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I write stuff sometimes, mostly involving best princesses, Luna and Celestia.

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Monthly Progress Update · 11:19am June 20th

I've been mute for a while now, so I figured it might be time for an update on what I'm doing. After about a week or so away from writing, I'm nibbling away at what will end up being the first side story of Changing Lanes. In fact, before the week break, I had already put in about 3k words, and have added another thousand so far this week. However, I can't say when it will be published, because I don't really know for certain how long it will end up being, or how in particular it will

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It's personally my favorite group. I found it because one of my stories was put in there, and since then I frequent it, and contribute.

There's just something enjoyable about reading "what the f***?" kind of stories. Unless they're filled with bad grammar and spelling, then it hurts.

I can't fault you for your fetish story, as I'm already irredeemable. I enjoy hoof-holding and romance.

Thanks for adding my horrible story to that Absolutely Disgusting group. I'll have to keep an eye on it for other "what the hell am I reading?" stories.


Thanks, but I didn't draw it.

I'd give credit where it's due, but evidently, it's from a Tumblr account that no longer exists. (I personally found this on 4chan long ago.)

Dat profile picture... I LOVE IT!

Hello :pinkiehappy:

I love your profile pick :twilightsmile:

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