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When Applejack needs an extra hand around the farm during harvest season, Sunset Shimmer is the only one of the girls who has time to help.

During the long hours of work and play, they grow closer, learn more about each other, and discover what family means to each of them.

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Excellent romantic fluff fic. Shame it's a one-shot; this couple makes a surprising amount of sense.

Woo, horses on horses! Best "actually-a-horse" week has begun!

Well here starts the Shimmer romance week and it's starting good.

Found a mistake.

A while back, we was all helping with a town social.


Never read about this ship before. Works surprisingly well. Have a fav.

Somehow, reading romance fics involving Applejack give me a fuzzy feeling. And that's saying something for your weekly stories so far.:twilightsmile:

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week, but I suppose that's to be expected from a... ...Sunset Shipper :rainbowwild:

And we're off to a great start! Here's to a wonderful week full of Sunset Shimmer and her lovely harem!

Vinyl’s speaker-car

It's called the Wubmobile. Like the Batmobile, or Laytonmobile, but with Wubs.

Absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work. Part of me woulda loved to see what happened at the grotto that night ;)

An excellent start to an excellent week, but that's not surprising. After all, I'm a . . .

. . . Sunset Shipper :yay:

Applejack scowled. “Ain’t so fine it could detect me, apparently.”
Sunset winked. “The accent throws it off.”

That is a blessed lie and you know it, Sunset. That accent only makes the gaydar even clearer. You would know these things if you grew up anywhere near the Mason-Dixon line!

I kid. In all seriousness, this is an excellent first entry for the series. Most of the setting chosen was "safe" territory with Applejack - the farm, the emphasis on her work ethic, the 'gay' reveal, the dedication to the farm over all else - but what made this work for me were all the little details added, like the poker scene and Sunset's emphasis on how manipulating people can be used for positive goals instead of negative ones, and the fact that you managed to set the romantic climax up in a way that was both completely expected and also perfect.

The only real quibble I have is that I felt awkward reading Applejack withdraw after a night of apparently awesome sex, mostly because having actually worked on a farm nobody is shy about that kind of thing - you spend as much time and energy working as most farmers do, you end up playing very hard whenever you get the chance. The silent treatment followed by catharsis felt like it was just a narrative excuse to jump to the end of the work period, when the conversation would probably have been more natural the morning after. If that's my worst nitpick, then I think we're doing great.

Why is this story in the tropers group?

Sunset Shimmer looks like Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus with that style of hair.

It be—

Oh. Wow did I get beaten to that.

In any case, a very promising beginning to the week of Sunset shipping. Definitely looking forward to seeing how you explore the other pairings, to say nothing of the other participants' contributions.

heh if other storys are gone be as good as this one ther will be a lot of sunset fics on homepage.i like the fic thos its good with nice amount of everything.cant wait to see others

Well damn, I really liked this. I'm bummed it's a one shot.

Damn it, not the ecstasy in effect again!

I bet the one with rarity is going to be about clothes

There are five more stories like this?

Oh, thank God.


That bit about the cock rooster is no joke; I used to have one that made getting eggs from the henhouse a two-person job; one to get the eggs and one to fend off the aggressive little bastard with a trash can lid.

“PInkie Pie’s handling the whole thing, of course. In fact, she’s the reason the whole tradition exists in the first place. Threw us a party after harvest one year, it was a big hit, and she decided to keep at it.”

Minor typo with Pinkie's name here, other than that. I really like it! I also came up with the idea of Sunset working on Applejack's farm in one of my fics for income, it makes perfect sense. I also like what you did with their past lives as well, though both having dead parents seemed a bit much. Other than that, really good!

Absolutley loveing this week of Sunset so far! So excited for more!:pinkiehappy:

7580500 Well in Sunset's case it's just her dad, her mom ran out on her when she was still a foal.

An excellent romantic fluff and realistic story, really good work. :twilightsmile:

As someone who might very soon become a farm boy, I like this.

Summertime romance.... my one weakness... I love this so much

“Tons of farms stay afloat by exploiting illegal aliens,” Applejack said, her eyes twinkling. “Just not usually ones from other dimensions.”

:pinkiegasp: Uhh... does THIS video apply to that statement?

I've got a feeling that Dean Cadence has a sudden urge to sneeze. This always seems to happen when people she knows have romantic encounters. :raritywink:

I found myself really enjoying this. Just like Twilight x Applejack, while not my first choice for either character, the pairing and this is a really good example of that. Applejack telling the story of her parents and the cutie mark story that followed it was nice touch, as was the poker game with the CMC and Sunset. That and Sunset's awkwardness around the horse worked well with her being a pony and all.

Overall, I really liked it,can't wait to see how you handle the rest of the humane 6.

Not gonna lie, this is the one I was least interested in reading because I'm not big on Applejack.

Whereas back home the outskirts of Canterlot quickly gave into idyllic wilderness, here Canterlot had expanded into a sprawl of suburbs and, beyond that, into miles upon miles of farmland, ripe and ready for harvest.

Twilight Sparkle: "You know, back home we call that Ponyville."

