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Vagabond short fiction writer. Veteran of many fandom wars. Believer of light in the darkness.

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Final proof that next time I claim to be 'just some mediocre writer' I am going to get my ears boxed · 4:41am 16 hours ago

muffled screaming intensifies

EWorshiping At The Altar Of Knowledge
When Princess Twilight Sparkle hears rumors of a dark cult centered around worship of her, she asks her mentor for advice. The answers are not what she expected.
TCC56 · 5k words  ·  818  5 · 6.9k views

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Hey, gotta be ready to read that first story the moment it's up.

...So yes.

Yes I am.

You rascal. Now you're stalking me :trixieshiftleft:

Congrats on the author interview! You deserve it.

I have not been, no.

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