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I am an Eldritch Horror that likes gay horses.


A New Story · 4:20pm Yesterday

I took a nice, long break from writing ponies, but I've decided to start working on it again. Breaking my normal habit of posting on Fridays just because this story is so short, but I just felt like writing it so I did. There.

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My Pony Fanfics!

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Glad you enjoyed Parent-Teacher Conference and gave it a like!

Aww, I try! 🤭

Gotta be more like the kind but goofy orange kitty to my left :3

I was thinking about how unapologetically nice you are. I see you sometimes on other people's profiles, leaving nice comments. You're a beacon of positivity, a rare treat in this world.

Oh? Why's that? XD

That's wonderful to hear! And thankies!

Still trying to get my novel series some exposure.

Hello, there! I was just thinking about you this morning, funnily enough. I'm doing rather well... Gotten back into writing, as I'm sure you noticed. I hope you too are doing well in life.

  • Viewing 108 - 112 of 112
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