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Sunset's friends ask her for help with a lot of things. Pretending to be Rarity's boyfriend at her cousin's wedding is a new one. It can't be that hard, right? A sharp suit, some expertly applied makeup, and a good backstory and she'll be charming the pants off of the bridesmaids in no time.

But just what is Rarity hoping to get out of this subterfuge in the first place?

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I can't believe Rarity's excuse. She wants a bishi for a faux boyfriend? I think she might have gotten into Pinkie's secret anime stash. Rarity, there are a lot better plans than this.:duck:

Sunset/Rarity is a very underused ship, I like this! :pinkiehappy:

Two down, five to go! Choo-choo! The Sunset Express is leaving the station!

ok as requests goes that one is at top of wierd list.Keep it up storys are amazing.On the other note I like how are you using sunsets past skils,makes the storys all much more intresting

What's that? Did someone say genderbending romance? Dashing besuited Sunset Shimmer? Rarity being shipped with people?

I'm on the case!

In all seriousness, I rather enjoyed the entire feeling of the story. Light, breezy, and with Rarity completely unable to for one second disguise her obvious attraction to Sunset. Seriously, Sunset's gaydar is the worst if she couldn't pick up on all those signals. Nobody asks their best friend to crossdress and disguise themselves as a date without a serious ulterior motive. Really for someone as good at reading people as Sunset apparently is, she's very bad at just outright saying "are you coming on to me?"

Fun, sweet, and with Rarity equal parts charming and self-absorbed in all the right ways, which is how I like her. High marks and a like. I'm interested in seeing how the next few stories pan out!

I didn't realize these would all be in the same continuity. This adds a whole new layer to them.

In any case, a very sweet story. I do like the theme of constructive deception that seems to flow through the stories. Of course, I can't be positive with only two data points. Still, loved it.

Oh wow I am 100% here for Sunset Shimmer using her manipulation skills to be amazing at drag. I like how the fake-dating trope was used here and it was overall an enjoyable read.

Everyone else is probably going to tell you how great this story is, but what I wanted to mention was the fascinating contrast between this story and yesterday's (The Sun Sets Over the Apple Orchard). Applejack and Rarity have always been seen as opposites within the fandom, and these two stories really highlight that. Setting the story on an old-fashioned farm vs. a fancy wedding, a single night of charm and sweet-talking people vs. two weeks of back-breaking work. A couple brought together by a few moments of honesty vs. an elaborate deception. The themes of family and being grounded in reality vs. fantasy and passionate romance.

It's a both an illustration of how versatile you are as a writer, able to write two very different stories very well, and also an illustration as to how versatile and multi-faceted Sunset's character is, that she can fill in both roles believably. I'm looking forward to comparing and contrasting the rest of the stories in the series. When I first heard about this week, I thought it was just going to be seven stories about Sunset, but I'm starting to think that it's going to be more like seven glimpses into seven different sides of Sunset, tied together by the common theme of romance, and that really excites me.

"Oneshots" With Sunset's mention of Trenderhoof I think these are a lot more connected than we first thought. The question mark might just be Sunset X everyone.

And for my own amusement, I'll be reading all of Sunset's lines in Jon Benjamin's voice

RariSet is, pun intended, a rarity. Specially well done. Would like to see more of this, even knowing that this is a closed one shot story.

Curious about how you're doing RD, though.

Do bridesmaids generally wear pants at the wedding?

(Sees picture of sunset in a suit) Obligatory musical reference!

I bet Sunday's ???? is the harem ending.

The week of wonders continues! I think I liked this better than the AJ one.

Also, holy shit that's the highest live viewer count I have ever seen.

Perhaps we should think of each story as different routes of a visual novel -- certain events may still happen in every continuity, while different relationships are fostered depending on key choices.

I can't wait for SunsetDash tomorrow, next to SunsetSparkle, they're my favorite Sunset ship!

Sunsarity remains one my fave EQG ships, and i'm happy this little jewel has been added to the list of stories that feature it, :raritystarry:

“I used to do costuming for the drama club, makeup included. If it can stand up to the stage, it’ll be good enough for a reception.”

This is a minor nitpick that doesn't take anything away from the story itself, but most stage makeup is heavily exaggerated; designed to look good to an audience sitting fifteen-plus feet away and looks redonkulous up close, :derpytongue2:

The only thing that really threw me for a loop was Sunset smoking... it sorta seems unnecessary, unless these stories really are all interconnected and it's going to come back up again later, in which case... are we really rolling down the well-trodden harem path here? I think I was more excited about this being a series of true one-shots.

Also makes me wonder what the reasoning in releasing them all as separate stories is, unless your secret goal is to try and fill all seven slots of the 'new' feature box with Sunset shipping, :duck:

So. Fucking. Good.


Perhaps we should think of each story as different routes of a visual novel -- certain events may still happen in every continuity, while different relationships are fostered depending on key choices.

(Pretty much this. :scootangel:)

Sunset Shimmer in a suit, is fucking awesome.

Quite nice! I can totally believe that Sunset would make a dashing Bishonen rogue dude if she tried. :raritystarry:

Alright the second is done.

So this one was... particular... I don't know. The Sunset X Rarity ship isn't really common, I think this is only the second I read, so I'm not sure. Though the setting does fit Rarity like a charm.

The feelings are nonetheless strong in this story and I also admire how much you integrate so much of our world issues in your Equestria Girls verses stories. That part about about our childhood views don't match our adults', true, and the part weddings don't ends always good, sadly also true. Heck of all the jobs I have done so far till now, almost all my co-workers were divorce or were in procedure to do it. *sigh*

So the one shot are tied up, if this Trenderhoof section must be believe, so does this mean the final will all of them at once?

