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Employed layabout with not enough free time to write about horses.

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The Heart of an Author: Equestria Daily feature, The Royal Guard feature, Twilight's Library.

Let Me Complain, Dear: Equestria Daily feature, Twilight's Library, Unsolicited Audiobook

Little Apple: Feature Box, Twilight's Library, First place winner of the Geek Kon 2014 Fanfic contest, Ninth place winner of the Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest, The Royal Guard feature, (temporarily) 6th highest rated.

How Sunset Rose: 7th place in April 2015 Writeoff, Equestria Daily feature.

Love Twiangles: Feature Box'd for 5 days, Equestria Daily Feature, Unsolicited Livestream Fanfic Reading, The Royal Guard Feature 1000+ upvotes!

Fractured Sunlight: Feature Box'd for 5 days, Equestria Daily Feature, The Royal Guard feature, 1000+ upvotes, Chinese Translation, Korean Translation

Why Can't I Be Your Rara?: Feature Box'd for 3 days, Unsolicited Audiobook #1, Unsolicited Audiobook #2

Thanks, Mom: Audiobook

Lost and Never Found: Audiobook

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Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings Results · 3:21am Nov 28th, 2019

Sunset Shipping Contest - Endings Results!

Sorry for taking so long! Life gets in the way sometimes, and this particular batch of stories was rather heavy.

But it’s over and done with, and ready to give you what you’ve been waiting for. We’ve read through 57 different stories about relationships ending, and now here are the best of them.

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Comment posted by StarInferno deleted July 1st

Naaah. And I would know, I'm an undercover cop.

Comment posted by StarInferno deleted July 1st

So if the deadline is a minute before midnight central time, that means I need to have my story in by a minute before 10 PM Pacific time, right?

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