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Sorry for being a Starlight Glimmer apologist


Sunburst has gotten into the habit of waking up early on every Hearts and Hooves day to make breakfast for them.

Starlight doesn't know what to make of it until much, much later.

Just a little StarBurst fluff for the holiday (a very, very late one, but still!). Enjoy!

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:duck: remember that janitors closet years ago when Trixie caught us?
:moustache: I can't forget, She scared the poop out of me
:trixieshiftright: and I stole your bacon!
:moustache: She did it again!
:trixieshiftleft: Where's the bacon? I smell bacon! bacon Bacon Bacon!
:facehoof: Trixie please

10 out of 10


aw this was so cute and fluffy! you never fail to carry the starburst fandom <3

The problem was, in her eyes, that love was such a vast, nebulous concept, that no pony had a clear-cut answer as to what, exactly, love was.

Awww this was a very cute story better than late and ever on Valentine's Day but this was very nice so Starlight woken up and saw Sunburst making breakfast for her and he's been kind of acting really weird lately but also nice to her but once she kind of put two to two together specially Trixie kind of rant about it Starlight forgot it was Hearts and Hooves Day and she felt flustered about this and he's been doing so much good things for her so she decided to go to the Crystal Empire to find those food that he's been talking about and even surprised him the gift and once they received it they finally admitted how much they truly care for each other and share the kiss on Hearts and Hooves Day I love it it was really great keep up the good work

That was a really sweet story. And one of my favorite ships, too.

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