainbow Dash left for home not long after, leaving you, Twilight and Luna lounging in your living room.

"So, how is this going to work then? As in, how do I even get started experimenting with this stuff," you ask, staring at your hands.

"I believe the best way to start out is with what we know you can do - dream-walking," Luna replies. Twilight is already buried in a few books about beginner magic.

"That makes sense to me. But what else are you two planning on. What else do you know, Luna?"

"Obviously, you have the basics everypony learns at some point - levitation, item manipulation, spells like that. I am not sure if it will be possible for you to learn such things, so I think the next step will likely be illusionary magic, which I excel at. I strongly doubt shapeshifting will be possible, though."

"You can shapeshift? Why didn't you just do that instead of trying to possess me and messing up that spell?" you ask, your voice involuntarily rising out of surprise. Luna's initial reaction is to cringe out of embarrassment, as Twilight looks up from her book.

"Shapeshifting is not something we have dabbled with in a long time, Anonymous," Luna says, almost sounding ashamed of herself. "Once again, I am sorry for all the trouble this has caused."

"Luna, I'm not mad. Just surprised," you say, scooting next to her on the sofa as you give her a reassuring hug. Luna's smile slowly returns.

"There is somepony that could help us understand what Anon might be capable of, but I don't think you will like it," Twilight interjects.

"Who would that be?" Luna asks, her interest piqued.


"You are right. I despise the idea, Twilight," Luna replies, scowling.

"Wait, who is Discord? If it means less of a burden on me, I'm interested," you pipe in.

Luna is reluctant to speak, her face cross with Twilight for even bringing up the idea. Twilight grabs another book from the stack she has beside her, flipping through it before showing a page to you.

The image she shows you is some sort of serpentine creature, an odd marriage of eastern dragon and traits from multiple other animals.

"Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony, a draconequus to be more specific," Twilight says.

"My sister and I overthrew him long ago before he returned to wreak havoc on Equestria again. Supposedly, he has changed, and is on our side," Luna laments, rolling her eyes.

"Look, I'm not debating whether he's really changed or not, I think he can be a pain too," Twilight says, rising to her hooves. "But considering he can harness and use magic without a horn, Discord may be able to help us."

"I will think about it," Luna says, though her tone does not seem promising.

With everything seeming to be squared away as far as plans for magic, your mind turns to the other development from the previous day.

"So, uh, Twilight. I - you feel better about me and Luna being together? I mean..."

Twilight tenses up, blushing profusely as she instantly realizes what you are getting at.

"Fine. I mean, yeah, that was... good? I mean, I'm good, yes," she stutters.

"Next time, don't be afraid to speak up, Twilight. I'm not going to abandon you, and neither is Luna," you say to her as you give her a hug. Twilight gives you a sheepish grin as you pull away, giggling uneasily.

"I know. I should head home for the night, Spike is probably wondering where I am. Goodnight!"

With a flash, Twilight disappears, leaving you and Luna alone.

"You think she's really alright, Luna?" you ask.

"Yes, I believe she's just a bit confused as far as her emotions go," Luna says calmly as you sit back down next to her. "Twilight has always been a bit socially awkward, so I think she is still trying to understand where she fits in exactly, especially after your display in the castle."

"Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking," you admit.

"Don't be ashamed, Anon. I know you care about her, and I do not take offense," Luna replies, smiling as she wraps her hooves around you. "After all, I know who your favorite is."

"Oh, who would that be?" you tease. Luna giggles uncontrollably as you ruffle her mane with your hands.

"Let's get some sleep, Anonymous," she says, letting you go. "Your lessons in magic begin tonight."