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Sorry for being a Starlight Glimmer apologist


It's a huge step they're taking, and it's going to be hard, and long, and exhausting. But it's going to be worth it in the end, to form a family with him, to be a mother—is like all the pieces of her life are finally falling into place and she's exactly where she needs to be.

Or, Sunburst and Starlight take the plunge and decide to start a family, through adoption.

Edit: added a bit more context into the story to make a certain aspect more obvious.

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This was lovely! Never thought about Luster being adopted, I think its awesome.

Great job!

Great story, but I think I missed something. Why can’t Sunburst and Starlight conceive a baby again?

Thanks! I love the idea of her being their kid, blood-related or not.
I guess it's my fault for not making it more obvious, but to answer your question:

At first I thought Starlight didn't like the idea of being pregnant, given what Sunburst's mentioned and all, but that's an interesting curveball.

I don't know why the dislikes on your comment though.

(I know why, but I don't know "why", you get me? XD)


I don't know why the dislikes on your comment though.

You can headcanon any two ponies you like into a ship, and nopony will ever complain.

But if you headcanon a character to be trans, you'll get plenty of hate and downvotes. People will literally tell you that it's wrong to portray a fictional cartoon horse being transgender. They'll attack you loudly and forcefully and accuse you of ruining the show and the fandom.

Being trans myself, seeing it never surprises me. Anyway, have a trans horse. :twilightsmile:

You should submit this to trans and LGBT groups if it's relevant. (I'd do it myself but I've had some negative experiences with them so I generally let my readers add my stories to diversity groups for me.)

Thankfully the terfs and the transphobes are hiding behind the dislike button to be much of an issue :derpytongue2: and they can cry me a river for all I care.

But thanks for the comment (and the follow!) I'm going to edit this a little bit to make the point more clear before posting it in more relevant groups.


I guess it's my fault for not making it more obvious, but to answer your question:

Yeah, i doubt most readers would assume this from just reading your story. I also legit taught it is because Starlight Glimmer feels uncomfortable being pregnant. There is literally nothing in your text that suggests this.

You're right, added a bit more context into the story to hopefully make this point more obvious 👍

Really good story

He cannot say such sweet things and not expect her bones to become pudding

This made me giggle. I love it 👍


Sunburst is really high on my favorite ponies list and I've always seen him as trans, something about it just makes sense. I love seeing it just as a normal thing and it's not a surprise, it's just part of him. Everything about this, the easy dialogue, the goofy couple figuring things out as they go, trans Sunburst being so effortlessly slotted into the story, it's all just *chef's kiss*.

I'm vibrating right now holy crap I love this. Great job!!

thanks for the comment (and the follow!), I'm glad you enjoyed it!

These two are idiots and I love them :rainbowkiss:

I'm happy you like my portrayal of Sunburst, his being trans as something natural and part of him was exactly what I was aiming for. I didn't make such a big deal out of it because in this story, at this point in his life, those that know him are aware of it and accepted him a long time ago, and the story is not about that, is about a goofy couple starting a family.

And really just thank you thank you thank you! You have no idea how happy this comment makes me! derpicdn.net/img/2019/7/22/2098449/medium.gif

I absolutely adore this story and everything about it. The vibes are immaculate.

This is heartwarming to read, and the dialogue and characters feel completely natural. Well done.

“Sorry chipmunk cheeks, but I’m not sure if you noticed, but I love puns! It’s just how eye roll!”

Oh I get it lol 😆

This was a really cute read, loved Starlight and Sunburst's interactions with each other. Nice job.

Warm and fizzy, just the way I like my romance/family bonding stories!

The only thing that could've made even more perfect would've been to see Twilight's adorkable reaction to being an aunt again.

There are like two more puns hidden in there, did you catch them? :raritywink:

Aw, thanks man! I'm happy that you're happy :heart:

Warm and fuzzy is the name of the game, funny enough I wrote about her reaction in another StarBurst story, I would be pretty much the same reaction

Sweet story, and intresting take on "Luster Dawn is Starlight and Sunbust's daughter" story. Though yeah I still think Luster's coat and mane colors could be easily produced from Starlight and Sunburst's genes.

Oh for sure, those colors, that messy mane, and flippant personality just scream StarBurst child to me. Personally, I've latched on to this headcanon like a leech and won't be letting go anytime soon, but there's more than one way to form a family, which opens up interesting possibilities and makes for fun storytelling.

This was such a sweet story. I'm actually thinking of adopting later on, making this an extra sweet read for me. :twilightsmile:

This was so sweet! I loved all the soft and loving moments between Starlight and Sunburst in this. Great story!

Thank you so much! Writing soft and loving starburst moments is one of my favorite things to do.

Thanks! I wish you nothing but happiness for you and your future family :heart:

Well this was a very nice story of Starlight and sunburst and it's very nice how much they care for each other and even having their own kid I really like this keep out the good work

The Florence and the Machine reference already meant that I was going to have to read this eventually. But the unexpected inclusion of trans Sunburst in an already heartwarming story? And how well it was handled? This has all of my love. Excellent stuff.

