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    New StarBurst group!

    About a week ago, I noticed that the original StarBurst group was deleted, or as deleted as something on Fimfic can be. Now the link to the group is just there, hovering annoyingly, can't interact with the group, can't get out or in. This is what it must feel like to be stuck in limbo.

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Hello, Hello, Hello! · 1:12am Jan 5th, 2019

Ah! I see you have stumbled upon this little mess of a blog (ah you poor, poor creature) ...Hmm? Oh! You want to know about me? In that case:

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Well, I don't have a very good opinion about my own writing, so I know how much some words of encouragement can help. No prob at all.

I really have no words to say, thank you feels so short. I'm glad you like my silly little stories! Enough to follow me, you have no idea how honored I feel. And yes!! Let's keep the SS Starburst sailing!! Onward!!

You, my fellow Starburst shipper have earned yourself my first follow. Haven't gone through much (half due to time, and half due to my fragile ego about my own writing :rainbowlaugh:,) but I am loving what fluff I have gone through, especially "What Stays Under the Mistletoe." If you haven't read my own "Love's a Rollercoaster Ride" then I'll give it a quick blatant plug. We of the ship S.S. Starburst need to stick together, since most seem to lean towards StarTrix.

In all honesty, if you feel you don't write enough, it took me nearly 2 1/2 years to write one 50k word story, which is currently undergoing the editing process. My avatar might be a dragon, but I write like a snail. :derpytongue2:

Keep up the fluff. Thunder, out.

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