The sweet scent of apple trees wafted in over the fields, underscored by piles of manure and... other odors.

Sunset: "Wonder who it was this time? Big Mac and Miss Cheerilee, or Apple Bloom and Tender Taps?"

Rarity wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something like that.


Well, right now I’m chalked full

chock full

Sunset dog-earred the book


Sunset steepled her fingers, and rested them under her chin. “Come on. Who said anything about romance? I’m just curious about your type. What gets your apples ripe?”

Good lord, Sunset... :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

Wow. Applejack is one of those morning-after people. Ugh.

Sunset dog-earred the book and set it aside.


Sunset winced. “Sounds like a real piece of work. And Rarity… well, that must of hurt her pretty bad.”


“Tell me all your secrets. “


Sunset sighed, twiddling her fingers together. “There’s not all that much to say, I guess. My mother left me when I was just a foal. I’ve never met her, and don’t really care to. My father—Starburst Shimmer—was a decent guy, I guess. Worked two jobs just to make ends meet, and we still ended up pretty poor. He tried his best to be there for me, but I dunno. He was too tired a lot of the time, and left me to my own devices.

“Getting accepted into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns was my—our lucky break, a chance to bring good fortune to the family. I was already a bitter, power hungry little twit back then, but I was determined to succeed. When I got my cutie mark and became Princess Celestia’s personal student, even better. Then when I was about twelve, I got a letter saying my dad had taken his own life. Never knew why. I suspect he figured I could handle myself on my own, and his job was done with. Idiot.”

Is this the reference I think it is?

“All I know it's the Big Apple and the Little Apple. Otherwise you're better off asking Twilight.”


Let me know if you need me to play wingwoman

C'mon, dude. She's an Equestrian. "Wingmare".

“PInkie Pie’s handling


Her hand came to rest on Sunsets.



...dang I was late to the party on this one. It's kind of a shame, though - I did a chapter for one story almost two years ago centering on themes similar to this (minus shipping), and yet, here you are, doing better with yours.

I fail as a writer. :fluttercry:

Author Interviewer

Sunset revved her engine

I'll bet she did, I'll bet she did! :ajsmug:

This was great. :D I'm gonna enjoy reading these, I think.

Applejack looked over at her, grimaced, then flipped off the stove and turned to go. “Lots of work to do today. Better focus.”

Well damn, Applejack, the stove didn't do anything to you!

Sunset grinned and forward, resting a hand on her chin

"I accidentally 93MB of RAR files"
Something lost in there.

Everything so happened so fast…

"So" has been doubled.

AJ, you no-good no-gooder. Nobody runs from Sunset.

Fantastic atmosphere and dialogue in this one. Pick of the bunch so far.

I'm uh, I'm not gonna lie. At the end of this, I cried. It touched me in a deep way. This story was beautiful, and my head cannon for this fic is they find a way to make it work.

This is even better than the only other one I've read (the elevator one)! And now I'm going to have to binge the rest of them. I've already forgotten what my other plans were. Something involving sleep, maybe?

“Told ya,” Applejack said as she pulled out a roll of bandages from the first aid kit. “Boco is the meanest cock I ever had the privilege of knowing. You’ll wanna keep your distance.”

A rooster's place is in the soup pot!!! in my opinion.

I think wubcake deleted the video 😞

Looks like she deleted all her pony content. Ah well.

She is moving forward. Especially with her work with the characters from "Danganronpa" Besides, she and North Bridge had a problem with the New York Brony, if you hadn't heard.

Comment posted by SunsetShimmerFan215 deleted Jun 7th, 2022

Only a few hours had passed, and already Sunset’s whole body ached with exhaustion. Just how did Applejack do this on a regular basis?

I've been questioning the same thing for many years now. :applejackunsure:

Well, it didn’t matter much. Sunset wrapped the towel around herself then opened the door, only to find herself face to chest with Big McIntosh.

She's in trouble now! :twilightoops:

“And Applejack,” Sunset said with a grin, “is terrible at poker. It’s a game of manipulation, of lies, of knowing your opponents and knowing yourself. And also luck. It’s easy to see those as skills that can be used to hurt others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have benevolent uses as well.”

She's got a point. :ajsmug:

Applejack chuckled. “Of course. Have one every year. Darn near half the town shows up, though I suspect it's mostly ‘cause of the free food.


Applejack looked up, gave her a brief smile, and leaned onto Sunset’s shoulder. “Pa passed away in a tractor accident. Weren't pretty. Mom was just about due with Apple Bloom at the time. She didn’t make it through the delivery.”

How sad. :applecry:

“Getting accepted into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns was my—our lucky break, a chance to bring good fortune to the family. I was already a bitter, power hungry little twit back then, but I was determined to succeed. When I got my cutie mark and became Princess Celestia’s personal student, even better. Then when I was about twelve, I got a letter saying my dad had taken his own life. Never knew why. I suspect he figured I could handle myself on my own, and his job was done with. Idiot.”

Wow, that was darker than I expected! :fluttercry:

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