Side note: there were a few minor errors here and there with the usual capitalization, but it's nothing a quick read-through can't fix.

the one flaw i can spot thus far is
edit: after a bit of reading, i think i've stumbled upon another problem

“There’s…” he coughs, trying to school his features into something more serious and failing, “…other options. I wouldn't suggest magic, since those spells are still in clinical trials and highly controversial as they are, if it were that simple to change one's DNA to match their gender, I would have cast it on myself a long time ago...but the others are safer, though a bit expensive, but if you don’t want to surrender your womb for ten or eleven months, we could, huh, look into it. There are options if you want it.”

this has a whole bevy of implications, and i'm not liking a single one of em
and after skimming the comments to edit mine, i saw terfs and transphobes get mentioned, so i now know for a fact that this is, indeed, implying what i thought it was
and so i am once again forced to ask why you folks can't just make trans ocs instead of making canon cis characters trans
i mean no disrespect here, but if you wanna start a fight over this, i'll finish it
edit2: hey look for once people aren't trying to start shit!
it's a christmas fuckin miracle, innit
and to preempt any future responses, i am not transphobic, i'm hack-writer-phobic
learn to make stories work without mangling characters to do so, ya shitsmears


the one flaw i can spot thus far is


and so i am once again forced to ask why you folks can't just make trans ocs instead of making canon cis characters trans

because it's fun??? because people want to feel represented in the media they consumed??? because most trans characters in media get shafted to the background, with uninteresting stories or just there to collect woke points and making them no better than props??? because trans sunburst is one of the most popular headcanons for his character, and I see nothing wrong with indulging in that headcanon??? and it really suits him??? it adds a layer of complexity to his character and makes for interesting storytelling???

I could go on and on but I know that nothing that I say will convince you (and I don't feel like regurgitating things that more eloquent, experienced, lgbt+ authors have already said to you), and I'm not trying to, you do you honey, and I'll do me. 🤷

i could also perpetuate this tired old song and dance, but i shan't
call it holiday spirit, i guess
but before we part ways once more, i'll ask of you but one(maybe two) thing(s): either please don't do this again, or at the least have a warning in the description so i don't end up going in with different expectations
cuz that's part of what irritated me here, the fact that there was almost no indication of those kinds of elements in the story
especially since you'd never done such things before, at all

Yess!! Somebody caught the reference :yay: Florence and the machine get me so pumped!!

And thanks, I was a little nervous because this was my first time writing a trans character and I didn't run it through a beta reader (one of my biggest regrets in retrospect) but readers have reacted positively so far, so it's all good.

Argh, those pesky errors, it's like they're little ants that I'm trying to kill with a comically huge hammer, they just get away no matter how much I swing it!

Honestly, you nailed it, especially because the route of just including the character and having the detail come up in the background of normal life is refreshing and rare. Characters that are depicted as being so distant from their initial transition as to the point you’d could call them post transition are really hard to find in a lot of media. I really hope you consider writing more regarding the subject (or similar ones) in the future because you nailed it here with a wholesome and genuine portrayal of Sunburst. So, both as an admin of the LGBT group and a trans dude, I gotta say:

You even managed to get the resident whiner of the site to show up in your comments. If I were you, I would suggest blocking him. He will not stop this regardless of how many stories or which way you write your depictions of characters. You can find him in numerous comment sections on the site giving authors endless shit over any amount of details regarding something he dislikes. It isn’t just subjects that are related to LGBT characters either, it could be anything, like making an author feel bad for writing their OTP. He doesn’t have any constructive criticism or good faith comments to offer.

Yes, because telling someone how to write and what they can write always go well. Like holy shit, go touch grass and learn some manners.

This was just... so freaking wholesome... wow. My cheeks hurt from grinning and smiling so much, jeez.
And I had to pause for a couple of minutes because of that:

“Sunburst, you’re allergic to most pets.”
“I know, good thing we have Trixie around.”

I was not prepared. At all. I sat here laughing my ass off for several minutes and even after I continued reading, every couple of paragraphs, I remembered these lines and started giggling all over again.
I had a great time.

Thank you.

Wholesome is the name of the game I play :raritywink: But thank you so much, I always get a goofy grin whenever I get a notification for this story, I got to stop and re-read them a couple of times while flailing and giggling with excitement, so really, thank YOU for taking the time to comment.

And wow, so many wholesome comments lately, I'm gonna have to write a sequel for this, am I?

You made me/us chuckle, I/we made you flail, it's all fun and games until someone spills his mug over the keyboard... :rainbowlaugh: In all seriousness though ('cause I'm soooo good with that) - you're quite welcome.

And honestly, I don't think there would be a lot of people violently opposed to that. And screw those anyway. So yeah, please, go ahead. (If you want. 'Cause obviously, you shouldn't feel pressured, either.)

A super adorable story 😁

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