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Vagabond short fiction writer. Veteran of many fandom wars. Believer of light in the darkness.


Trixie and Sunburst led the students to safety through the caves below the School of Friendship while Starlight Glimmer stayed behind to hold off Chrysalis.

Starlight Glimmer has fallen.

Trixie isn't happy about that.

An expansion of my entry for Flashfic 150 - February 2020 with the prompt 'Departures', and winner of that month's competition!

Featured 3/5/2020 & 3/6/2020!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 9 )

One word saved starlight.

Personally I’m too much of a fan of the childhood friend romance thing to really hop aboard the S.S. Stixie - thanks, Love Hina - but this was fun. The Devoted and Loving Trixie was great.

You sell this story so well. The image, description, even there title and chapter name. I was reading this no matter what. The fact that we didn't get to see Trixie have an epic throwdown that she barely survived, did disappoint on that end just a little, but it was still a good story.

Umm, technically the ship is called “Startrix”

TCC56 #5 · March 6th · · ·

Technically, the ship is called 'adorable'.

Man, this was awesome.

Amusing to think that even if Star didn’t think of something it still would have likely ended the same.

Badass Trixie, nice.

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