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I try to make my criticism helfull AND FUNNY if i can.
It as a cool story bro.

Oh, hey there again. For some reason I thought you had left comments on sounds cool way back when I first started. Guess I'd have to check on which one that actually was. But I do remember it gave me the impression of you as a tough but fair critic. It's crazy to me that my first, and obviously most flawed, story would get a fav from you. But both your criticism and praise is always welcome. Thanks so much for the fav on sounds cool:rainbowwild::yay:

Thank you for your interest in my story, So Many Wonders!

Iʼd appreciate it if you could leave a comment on the story itself.

it is well written, i enjoyed reading it, it is deserved.

  • Viewing 136 - 140 of 140
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