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Sorry for being a Starlight Glimmer apologist


Starlight is good with magic, but she’s no scholar—not like Sunburst. One of her best friends and arguably the smartest, cleverest, most prepared pony she knows. Who grew up with books in the same way she grew up with magic running in her veins.

The world is enjoying a new era of peace, but there’s still so much to do—new things to learn and try. Starlight thinks that there’s no harm in reading some of Sunburst’s books—to learn about the world in other ways instead of simply living in it.

Reading the books he recommends turns into an interest for poetry, for she can’t help but feel moved by the ancient Equestrian sonnets. Her unexpected interest in the genre makes her try her hoof in writing some. And no, they’re not very good, but they are sincere if nothing else.

And she would never, ever show Sunburst her poetry. Not when most of them are about him.

Now with a review from mushroompone from the Fillydelphia Oracle!

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This is beautiful. Take my upvote and keep going, Fool!

A really good start. I'm looking forwards to seeing where this will go!

Pretty great start

A well written start.

I was feeling oddly poetic when I wrote this, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hopefully, the next part follows the same pattern!

Let's enjoy the ride together. :pinkiehappy:

A nice start to a simple story of two dummies falling in love😌

Thanks man! Stick around for more!

I take it you don't normally write in present tense, given the note you left at the end. Well, it read well, and I look forward to more StarBurst cheesiness. We all know there needs to be more of that in the world.

Good chapter.

You mean, "Exellent chapter."


She petted his messy mane. “This soldier, see him smile? He stands alone, but he is happy. You can find happiness, even in solitude. And when this soldier finds a friend, he will know friendship truly, because he understands himself, first.”

As a reserved, more introverted kind of person, this speaks to me right here.

The sweetest ending to give this

That you don't usually write in present tense is noticeable but it's still pretty good.

This is a pretty nice story.

this was so cute!!

Trixie looks at her for a moment before she sighs, reluctantly getting up from her comfy spot on the couch. “Trixie will let you in on a little secret: if you want to draw crowds to your show, or reclusive book horses from their rooms, food always works!” Trixie grins at her skeptical look. “Just sit and watch.”

Damn straight. Trixie is a smart cookie 🍪

The thought’s ridiculous enough to make her laugh. Starlight Glimmer, former villain, graduated student of the princess of friendship, now a part-time poet. She has no eloquence, no grand vocabulary to guide her. She’s not very talkative, she never burst into tears at the sight of a flower, like most poets she’s read appear to have. She has no book smarts, her grasp at etymology and linguistics is basic at best, no sense of rhyme, no sense of wit. She can’t even hope that she will write well.

It’s not ridiculous. I like writing poems too. And like starlight I have nothing special or anything that I should be making poems by any means. But it is a nice outlet to all the stuff in my head and that’s all it needs to be

I need more Starbust in my life.

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