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Starlight says she's pregnant, and that she wants to keep it.

And in no way does Sunburst considers himself ready to be a dad. Or so he thinks.

Having a baby is an amazing tool for persuasion, and a effective way to dragged them both, kicking and screaming, from their world of self-absorption and to think about some pony else for a change.

Written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting PANIC! FICTION! with "Reunion" as the prompt. Edited to reach the word count.

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This was a nice read; I like the idea of the 'suprise' of Starlight being pregnant and Sunburst more then just a little overwhelmed. Other then a few small spelling/grammar errors and a read through by an editor, it's pretty much good to go the way it is. Nice job!:yay:

Thanks a bunch! I'll fix it as soon as I can!

Short. Kinda cute.
Certanly lives up to the whole suprise thing.
Worth the read and the upvote.

Good writing. The reactions feel very in character.

Daw. What's the baby's gender and name gonna be?

I really enjoyed this story, it was a very good read and the reactions were very spot on. Though I did spotted a spelling error or two.

#1. is found in this sentence - When Sunburst comes home, Starlight is sitting on the couch. It should be "When Sunburst came home, Starlight was sitting on the couch."

#2. Which isn’t weird, except for the fact that it’s four in the morning and she’s supposed to be waking up in another two hours. And if living with her has thought him anything it’s that a sleepy Starlight equals an angry Starlight.

The correction here is "thought" should be changed to "taught". Hope this helps you out.

This was a nice little story. And Starlight and Sunburst were written really well. Might we see a sequel sometime in the future?

I'm a little surprised that this story is so short.

Oooh we need a sequel! I can see this becoming a whole fic. This was adorable!

Well, Sunburst should have expected this since he would've rutted his soul mate's beautiful and attractive body when they're being amorous with each other.

This site needs far more stuff like this.

And that's the story of Luster Dawn


Honestly, I'm of the school that doesn't think she's their daughter. The fact that Luster cared so little about friendship seems to support that theory.

Yeah, because no child has EVER gone against what their parents taught, was rebellious against their parents or reached their own conclusions about life, ESPECIALLY not late teens - young adults.

It's still a bit of a stretch to expect us to believe somepony who is supposedly the daughter of the heads of the School of Friendship considers friendship to be a pointless waste of time.

I find the first line of the description rather disturbing.

If taken out of context, yeah. That’s why you click and read the rest!

Quick question before reading: Does this have anything to do with the s9 finale, or is that ignored?

A little bit, I guess. This takes place, at the very least, after the events of “A horseshoe in” if that clarifies anything.

Well you have a story similar to mine I see.

Feels like you could've added even more before the end but other than that nicely done!

I enjoyed this! I feel for Sunburst here: going through such a complicated mix of emotions in such a short yet significant moment in life is no joke. It's a poignant reminder that life is a bumpy ride, but that despite all the crazy, we'll get through it somehow.

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