Also, sorry, but I didn't like that you made Sunset a smoker. I really don't see her to be one even during her bad streak, mostly because I don't see even the ponies smoking, at least I think there nether was one portrait in the show as a smoker. Nonetheless didn't like this part.


This was silly and great. I think I had as much fun reading about Sunset's performance as she had performing it.

I love Sunsarity, although Sunlight is my mlp OTPs.

Wondering if that last mystery one would be Sunset x Sunset...

I really enjoyed this , kinda want more to this story

I didn't think that Sunset would look (dare I say) *dashing* in a suit. It's a complete shame that there's only one Sunset in the multiverse...

I'm waiting for how this guy is gonna handle SunPie. Cause out of all the Sunset ships, that's the only one you probably have never seen. It would be rather interesting, to be honest.

I've never been into the Sunarity ship, or most of the other ships containing Sunset and the Humane 6, except for Sunset and Sci-Twi, but mostly Pony Twilight. But I really did enjoy this, it was a nice change of pace for me. Reading Sunset's, or Dusk's interactions with Rarity were nice to read, and made for a lot of good moments, especially their moment in the Hotel Room. And that ending is very sweet.

I agree with Rarity, after reading this, I may have reconsidered. :raritywink:

Good job with this story, Oroboro. Can't wait for the next story tomorrow!

This was always my favorite Sunset ship after Sundagio.

7581179 So agreed, I really just.. do not care about shipping, at all, and tend to avoid any fic with 'romance' in the tags unless I know there is more to it then that, but one that is clearly a romance first and foremost? Pass.

Except, he does it SO WELL! makes the romance work and not feel contrived or stupid like usually happens. I'm not "I ship it" because of them, still don't care about that, but I do love these stories for just being great stories. Though have to admit I like the AJ one a lot more then this one.

I'll be honest here, I think the shipping angle really hurt the story for me. It worked great as a wacky situation fic, but then it takes a rather abrupt and (to me) unwelcome turn towards the romance later on that felt really out of place with the tone it had before. The shipping just felt so tacked on. I think the story would have been substantially better if it hadn't put the shipping in at all.

7581266 Well that kind of would have removed the whole point of the story.

I do agree it's not quite as well done as the AJ one, mostly because it's all from Sunset's POV, while the realization and growing feelings that led to the romance were all on Rarity's end. Leading to Sunset basically being "Eh why not" about it. It does kind of mute the emotional investment, but the whole romance was the point and, without that.. it's not even 'wacky' enough to be a solid story. Still well done overall though. And the story does show Rarity's growing thoughts well, everything works great, just harder to get emotionally invested in like it's presented. But, still a valid approach and one I can get why others would enjoy more then I did.


That's one of the things that has me interested in the series. I'm really curious to see if these little references are just that (much like a past event occurring in all the different paths of a visual novel, as you suggested) or actually leading to a harem scenario. Of course, they've been extremely well done and enjoyable enough that I'd keep reading them even without that, but the extra little bit of curiosity it inspires certainly helps. Also, I really want to see how some of the pairings will be handled. I've seen some fics that ship Sunset with certain members of the Humane Six before, and obviously there are plenty of SunLight fics, but I honestly can't say I've seen her paired with, say, Pinkie Pie. So I'm honestly kind of excited to see how they set that one up and play it out.

...on the subject of visual novels, the image of Sunset in a suit really gives me Fate/Zero Saber vibes. I honestly haven't seen any of the girls I know wearing men's suits before, but a lot of female characters in anime/games/VNs seem to wear men's clothes even better than the male characters. Saber, Lightning, Sunset...man, those ladies look sharp in a suit.

Sunset's friends ask her for help with a lot of things. Pretending to be Rarity's boyfriend at her cousin's wedding is a new one. It can't be that hard, right?

Unless she has small flat titties, I think it actually is quite hard.

I dread to think what else they ask her for help with after this.

7581092 One sunset? Are...you are joking, right? Or do you have problems?


I'm not surprised. Sunset's so hot she can turn straight woman gay for her.

7581458 Of course I am kidding!

7581516 Because unless someone blew up the sun in one universe, I think they all do have a sunset.

7581455 what, you've never heard of binding? even a loose shirt would do a lot, as long as they're not hanging free and bouncing against it.

7581552 I bet you've done plenty of 'binding' yourself, haven't you?

We got ourselves a lady player here, folks. What is this man's kinks? We may never know because we aren't really asking him.


I you want someone to pretend to be a boy at a wedding, go the safe route and take Scootaloo or Gilda

First thing that popped into my head when I saw the cover picture.

'Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed mare man

Sweet. :twilightsmile:

I noticed some redundant/missing words:

Come on, Rarity, you know me better than than that

A lot more magic, as understand it.

She flicked off the bedside lamp, and began bury herself in the covers.

7581709 Except she wants a date, and Scoots is way to young to sell it, and we don't know where or who EQG Gilda is.

RD could pull it off, but she sucks at acting and would be bored out of mind there.

Amazing fan fic. Really enjoyed it.

I think I was looking forward to this one the most. And it did not disappoint! Though now I'm confused, are all these set in the same continuum?

That was really sweet- and it hit me RIGHT in the favorite fanfic tropes. Fake dating is my jam ooooooooh my god I love it

7581591 you're deflecting my logical points with personal attacks...I'm going to count this as a "Win." even though it wasn't meant to be an argument.

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