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Imaginary ponies that are accompanied by irregular audible fluctuations.

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How would you describe the music in both mlp and equestria girls?

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I've been thinking about writing a story about a character who's life was similar to that of Syd Barrett-founder of Pink Floyd. I have some ideas that I could work with, does any one else like this idea?

314132 go for it! Im interested (if it means anything.) :twilightblush:

I'm thinking of writing a story about my OC using the "Nevermind" album and titling each chapter from it's songs (not in order though), does anyone think that's a good idea?

Yay! three people are in it

Inspired by Nox Arcana's Carnival of Lost Souls Album, as well as Nightwish's Imaginaerum album.

Basically this whole story was inspired by Nox Arcana's Albums

288102 Sure I join. I have ideas on music based stories. Here is one that I wrote The Ghost of you

If anyone finds this group, well done! :twilightsmile:

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