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It is the middle of the night when two bored princesses visit Twilight and her 'What If' machine. Join the three ponies and Spike as the view more:

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This pleases me... :pinkiecrazy:

This will end well for everypony involved.

Sounds like something Pinkie would do...

OHMAGAWD SEQUEL!!!!! :rainbowkiss:

And now to read it...

Alright, mental checklist segment? Hilarious.

“I'm Spike, the assistant.”

“I have never seen you here before.”

“Well, I've never seen you here before either.”

Scruffy the Janitor!

Seriously, keep up this humour! Also, a "Your" was misspelled as "You're." That is all.

What do you mean nobody asks a question in this chapter?! :twilightangry2:
Eh, whatever. I'll just like and subscr- I mean watch.
I'm new here. :twilightsheepish:

I'm not going to lie, after reading that, I am afraid to go to sleep.
Can't sleep, Pinkie will eat me!

Pinkie propely has a five star hotel under tiwlights bed with elavator :pinkiehappy:

As good as it is to see this being continued, I still say it won't feel complete to me until the CMC get turns.

Good news everyone! Someone has written another one of these fics.

Pinkie Pie get out of my labratory! :twilightangry2:

I am Upvote #35, and I approve of this story.

Now, back to the lulz....

This story arc is a goldmine!

Hilarious goodtime fun is about to be unleashed toward everypony involved!

What if Fluttershy was a little more impulsive? Just a little!

This concept of 'WUB' confuses and infuriates me! :flutterrage:

Ooh, I can't wait to see Luna's what if. I'm still hoping to see Twi's.

i'm waiting for the villians to get involved. that will be fun

Oh Pinkie, always so lovely random. And nice to see a sequel :rainbowkiss:

Celestia: What if those rumors about me were true?


No but she does keep her party supplies there. Mainly because the library was abandoned before Twilight was there. So she has to break in so that she can prepare for the next party.

982596 that makes a bit more sense than a hotel

Which Celestia showed up?
Trolestia? or Molestia?
Prepare your Anus! :trollestia:

I wonder how Celestia delt with that "2001" trip?

"Oh, I sneak into your house almost every night. It's kinda like a hobby." I think that is my favorite line i have ever read.

What if Fluttershy had some sort of shed? Or if Applejack decided to eat many apples?

Oh, that is too great! Can't wait for next chapter!

Oh, it updated. Thank God.

Man Pinkie needs some hobbies that don't require other ponies.

You should send this to Seth, you know for the lolz :twilightsheepish: HE would either enjoy it or hate you, i don't really know which one :trixieshiftleft:

975295 Me too. I'm afraid Pinkie Pie won't appear.

Weird Al's Amish Paradise reference FTW! :trollestia:


3 paragraphs into the What If scenario you call it the staff of STARE Swirl.
Regardless I eagerly await more ANTHOLOGIES OF INTEREST.

That a Scruffy reference I spied there? :duck:

Luna did not mention her activities with Fluttershy after the machine ended its story:ajsmug:

Play it cool Luna, play it cool:rainbowwild:

“So Fluttershy, dost thou want to 'make out?'”
“I am confused.” Said Princess Luna. “Why would moistening a pegasus' hooves be considered a source of merriment?”

Oh, you made Luna too funny. :rainbowlaugh:

More Anthology of Interest? As a fan of both MLP: FiM and Futurama, I approve.:moustache:

O.o Twilight as a necromanocorn?! I would have loved to see that!

:trollestia: TALES OF INTEREST!!! :twilightoops:

Good news Everypony! I have invented a machine which predicts this series will continue.

Oh, Luna. Where would we be without you?

...so, they're just going to not talk about how Luna spent who knows how long making out with Fluttershy?
Or how Twilight said Celestia has a sexy ass?

Here is idea. What if ponies were biped?

Heh. Celestia likes Twilight, and then suddenly...PINKIE PIE!:pinkiehappy:
Now enough of that. ON WITH THE SEQUEL!!

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