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Everfree Northwest · 9:48pm Jul 20th, 2023

Hey folks. I'll be attending Everfree Northwest this year, and will hosting a panel on Saturday as well!

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New Owl House Story: Something to Share · 12:24am Jan 1st, 2023

I wrote a new story, as part of a Christmas fic exchange, for my good friend R5h.

Luz shares an important place with Amity; memories both playful and painful.

Amity learns from the past and mends something broken.

It's the best date they've been on yet.

It can be found here.

They wrote a story for me too, which should also be checked out here.

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I wrote a new story! · 5:44pm Mar 18th, 2022

When Luz Noceda was eight years old, she made an imaginary friend.
When Amity Blight was eight years old, she made an imaginary friend.

... it's not a pony story though.

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Sunset Shipping Contest Print now available! · 2:38pm May 13th, 2021

Hello folks. I guess I haven't posted here in awhile, and that's not likely to change past this. But still, I have good news.

The print copy of Chasing the Sunset, a collection of all 13 winners for the three Sunset Shipping contests is now available on Lulu.

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Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings Results · 3:21am Nov 28th, 2019

Sunset Shipping Contest - Endings Results!

Sorry for taking so long! Life gets in the way sometimes, and this particular batch of stories was rather heavy.

But it’s over and done with, and ready to give you what you’ve been waiting for. We’ve read through 57 different stories about relationships ending, and now here are the best of them.

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Endings is closed. · 5:49am Sep 16th, 2019

The story submission folder has been closed.

If you submitted the story to the site and forgot to add it to the folder, pm me.

If you're one of the new authors who's stories still need manual approval, don't worry, we'll get it taken care of in the morning.

Go read my vanity entry to the contest.
And also everyone else's, I guess.

I have a lot of judging to do.


Less than 24 hours remain · 6:40am Sep 15th, 2019

I'm in a hotel room and up too late. Lots of late entries are pouring in, and I'm sure there's plenty more to come.

As a reminder, the deadline is 11:59 PM CDT on September 15th. As long as your story is submitted before then, it'll be good, even if it doesn't make it through the story approval queue right away. One of the story approvers is on the judging team, Majin Syeekoh, so we've got you covered there.

Best of luck to you all.

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It's September. · 4:42pm Sep 2nd, 2019

Two weeks remain for the deadline to the Sunset Shipping Contest. We're at 13 entries so far, and I know a lot of people are still hard at work.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer, and wish you all the best of luck on getting your entry in.

Also, I've been working on a vanity entry to the contest myself, which should be ready shortly for your reading perusal.


Good article on relationships · 4:22pm Aug 20th, 2019


This is an excellent article on the things it takes to make a successful relationship work.

For those of you participating in the Sunset contest, or thinking about it, this is also an article about all the different points in which relationships can fall apart.

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Bronycon! · 5:49pm Aug 7th, 2019

Bronycon was a hell of a fun time.

I'm not one to catalogue and do a big recap post, so I'll just leave a few highlights.

*Hanging out in The Fuckhouse with Pearple Prose, Aragon, r5h, and Appletank.
*Meeting a bunch of other awesome and cool people who I'm too lazy to name.
*Getting a print copy of Fractured Sunlight signed by Rebecca Shoichet
*Signing several other peoples print copies of Fractured Sunlight when they managed to track me down.

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