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NaNoWriMo Victory · 7:39pm Nov 29th, 2018

One day ahead of schedule, I have managed to write over 50,000 words in the month of November.

It's a hell of an achievement, and congratulations to any other authors out there who pulled it off. I found it a lot easier to get through this year than I did last time.

More importantly than just sheer word count, however,

The first draft of Voyagers is finally complete

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Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys Results · 5:19pm Oct 26th, 2018

Sunset Shipping Contest - Journeys Results!

Hey folks. The time has arrived. You wrote more stories than ever, we read them all, and took our sweet time about it.

But we’re done! All 66 stories have been read, and we have selected from them 5 winners, alongside 5 honorable mentions.

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Inspiration and Flattery · 2:14am Oct 2nd, 2018

The talented MagnetBolt just published a story that is a little inspired by the basic premise of Fractured Sunlight.

It's also hilarious.

You should check it out.

THer Lips Tasted Like Cherry Cola
Fizzlepop Berrytwist died a long time ago. But she hasn't been forgotten, not by her best friend.
MagnetBolt · 11k words  ·  184  7 · 1.1k views

We've entered the final round of judging for the contest. Expect results Soon™

Report Oroboro · 252 views ·

Some Sunset Shipping Statistics · 3:54pm Sep 10th, 2018

Changing Seasons: 54 stories. 360,049 words
Journeys: 66 stories. 465721 words.

Sunset x... Changing Seasons Journeys
Sci-Twi 2 10
Wallflower Blush 0 8
Adagio 2 6
Princess Twilight 1 4
Rarity 7 4
Applejack 1 3
Starlight Glimmer 3 2
Pinkie Pie 4 2
Rainbow Dash 1 2
Fluttershy 4 1
Juniper Montage 2 1
Lemon Zest 1 1
The Smooze 1 1
Cheerilee 1 1
Big Mac 1 1
Trixie 1 1
Somnambula 0 1

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Contest submission is now closed · 5:34am Sep 10th, 2018

66 entries. Jesus. You people are insane.

Also insane enough to post at the literal last minute, get everything stuck in the posting queue for the site and make me stay up late.

Whatever. I'm looking forward to all of this. There's over 450k worth of words here to read. I'm pretty sure by story count and by prize money, this is easily the biggest contest in Fimfiction history.

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12 hours remain · 5:05pm Sep 9th, 2018

Reminder that deadline tonight is midnight, Central Daylight Time

I've still got like, 2 scenes to write in my own, vanity contest entry. I can beat my own deadline, I swear.

If you're a first time author and have to submit your story through the approval queue, as long as it's submitted before the deadline than it'll still count, regardless of when it makes it onto the site. I've got friends on the mod team who can check.


Final Stretch · 3:16pm Sep 7th, 2018

This is it, folks, final weekend to get your stories in. I hope you made good use of the extra time, because there won't be any more after this.

I'm really excited to finally start reading all these wonderful stories, and so are the rest of the judges.


Contest Extension · 2:06am Aug 30th, 2018

Hey folks,

To your great joy and I'm sure annoyance that I didn't do this sooner, I've decided to channel my inner Rarity and will be generously extending the contest deadline.

The new deadline is:
Due Date: September 9th, 11:59 PM CST, 2018

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Halfway there · 10:01pm Aug 16th, 2018

We're halfway through the Sunset shipping contest, and we have 7 entries so far. You should absolutely go check them out!

How are your own stories coming along?

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The print version of Fractured Sunlight is now available! · 2:01pm Aug 3rd, 2018

Howdy folks! This is what you've really all been waiting for, right?

I guess I have more to announce this week than just a contest.

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