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New Owl House Story: Something to Share · 12:24am January 1st

I wrote a new story, as part of a Christmas fic exchange, for my good friend R5h.

Luz shares an important place with Amity; memories both playful and painful.

Amity learns from the past and mends something broken.

It's the best date they've been on yet.

It can be found here.

They wrote a story for me too, which should also be checked out here.

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I kinda want to correct the “about the author” flap on my copy of Fractured Sunlight because it is clearly out of date.

(Also, Lulu offers more inexpensive color options now.)

I'm going to take a blind guess and say that your name is based on Ouroboros.

Bah, cruel fate. I follow you, yet never saw you made a Marble Pie romance. :twilightoops:

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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