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Employed layabout with not enough free time to write about horses.


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  • TA Heartfelt Goal
    The big game. All Sunset has to do is be the ringer and help Rainbow Dash win it. Easy. But for all her athletic prowess, whatever seems to be bugging Rainbow Dash won't be solved just by kicking a ball around.
    Oroboro · 6.9k words  ·  446  4 · 6.3k views
  • ELittle Apple
    Apple is a funny word, one that Winona doesn't quite understand. Her family uses it to refer to food, trees, themselves and to each other. It's very silly. But either way, she'll always be there for the pony she knows as Little Apple.
    Oroboro · 3.6k words  ·  641  8 · 5.4k views
  • ELost and Never Found
    Helping a lost filly find her way home should have been a walk in the park for Princess Twilight Sparkle, but this time things turned out to be a bit stranger than she was expecting.
    Oroboro · 3.9k words  ·  870  16 · 6.7k views
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  • TA Suit With Sincerity
    Pretending to be Rarity's boyfriend at her cousin's wedding isn't the weirdest thing Sunset Shimmer has ever had to do for her friends. It might even be fun. But just what is Rarity hoping to get out of this subterfuge in the first place?
    Oroboro · 6.2k words  ·  916  18 · 13k views
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