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I write stuff sometimes, mostly involving best princesses, Luna and Celestia.


Celestia loves her little sis - but family has a way of making it difficult sometimes when very bizarre secrets are unveiled.

Tonight is one of those nights.

There's not much to say about this stupid little thing. I was searching the archives for another greentext I wrote and stumbled back upon this one that I had forgotten about. It purely came about as a result of seeing the cover pic for the first time.

Said cover pic is by Tomatocoup

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Both hilarious and yet at the same time somehow incredibly adorable. Oh luna never change.

An instant classic worth of the early days!

Maybe this is also how, in G5, Sunny Starscout is only an alicorn some of the time. :trollestia:

Somewhere in her room Luna is laughing her flank off, after dropping the illusion

She is sleeping isn't she?

The bottle. Perfect ending, I had been smiling the whole time but that one line killed me. Good shit

This is amazing and I am begging you to do more with it.

That is such a Luna thing to do.

As somebody who ran the "Alicorns are weirder than weird" story theme from horn-fuses to alicorn eggs, I heartily approve of this.

Either this was an elaborate prank making use of illusions or something Luna can actually do. And both are equally hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely the correct response. n_n

Or Celestia could also be dreaming as well. Wether it’s just a plain weird dream the Luna sees no need to interfere with. Or she could be prank her sister in her dreams.

Personally I think it’d be funnier as some sort of prank rather then it just being something Luna can do. Oh it would still be funny don’t get me wrong.

You can't feel pain in a dream, and you also can't read in a dream.

This is magical pony land.just because it works that way in IRL does not mean it has to work that way in cartoons. I would not be surprised if they could read/feel pain in dreams.

Besides ether way it’s just a bit of fun about theorizing about what happened in The story. I’m not taking this too seriously. Because it’s obvious it’s not meant to be serious.

I guess Luna's just made differently then.

As Luna paused mid-sentence, Celestia could only watch in awe and horror as her little sister nipped at one of her forelegs with her teeth. In one swift motion, Luna detached the appendage from her body with a hollow *pop* .

That hit me like a freight train. :rainbowlaugh:

“ you are a toy ! “ woody. Lol.

That was the most random and hilarious thing I've read this week. Bravo. Lol.

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